Thomas US VHS/DVD Summary Ideas is a fan-fiction thing to make.

Dockside Adventures

PEEP! PEEP! Ahoy me hearties! You are invited to join Thomas, Salty, Bill and Ben, and other friends to relive the adventures at Brendam Docks. That's the place to be! See how Salty rescues Fergus and Fergus fixes the generator for the lighthouse, and what happens when Percy gets into an accident with some freight cars. You're up for a wild ride with an incident with the jet engine, which makes Thomas go really, really fast, even faster than Gordon. So hop on board and enjoy working at the docks, because it's where we want to be!

Special Attractions

PEEP! PEEP! Next stop: excitement and fun-filled adventures with Thomas, James, Toby and all of your other favorites. There, you'll visit tons of fun places such as the carnival, the carousel, the seaside, as well as seeing some amazing attractions such as the red balloon. Watch as Bertie gets stuck in the mud and Trevor and Terence help him out, and learn from Duncan's mistake that carelessness can get you nowhere. Also, come along as Percy is on a mission: finding something old, new, borrowed and blue for a wedding party. So get ready to hop on board and enjoy the summer and the special attractions with Thomas.

Thomas' Scariest Tales

PEEP! PEEP! Happy Halloween! Let's trick or treat as we join Thomas, Percy, Henry and all of your other favorites as they tell you their scariest adventures ever told. See how Percy plays a trick on Thomas when he crashes onto a broken cart of lime, and solve a mystery with Henry as he finds out his so-called "ghost". Listen to Kelly the Crane's ghost story and watch what happens when the troublesome loaders, Max and Monty take his story about the "one-eyed truck" too literally. Climb aboard and have a Happy Halloween with Thomas and all of his friends. BOO!

Sodor Adventures For Thomas and His Friends

PEEP PEEP! It's time to join Thomas and all of his friends as they tell some of their Really Useful adventures with you. Join Thomas with Percy, James, Henry, Edward, Gordon, Donald, Douglas and more of your favorite friends as they get into a mess, go to the forest and even dress up as a woolly bear caterpillar (without knowing it)! It's time to hop on board or train of adventures.

The Best of James

Thomas is often seen with the No. 5 red engine, James! He has a fine scarlet coat and thinks of himself as a Really Splendid Engine. To celebrate the friendship between Thomas and James, enjoy 20 fantastic James episodes, from the classic live action to the all new animation. Bust my buffers, it's James!

Little Engines Can Do Big Things

PEEP PEEP! Thomas and all his friends welcome you to the Island of Sodor and they are going to show you that Little Engines Can Do Big Things. Join in with Thomas, Percy, Duck, Fergus, Peter Sam and many more little engines. See Duck crashing into a barber's shop and watch as Thomas helps James from a tree on the line. We must join in with the little engines as they do big things.

The Trouble With Mud and Other Stories

PEEP! PEEP! It's time to join in with Thomas, Gordon, Henry, Duke, James, Percy, Rusty and more of your favorite useful engines. Think about how silly James was when he got stung and help Toby save Henry's Forest after a storm. You could also listen as Thomas tells the other engines about Duke. Prepare to get muddy and fruity with all your favorite engine friends.

5 Episode Video

PEEP! PEEP! We are talking fives! They're five green bottles on the wall, five little speckled frogs on a speckled log and five episodes on this video! Join in the fun with Thomas, Percy, Toby, Duke, Rusty, Stepney, Henry and Harold in these classic tales. Watch the engines as they save a friend from scrap, have trouble with treacle and hay and fall into the sea. It's a 5 Episode Video just for you.

Edward, Trevor and The Really Useful Party and Other Stories

PEEP! PEEP! Thomas is sharing a party of stories for you all to enjoy. Ride along the rails with Thomas, Edward, Percy, Toad, Oliver, James, Daisy, Bulgy and of course, Sir Topham Hatt! Watch what happens at the garden party as Bertie gets covered in mud. See what awkward predicament Percy gets into. And watch the fun as Edward tries to catch up with James. It is 11 fun-filled episodes you will not forget.

