Thomas UK VHS/DVD Summary Ideas is a fan-fiction thing to make.

The Best of Toby

Thomas often works with Toby the no. 7 brown tram engine. He's square and his body is made of wood. He often works on the outline quarry line with his faithful coach, Henrietta. To celebrate the friendship between Thomas and Toby, enjoy 20 fantastic Toby episodes from the classic live action to the all new animation. Jingle my bell, it's Toby!

The Best of Winter Time

Thomas likes the snow. He loves celebrating Christmas and watch the children make snowmen. But he doesn't like wearing his snowplough. He thinks it's uncomfortable and awkward. To celebrate Thomas' winter adventures, enjoy 20 of the best winter episodes from the classic live action to the all new animation. There's no business like snow business!

My Little Thomas Adventures

Enjoy 5 great episodes all about Thomas the Tank Engine.

  • Thomas and the Trucks - Thomas lands himself in trouble with some silly trucks and gets a warning from The Fat Controller.
  • Thomas and the Guard - Annie and Clarabel think Thomas is very silly when he starts off fast and leaves his guard behind. The guard isn't very pleased either.
  • Thomas Goes Fishing - Thomas always wanted to go fishing. One day he gets his change but it dosen't turn out quite the way he expected.
  • Thomas Comes to Breakfast - Thomas is being conceited but when he shows off to Percy and Toby one morning, he finds himself an unwelcome guest in the Stationmaster's house.
  • Thomas and the Special Letter - Thomas nearly misses the exciting trip to the big station far away to visit a little girl who has written to The Fat Controller.

Fantastic Adventures

Thomas and Friends are coming to see many Thomas adventures during these Fantastic Adventures. Meet Thomas, Percy, James, The Fat Controller, Gordon and many more friends. See how Thomas left a train behind and when Edward helped Gordon up the hill. The fun never ends with Thomas and Friends in this DVD Fantastic Adventures.

The Best of The Rescues

Engines can get into trouble, even when they least expect. Watch as Thomas and his friends race to the rescue in a compilation of 20 episodes from the classic live action to? the all new animation. Having troubles with fires, derailling and getting stuck? Then Thomas and all his engine friends are here to save the day.

The Best of Skarloey, Rheneas and Sir Handel

Thomas often visits the hills to work with his three Narrow Gauge friends, Skarloey, Rheneas and Sir Handel. Rheneas and Skarloey are two red engines and Sir Handel is an old blue engine. To celebrate the friendship between Thomas and his little friends, enjoy 20 fantastic Skarloey, Rheneas and Sir Handel episodes from the classic live action to the all new animation. Little engines can do big things.

The Best of Gordon

Thomas often works with Gordon the Big Blue Express Engine. He is big and blue and loves pulling the Express and does not like pulling goods trains. To celebrate the friendship between Thomas and Gordon, enjoy 20 fantasic Gordon episodes from the classic live action to the all new animation. Out of the way, it's Gordon coming through!

The Best of the Logging Locos

Thomas often works on Misty Island with Bash, Dash and Ferdinand the Logging Locos. They helped Thomas collect Jobi wood to build the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre. Bash and Dash are mischievous twins and Ferdinand is a gentle giant. To celebrate the friendship between Thomas and the Logging Locos, enjoy 10 fantastic animated tales of the Misty Island Logging Locos. That's right!

The Best of Bertie and Harold

Thomas often works with Bertie the Bus and Harold the Helicopter. Thomas and Bertie like racing and Harold takes to the sky making sure that Thomas and all his friends are safe. To celebrate the friendship between Thomas, Bertie and Harold, enjoy 20 fantastic tales of the bus and helicopter from the classic live action to the all new animation. Who needs rails when you've got the roads and air?

The Best of Accidents

All the engines on the Island of Sodor know that they aren't really safe because they know that an accident might happen. Weather it's crashing into a set of buffers or derailling off the tracks. To see what accidents the engines can get into, enjoy 20 smashing tales from the classic live action to the all new animation. They are tales of the best crashes, bangs and wallops on Sodor.

Thomas' 6 Mail Tales

Thomas, along with Percy, delivers the mail. They are Really Useful together. Sometimes, other engines can be good at pulling the mail too. Thomas and Percy have a special delivery for you. It is 6 mail adventures the engines have on Sodor. See Thomas and Percy trying to stop Harold taking the mail, Rosie trying to follow Thomas and Oliver discovering a lost part of Sodor while making deliveries. There's no fail when you're delivering mail with Thomas, Percy and their friends.

The Best of the Docks

Thomas often works at Brendam Docks by the sea. He can often be seen pulling cargo or shunting trucks. Salty and Cranky work happily by the Docks. To celebrate Thomas' busy jobs down by the Docks, enjoy 20 fantastic dockside adventures from the classic live action to the all new animation. It's time we head to the Docks cause that's the place to be!

