• Narrator: One day, Thomas and John Smith went to the video store. Thomas saw a 1991 VHS of The Brave Little Toaster, was happened.
  • Thomas: Can I have it?
  • John Smith: No, Thomas, and it is a phony.
  • John Smith: YOU MUST DIE!
  • Narrator: The next day.
  • Thomas: Can I have this Kirby 64 with the Nintendo 64?
  • John Smith: No, Thomas, you can't have any Nintendo 64.
  • John Smith: That's it! You are gonna get server spanking right now, you will be lost!
  • Narrator: Then John Smith ran away and Thomas's tantrum, until the police's arrived.
  • Princess Aurora: You are under arrest, young man.
  • Thomas: Aaaaaaah! You scare me? Huh?!
  • Merlin: Never! I gave you a wrapping to my paper.
  • Thomas: No! (muffled) I feel like a mummy.
  • Merlin: What mummy?
  • Thomas: I am in the 2000s BC!
  • Narrator: Later, in the Thomas and his friends to be anything in the dodgeball.
  • Ben: Ready?
  • Kocoum: GO!
  • Thomas: OH MY GOD!
  • Ben: DIE, THOMAS, DIE!
  • Englishman: Man overboard!
  • Thomas: Help!
  • Ben: Stay your course, he's lost. Yes, we defeated Thomas!
  • Narrator: Then Thomas cries is about a couple of seconds later, the Governor Ratcliffe is waiting.
  • Ratcliffe: What's the matter?
  • Thomas: I just defeated!
  • Ratcliffe: That's it! We gonna get 8 months.
  • Thomas: No, not 8 months!
  • Ratcliffe: Yes, 8 months!
  • Thomas: Why me? But how can I stay for?
  • Ben: Forever. Goodbye.

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