Gordon and Spencer and Other Stories

PEEP! PEEP! Hop on board as we join the engines from the Island of Sodor. Get ready for fun adventures with Thomas, Gordon, Spencer, Oliver and many more. Spencer runs out of water, Oliver falls down the turntable well and Harvey has a demonstration to do. It's time to climb aboard and join many of your favorite engines on Sodor.

Percy Runs Away and Other Stories

PEEP! PEEP! It's a runaway collection of Thomas and Friends adventures with legendary narrator George Carlin. Join the fun with Thomas, Percy, James, Terence and more as they get stuck in the snow, run away and get covered in tar. Lots of fun for everyone with all your favorite friends.

Don't Bother Victor and Other Stories

PEEP! PEEP! Let's get ready to join all your favorite friends on the Island of Sodor for old and new adventures. With lots of questions along the way. Peter Sam is in charge of the Narrow Gauge railway and was told not to bother Victor. Can he do a good job? James is the Rescue Engine for the day, but will he let Toby help? Bertie has Thomas' passengers, but can he catch up with Edward? Find out the answers to these questions and other adventures along the way.

A Close Shave For Duck and Other Thomas Stories

PEEP! PEEP! Thomas and his friends welcome you to the Island of Sodor for a shaving great collection. Have fun with Thomas, Percy, Duck, Toby, Donald, James, Harold and lots more of your favorite friends. Watch as Duck has an accident with a barber's shop, Thomas and Percy try to avoid Harold taking the mail and Donald's teasiness gets a bit quackers! It's a Really Useful collection from the Island of Sodor.

Best of Rheneas

Over the years, Rheneas has been Really Useful on the little railway. He was built the same time as Skarloey and has a twin called Dolgoch. Many Thomas fans have been sending e-mails, phone calls and letters all over the world to tell us about what adventures of Rheneas they liked. Everyone remembers the times Rheneas saved the little railway, finds a Christmas tree and pulls a big dinosaur. Join Rheneas and his friend Skarloey as they share their great adventures.

Oliver's Find and Other Stories

PEEP! PEEP! Let's go to the Island of Sodor to join Thomas and the other engines including James, Percy, Oliver, Henry and more. Watch as Oliver's mail run leads him to a surprise, Henry gets spooked by a fogman, a boulder chases the Narrow Gauge engines and Thomas and Percy work hard to put a fire out and save an old coach. It's a chuffing great collection of stories from the railway.

Troublesome Trucks Troubles

Oh dear! It's the Troublesome Trucks and they're up to they're old tricks on this fun filled DVD! Watch the Troublesome Trucks as they sing songs about Percy, break away from the incline and cause an avalanche, tease Diesel, push James off the line and many of troublesome deeds. Get your tickets ready and hop on board from non-stop excitement!

Thomas and Skarloey's Big Day Out and Other Stories

PEEP! PEEP! Prepare for a big day out on the Island of Sodor as we join the engine crew in these Useful stories. Join Thomas, Skarloey, Percy, James, Henry, Diesel and more. Thomas takes Skarloey for a big day out to find a sight he'd never seen in the mountains. Alfie gets teased about being small but helps out when he finds some kittens stuck in a building. Sir Topham Hatt loses his voice and Percy tries to remember what Lady Hatt told her. Thomas gets in trouble with a police and asks Toby to help. It's your favorite adventures with your favorite friends.

Thomas & James Adventures

PEEP! PEEP! Make way for the Really Splendid engine with a bright red coat, James! Thomas and James have got a lot of stories for you to relive. Watch what happens when James plays a trick on the engines, refuses to wear a lamp and helps Mrs. Kyndley, who is feeling sad. It's full steam ahead with the engine of red!

Thomas And The Lighthouse and Other Stories

PEEP! PEEP! Get ready to shine a light as we join Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends on the Island of Sodor. The #1 pre-school property is always ready to be useful. And you can watch all the engines in these adventures. Thomas delivers a light bulb and a car, Edward delivers the mail and Emily, well, delivers a load of smelly garbage when Whiff comes to Sodor! It's full steam ahead to the Island of Sodor for some lucky, bright adventures.