The Best of the Weather

Whatever the weather, Thomas and his friends get the jobs done quickly. They don't care if the sun shines or if the rain falls or even when the cold wind blows or when the snow falls on the ground. Watch 20 fantastic episodes about the weather the engines have on Sodor from the classic live action to the all new animation. Sunny, rainy, snowy, rainy or a day with a rainbow, we don't care.

My Little Thomas and Peter Sam Adventures

Enjoy 5 great episodes all about Thomas and his little green Narrow Gauge friend, Peter Sam.

  • Peter Sam and the Refreshment Lady - Peter Sam wants to prove Henry he can be right on time, but disaster is caused when he leaves a Refreshment Lady behind.
  • Special Funnel - Peter Sam gets his funnel knocked off by an icicle and it had to be replaced by a drain pipe until his new funnel arrives.
  • The Refreshment Lady's Tea Shop - The Refreshment Lady asks Peter Sam to find a place for a new tea room. Peter Sam wasn't sure what to do until he finds an old coach.
  • The Magic Lamp - After hearing Skarloey's story about Proteus and his magic lamp, he sets off to find it for himself, but ends up lost and finding Harold
  • Don't Bother Victor! - Mr. Percival has asked Peter Sam to be in charge of the Narrow Gauge line, but Peter Sam was told not to bother Victor. Peter Sam tried fixing everyone, but he couldn't do a good job.

My Little Thomas and the Logging Locos Adventures

Enjoy 5 great episodes about Thomas and the Logging Locos, Bash, Dash and Ferdinand.

  • Thomas' Crazy Day - The Fat Controller asks Thomas to teach Bash, Dash and Ferdinand how to be Really Useful, but he has already promised to play with Percy.
  • Jumping Jobi Wood! - Thomas and Edward go to Misty Island to collect some Jobi wood and the Logging Locos wanted to help. But Thomas doesn't want help and soon has Misty Island in a mess.
  • Gordon and Ferdinand - Ferdinand is given a reward for being Really Useful: helping Gordon take the Lion of Sodor to the summerhouse. But Gordon doesn't want anyone to see him with funny, frumpy Ferdinand.
  • Toby and Bash - Toby has to look after Bash for the day and decides to find a new home for him. But Bash misses his friends on Misty Island.
  • Emily and Dash - Emily takes Dash to a steam fair and wants to do the special warbly whistle trick just like him.

My Little Thomas and Dowager Hatt Adventures

Enjoy 5 great episodes about Thomas and the Fat Controller's mother, Dowager Hatt.

  • Gordon and the Gremlin - Gordon has been asked to take a special visitor around Sodor. The visitor seems to have brought a gremlin with her.
  • Thomas and the Birthday Picnic - Thomas tries to take Dowager Hatt for a special birthday picnic, but everything didn't go well. Thomas doesn't have many ideas until he decides to whistles.
  • Jitters and Japes - Dowager Hatt wants to visit Misty Island and Thomas wants to give Dowager Hatt a fun trip. So he tries to go slowly and carefully, but Dowager Hatt doesn't want that kind of fun.
  • Tree Trouble - Dowager Hatt holds a competition for the best Christmas tree. Thomas, Diesel, Den and Dart go to find Christmas trees for the Steamworks and Dieselworks.
  • Express Coming Through - Dowager Hatt is holding a welcome party for some special visitors. Thomas wants to show Gordon that he can pull the visitors in the Express.

Fun Time Favourites Volume 2

The Fun Time Favouries VHS had been Really Useful that Thomas and his friends wished there was another one. And there is. Many Thomas fans voted for episodes with characters forgotten from the first VHS. From emerald Emily to Thomas' faithful coaches, Annie and Clarabel and from Stepney the Bluebell Engine to Daisy the Diesel Railcar. This collection contains the following titles: -

  • Donald and Douglas the Scottish Twins in Break Van
  • Daisy the Diesel Railcar in Daisy
  • Mavis the Quarry Diesel in Mavis
  • Stepney the Bluebell Engine in Thomas and Stepney
  • Emily the Stirling Single Engine in Emily's New Coaches
  • Sir Handel the Blue Narrow Gauge Engine in A Bad Day for Sir Handel
  • Bill and Ben the Tank Engine Twins in One Good Turn
  • Rusty the Little Narrow Gauge Diesel in Trusty Rusty
  • Annie and Clarabel the Coaches in Thomas and the Guard
  • Devious Diesel in The World's Strongest Engine
  • Salty the Dockside Diesel in Salty's Stormy Tale
  • Duncan the Rock 'n' Roll Narrow Gauge Engine in Rock 'n' Roll