James as Foduck

Abigail the Pink Engine as Queen Stephanie

Molly as Sigrid

Mr. Conductor as The Harbour Master

Donald and Douglas as Phillip and Fillmore

Owen as Owan

Gordon as George

Diesel as Oliver

Thomas as Theodore

Isabel (from RWS) as Isabel

Ferdinand as Igloo

Hiro as Kingston

Mirabel (from RWS) as Margaret

Hank as Canso

Proteus as Kamel

Madge as Cocomagh

Ten Cents (from TUGS) as Chimey

Scratch and Grounder (from Sonic) as The Broken Bell Buoys

Sally (from Sonic) as Molly

Emily as Emily

Bertram as Haliburton

Fergus as Nautilus

Rosie as Pugwash

Elizabeth as Constance

Murdoch as Stewiacke

Oliver as Northumberland

Mavis as Rebecca

Helena (from RWS) as Annapolis

Grandma (from Max and Ruby) as Aunt Ruby

Bunnie (from Sonic) as Aurea

Toby as Baddeck

Toad as Barrington

Terence as Bayswater

Bertie as Bedford

Sonic (from Sonic) as Beiderbeck

Big Mickey (from TUGS) as Benjamin Bridge

Pingu (from Pingu) as Big White Seagull

Dash as Bingham

Bash as Blandford

Winston as Blankston

Lady as Bluenose

Skyler the Flying Engine as Bluenose II

Butch as Bobby

Flora as Bonnavista

Billy as Brunswick

Froggy (from Max and Ruby) as Bullfrog

Rook the Castle Engine as Bushadly

Diesel 10 as Cabot

Captain Star (from TUGS) as Captain Jerome

Daisy as Carla

Belle as Caroquette

Catherine (from RWS) as Catherine

Arthur as Chester

Rocky as Clayton

Thumper as Colchester

Matthew the Union Pacific Engine as Conrad Explorer

Norman as Cumberland

BoCo as Dartmouth

Henry as Digby

Reg as Donald Dock

Old Slow Coach as Dorothy

Emma (from RWS) as Emma Sophia

Express Coaches as Faceless Boats

Pip (from The Magazines) as Fanilla

The Fisherman as Fisherman Murphy

Caitlin as Freda

Duck as Fundy

Big Mac (from TUGS) as George

Sarah the Magenta Engine as Gerta

Dulcie (from RWS) as Gloria Cornwallis

Victor as Gregor

Seagull (from Pingu) as Guy

Duncan as Guysborough

Percy as Hank

Sheldon the Futuristic Engine as Henry Eben

Amy Rose (from Sonic) as Hillary

Lonnie the Lesbian Engine as Icebreaker Inverness

Neville as Inverness

Jerome as Jasper

Pip (from RWS) as Jennifer

Duchess of Hamilton (from RWS) as Julia

Connor as Kirby

Stanley as Kulu

Lillie Lightship (from TUGS) as Lilly

Sidney as Louis

The Australian Engine as Lucy

Lady Hatt as Lunenburg

Alice (from RWS) as Margaree Pride

Millie as Millie

Tina the Union Pacific Engine as Natalie Explorer

Rescue Ronda (from Doc McStuffins) as Olympia

Clarabel as Pearl

Annie as Petra

George as R. Boat

Junior (from Thomas and The Magic Railroad) as Rodney

Salty as S.S. Malarkey

Derek as Scally

Stafford as Seabright

Stepney as Shamus

Tom Tipper as Shediac

Harvey as Shelburne

Bulgy as Snorri

Hector as Tex

The Buildings as Themselves

Childrens (from Mister Maker) as The Children

Sir Topham Hatt as The Dispatcher

Bear (from RWS) as The Flat Eyed Coast Guard Ship

Eagle The Red Engine (from RWS) as The Grain Ship

Lilly's Mom as The Harbour Master's Mother

The Horrid Lorries as The Rhyming Rocks of Ecum Secum

The Chinese Dragon as The Sea Monster

The Three Good Fairies (from Sleeping Beauty) as The Waltzing Sugar Plum Harbour Ferries

Edward as Truro

Monstro (from Pinocchio) as Walter

Aurora (from Salty's Lighthouse) as Yancy

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