Thomas Sets Sail and Other Thomas Stories

PEEP! PEEP! Prepare to set sail as Thomas and his friends take a ride along the rails on this windy collection. Join Thomas, Percy, Diesel, Gordon, James, Sir Handel and many other engines. Thomas delivers a sailing boat, gets stuck in the snow and makes sure that Diesel's stories aren't true. Thomas' friends have some stories to share with you too. So climb aboard and make sure you have a sailing good time with Thomas and the other engines.

Mind That Bike & Other Stories

PEEP! PEEP! Ride along on rails or path as Thomas and his friends share their classic adventures with you. Ring your bicycle bell as Percy thinks of a way to help Tom Tipper, Rusty saves Stepney from scrap, Peter Sam gets a special funnel and Henry gets hooshed by an elephant in the tunnel. It's fun galore with Thomas, Percy, Cranky, Rusty, Stepney, Peter Sam and many more of your favorite friends.

Percy's Parcel and Other Stories

PEEP! PEEP! Come and join Thomas the Tank Engine and all his friends on the magical Island of Sodor in these 12 exciting adventures. Percy has a parcel to deliver, Thomas delivers a swarm full of bees, Edward wins a race against Spencer and Alfie learns that being small can be helpful when he helps some kittens. Join Thomas, James, Percy, Edward, Gordon, Spencer, Skarloey, Sir Handel, Alfie, Hiro, Mavis, Duncan and Sir Topham Hatt for all these adventures.

Thomas and the Moles and Other Stories

PEEP! PEEP! Thomas and his friends are here to share their 11 memorable stories with you. Along with many questions to answer along the way. Why is Buster flattening down mole hills? Why is Rosie following Thomas? How is Percy going to show Sir Topham that whistles can be for safety, not fun? And why is Toby stuck on the main line? Find out the answers to these questions and watch your favorite adventures with Thomas, Buster, James, Percy, Toby, Rosie, Edward, Rocky, Gordon and many more of your favorite friends.

Edward Strikes Out and Other Stories

PEEP! PEEP! It's a beautiful day for going for a ride with Thomas and his engine friends. Come and join them for 10 exciting adventures on the Island of Sodor. Edward thinks that Rocky won't be useful, but Gordon running over some pipes changes his mind. Skarloey is scared of the Wharf, but he knows that you need to be brave there. Percy wants a washdown, but he learns that usefulness comes before cleanliness. And Gordon boasts about going fast, but Thomas proves him wrong. Join in with Thomas, Edward, Rocky, Percy, Gordon, James, Skarloey, Emily, Rusty, Harvey and of course, Sir Topham Hatt for these special adventures not to be missed.

Thomas' Great Adventures

PEEP! PEEP! All aboard for 8 great adventures with Thomas and his special engine friends. Join Thomas, Neville, Duncan, Percy, Charlie and many more. See Thomas deliver stinky cheese, race with Charlie and makes sure that Diesel's tales aren't true. Plus other adventures with Thomas' friends old and new. Hop aboard and peep your whistle for these great adventures.

Cool Truckings and Other Thomas Stories

PEEP! PEEP! Let's take a safe and sure journey to the Island of Sodor where all your friends await. Join in with Thomas and many of his friends in these exciting tales. Madge takes Duncan on a fun ride, Percy gets a frosty surprise, Thomas delivers a new lightbulb, Henry interacts with an elephant and everyone's arguing about who is the most important. It's fun with Thomas, Percy, James, Henry, Madge, Duncan, Jack, Patrick, Trevor, Rusty, Diesel and many more including Sir Topham Hatt, the man in charge of the engines. Come and join the fun with engines you know and love.

James Works it Out and Other Stories

PEEP! PEEP! Everyone loves a story. And no other story can be better than Thomas' stories from the Island of Sodor. Join in with Thomas, Percy, James, Hector, Henry, Buster, Freddie, Gordon, Edward, Jack and many more special friends. James and Hector go on a snowy journey to Great Waterton, Edward has a special water wheel to deliver, Thomas gets a snowman attatched to his buffers and Gordon takes on Henry's coal. It's fun and excitment with all your favorite characters from Thomas and Friends.

Best of Harold

Harold has been a Really Useful helicopter over the years. The Whirlybird, what the engines call him, has been known for rescuing everyone on the Island of Sodor. He used to live at Dryaw Station Airfield, but now, he lives at the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre. Thomas fans had been writing, calling and e-mailing us about what they like about Harold. Some said they liked the race Harold had with Percy, some said they liked it when Harold chased after Thomas, some said they liked it when Edward tried to be like him and a couple said they loved Harold rescuing a horse. Join in with Harold, Thomas, Percy and the rest of the gang as they look at the special stories you like about Harold the Helicopter.

Percy Helps Out and Other Stories

PEEP! PEEP! Thomas and his friends always carry loads down to the station. And now, they have a load of stories for everyone to enjoy. This exciting collection of adventures is one for you all to watch. Watch Nelson having his dream come true of being carried, Thomas speeding along with a jet engine, Toby floating in the flood, James playing tricks and Skarloey getting stuck in an avalanche. It's fun tales with Thomas, Percy, Gordon, Toby, Henry, James, Spencer, Nelson, Skarloey, Rusty, Duncan, Harold and Sir Topham Hatt. It's time to be carried to the next station of stories.

5 Winter Adventures

PEEP! PEEP!  Brr, it's freezing outside. But that doesn't stop the engines being Really Useful. They huff and puff making sure everybody's warm and that the snow is cleared. Hop on board for 5 episodes about the chilly weather. It's snowmen and snowdrifts for the engines of Sodor. Join in with Thomas and his friends, Percy, Skarloey, Rusty, Gordon, Toby, James, Oliver, Toad, Elizabeth and Sir Topham Hatt. See the engines learn about snow and get a frosty surprise. 5 Winter Adventures for everyone. #No one wants the weather to go.  Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!#

Salty's Surprise and Other Stories

PEEP! PEEP! Prepare yourselves for some surprises as we join everyone on the Island of Sodor. Thomas, Percy, Edward, Salty, James, Duck, Belle, Henry, Toby, Skarloey, Peter Sam, Rheneas, Gordon and many more friends have many surprises in stall. Edward tries to find Salty a perfect Christmas surprise, Thomas makes a circus come to town, Rheneas and Toby go to Misty Island to pick a Christmas tree, Duck helps Henry with the Flying Kipper and Skarloey gets in a snowy mess when an avalanche falls down. It's surprises galore for everyone. Thomas will be ready to take you around the Island.

Animated Christmas Adventures

PEEP! PEEP! Ho, ho, ho! Get into the holiday spirit with Thomas and his friends in this collection of animated Christmas tales. Hang up your stocking, wrap your presents and decorate the Christmas tree as we join the engines of Sodor. They make up snow jokes, plan parties, make deliveries and clear away the snow. Come along and open Santa's sack of stories from Thomas, Percy, James, Diesel, Salty, Bash, Dash, Ferdinand, Toby, Rheneas, Den, Dart, Freddie, Gordon, Victor, Charlie and many more friends in these animated tales. It's lovely weather for a train ride together with the engines.

Sodor's Tooting Tales

Toot, toot along the rails with Thomas and his Really Useful friends. Join them for 13 tales that would make your whistle toot loudest of all. It's full steam ahead with lots of stories. Thomas hits a bump on the track, Spencer gets lost in the fog, Rusty takes the Brass Band on a tour and Peter Sam has trouble at the incline. Come along with Thomas, James, Percy, Emily, Rusty, Butch, Oliver, Spencer, Whiff, Emily and many more. It's a tooting good collection.

Thomas and the Statue and Other Stories

PEEP! PEEP! Why, it's Thomas the Tank Engine chuffing along with 12 exciting tales of Sodor. Come and join Thomas, Percy, Rusty, Skarloey, Duke, Toby, Murdoch, Gordon, Emily, Kelly and many more in this exciting collection. Murdoch has a noisy day, Thomas delivers a statue, Skarloey gets stuck in the snow and Percy tries to help Tom Tipper. No standing still like a statue, come and join the engines in the tales you'll never forget.

The Spotless Record and Other Stories

PEEP! PEEP! Hear the sound of Thomas and his friends puffing down the track making good time in these special episodes. Thomas always has fun with the other engines, including Percy, Arthur, Gordon, Spencer, Old Slow Coach, Henry, Toby and more. Find out why Percy is put upon, why Arthur has a spotless record, why the lorries are taking over and why Thomas is scared. Be clean and shiny for the Sodor engines and prove that you're Really Useful just like them.

Thomas and the Stinky Cheese and Other Thomas Stories

PEEP! PEEP! Phew, what a stinky smell. Thomas has cheese to deliver and all the other engines have jobs too. Sir Handel is in charge of the Narrow Gauge line, Salty is needed at the Quarry, Oliver the excavator has a big dino dig to do and Gordon is taking Sir Topham Hatt to an opening of a new station, which leads Gordon into a disaster. Join the busy engines for special collection. It will be fun joining Thomas, Percy, James, Gordon, Salty, Henry, Edward, Sir Handel, Duncan, Harold and many more friends in these great adventures narrated by legendary narrators George Carlin, Alec Baldwin and Michael Brandon.

Learning With Engines

PEEP! PEEP! Learning can be fun with the engines. And you can join them in this collection of stories. Come for a magical ride with Thomas, James, Percy, Gordon, Toby, Peter Sam, Sir Handel and many more. Learn that engines never trust policemen, that tender engines can shunt sometimes and that hay and treacle don't mix. It is fun time with the engines on the Sodor island.

Peter Sam & The Refresment Lady & Other Stories

PEEP! PEEP! No time to rest as we travel to the Island of Sodor for a great big collection of stories from the engines. Experience the fun and excitement with Thomas, Percy, James, Stepney, Peter Sam, Daisy, Gordon, Harold, Toby, Gordon, Henry, Sir Topham Hatt, Edward and many more. Watch as Peter Sam leaves a refreshment lady behind, Thomas and Toby save Mrs. Kyndley from a snowdrift, Stepney gets a special train to deliver and a Chinese dragon comes to Sodor. These exciting adventures are for you to watch again and again.

Creaky Cranky and Other Stories

PEEP! PEEP! There's an emergancy at the Docks and Thomas is trying to help out. Watch the engines and their exciting adventures. Cranky is creaking, a famous artist is arrving on Sodor, Toby is trying to push Gordon up the hill and Hank is trying to help out little Thomas. The cranes are loading cargos of stories from Thomas, Percy, Toby, Gordon, James, Cranky, Murdoch, Hank, Hector and many more engine friends. It's a special collection of tales filmed and animated.

James the Second Best and Other Stories

PEEP! PEEP! Take a ride around the Island of Sodor and join in with Thomas and all his friends, Percy, James, Edward, Skarloey, Duck, Fergus, Daisy, Duncan, Rusty, Harold, Molly, Toby and many more. James always wants to be on a poster, Duck wishes to sail to far away lands, Duncan wants to have an adventure and Harold wants to deliver the mail. It's a huge collection of stories we know and love.

Thomas and the Jet Plane and Other Stories

PEEP! PEEP! Zoom up into the sky as we join the engines for a flying collection of tales. Watch all the Really Useful adventures with Thomas, Percy, James, Jeremy, Gordon, Henry, Bill, Ben, Skarloey, BoCo, Dennis, Oliver and many more of your Sodor friends. There are lots of questions to answer along the way. Thomas doesn't want to talk to Jeremy, but will the plane help when it starts to rain? Skarloey doesn't like the Wharf, but will he prove he's brave? The twins try to trick BoCo so they can have their cars back, but will Edward stop them? Plus, Oliver is learning his way around Sodor, but will he learn about trucks? Find out in this collection of stories that will make you soar into the sky.

Thomas' Station Surprises

PEEP! PEEP! Prepare yourselves for some surprises as well travel to see the engines work hard on the Island of Sodor. Join Thomas, Percy, James, Gordon, Duke, Edward, Duck, Donald, Sir Topham Hatt and many more. Percy gets a few surprises with a haunted mine and a scary dragon, Duck plays a trick on Donald by putting a duck in his tank and Gordon gets surprised to see that Edward doesn't need to be retired when it comes to helping others up the hill. Climb on board for some special surprises with the engines.

Thomas' Stories of Fun

PEEP! PEEP! Thomas and his friends always have lots of fun. And you can join in with all the engines for these fun tales. Join Thomas, Percy, Gordon, Edward, Spencer, Toby, Peter Sam, Duke, Freddie and many more for this exciting collection. Watch as Thomas meets the Queen, Edward and Spencer have a race, Henry wishes on a tree and Toby makes friends with an Old Warrior. It's a collection of fun stories from your engine friends.

Stories of Traction Engines and Cranes

PEEP! PEEP! Everyone likes to be busy on the Island of Sodor. And none is more busier than those traction engines and cranes. And you can join them in this special collection of stories. Have fun with Trevor and Fergus the traction engines and Cranky, Kevin, Colin, Kelly, Rocky and Harvey the cranes. See the traction engines heave and haul and watch the cranes lift and load. Watch Kevin trying to shunt, Trevor going to the harbour with Thomas and Cranky proving that engines can't be such little bugs. It's time for work with the traction engines and cranes in these tales.

Bulldog and Other Thomas Stories

PEEP! PEEP! Here we go to the Island of Sodor to join Thomas and his popular friends in these great adventures. See Thomas, Percy, Rusty, Stepney, Duke, Henry, Peter Sam, Sir Handel and more being Really Useful. There's lots of adventures on the Island. Sir Handel in his Falcon days learns what difficulty the mountain road has, Henry gets a surprise when an elephant comes out of a tunnel and Rusty saves Stepney from scrap. It is a Really Useful collection with your favorite friends.

Diesel Does It Again and Other Thomas Stories

PEEP! PEEP! We're off to see our favorite engines on the Island of Sodor as they work hard happily pushing and pulling coaches and freight cars. Join everyone on Sodor for 7 classic stories that any child could enjoy. See Diesel causing mischief at the harbour, Gordon and Henry being delayed by a cow, Trevor helping out with a garden party and Bill and Ben having an argument. Join engines either steamie or diesel in this special collection.

Victor Says Yes & Other Stories

PEEP! PEEP! Why, look who's coming down the track. It's Thomas and his friends. They've got some special adventures you can't say no to. Watch Victor trying to fix all the engines in one day, Duncan delivering a hot air balloon and Percy trying to scare Thomas. Watch all the useful adventures with Thomas, Percy, Henry, Kevin, Victor, Gordon, Toby, Duncan, Sir Topham Hatt, Mr. Percival, Rocky, Harold, Charlie and many more. Start your adventure with a boiler inspection and then you'll be on your way.

Search and Rescue Missions

PEEP! PEEP! To the rescue! Everyone on the Island of Sodor can get into a lot of trouble. That's when they call the rescue team. Join Thomas along with his rescue friends, Butch, Harold, Harvey, Rocky, Flynn and Captain in these fun packed rescue missions. Watch the excitement as Thomas, James and Edward become rescue engines and see Harold help a horse out of a ditch. It's time for rescuing wherever you are with your favorite Sodor friends.

Salty's Stormy Tale and Other Stories

PEEP! PEEP! There's a big storm coming in and Salty will have to work extra hard to help the lighthouse keeper. The lamp has gone out and the ship will be coming. But with Fergus' help, the lighthouse is back in action. See this special episode along with more from the Island. Thomas heads into trouble when he passes a danger sign, Percy causes confusion and delay for everyone with his whistle and Freddie is trying to prove everyone that he's the fastest by taking shortcuts. See all the episodes in one DVD with Thomas, Salty, Percy, Fergus, Edward, Henry, Toby, Duck, Freddie, Mavis, Duke and of course, the director of the railroad, Sir Topham Hatt!

Percy's Six Classic Adventures

PEEP! PEEP! Join in with Percy the Small Engine in these six adventures. Percy is the junior member of the Steam Team and loves pulling the mail. And he loves remembering his classic adventures. He remembers the times he helped out with a wedding, gets trousers around his funnel and when he gets stuck in a flood plus much more. It is six adventures, just like Percy's number. So let's join Thomas' best friend for these tales.

The Magic Lamp and Other Thomas Stories

PEEP! PEEP! Get ready to shine a light as Thomas and his friends pull into the station with some exciting adventures. Join in with the likes of Thomas, Percy, Peter Sam, James, Edward, Buster, Max, Monty, Stepney, Henry, Duke and many more. Peter Sam is hoping that he would find Proteus' magic lamp like in the story he heard, Thomas scares Percy with a dragon and Buster tries to prove Max and Monty that's he's the fastest steamroller in the world. Come along and join the engines in these fun tales.

Fun Time Favorite Songs with Thomas

PEEP! PEEP! Are you ready for a sing-along? We are. And Thomas' Sodor Island is the perfect to sing some fun songs with your favorite no. 1 engine. Come along and sing some familiar songs with Thomas and the others. Blow your whistles while singing the whistle song, see the friendship between Thomas and Percy and roll along the rails. Plus four of Thomas' songs that you may be familiar with. See James getting used to a big red balloon, watch as Thomas tries to be in more photographs than Gordon, cheer Buster on as he flattens some mole hills and find out what a bad day Sir Handel had. It's some fun time favorite songs with the cheeky fussy engine, Thomas.

Best of Mavis

Mavis has been a busy Diesel engine over the years. She had been working hard at the quarries on Sodor and made lots of friends. She was a very feisty, young Diesel and she was clever sorting trucks thanks to Toby. A couple of Thomas fans like Mavis and had been telling us about what their favorite moment with Mavis was. Some loved the time Mavis first arrived and some liked the one when Emily tries to take flowers to the quarry to cheer up Mavis. Join in with Mavis along with Thomas, Toby, Emily, Percy, Bill, Ben and many more as they look at Mavis' best moments.

Stories from the Station

PEEP! PEEP! Thomas and his friends are rolling down the tracks to bring you 13 of their best adventures ever from the station. Puff along the tracks with Thomas, Percy, Henry, Salty, Fergus, Charlie, Freddie, Edward, Bertie, Arthur, Emily, Mavis, Skarloey, James, Hiro and many more familiar faces. Thomas must puff fast to chase a runaway kite, Salty and Fergus have to fix a lighthouse lamp fast, Edward tries to pull the mail without asking for help and Henry must stop some workmen cutting down the wishing tree. It's fun galore with the Really Useful engines on Sodor.

Thomas & The Logging Locos

PEEP! PEEP! Let's go to Misty Island with Thomas to see Bash, Dash and Ferdinand the Logging Locos. They are Really Funny, but sometimes Really Useful. Join the three cheeky engines in these great adventures. Watch the Logging Locos get rewards and see them prepare for a party. It is fun time with the Logging Locos. One biff, one bash and there's always a crash! That's right!

Narrow Gauge Favorites

Thomas has lots of friends on Sodor Island. Thomas runs on Standard Gauge track with Percy, James, Gordon, Edward, Henry and Toby. And some engines run on Narrow Gauge track like Skarloey, Rheneas, Peter Sam, Rusty, Duke and Victor. Join the little friends of Thomas in this special collection from the hills. See Peter Sam learn that magic lamps don't make wishes come true, watch as poor old Skarloey gets stuck in a snowdrift and his friend, Rheneas gets stuck on an old bridge. Plus, the engines make friends with Mighty Mac and Fearless Freddie and a party is being held at the Wharf. It is a big collection of stories from the high hills with Thomas, Skarloey and the little Narrow Gauge engines.

The Engines' Reliable Stories

PEEP! PEEP! Look who's coming along the track. It's Thomas and his reliable friends. And they have some reliable stories for you to enjoy. Join Thomas, along with James, Percy, Toby, Henry, Salty, Murdoch, Trevor, Gordon, Sir Handel and many more favorite friends. Make way for Gordon as he carries the Royal Train into the station with the Queen, buzz to the orchard where James tries to get rid of bees on his boiler and a sting on his nose and see Murdoch trying to seek peace and quiet. It's a Really Useful and reliable collection for you to enjoy.

My Little James, Toby and the Narrow Gauge Engines Adventures

Toby and James are good friends with the Narrow Gauge engines. Join them in these great adventures.

  • Rock 'n' Roll - Duncan is sick of Rusty's warning about the bad bit of line. And after listening to James about sending Diesels packing, he rolls off the line.
  • Duncan's Bluff - Duncan sets a challange for James to see who can deliver the most freight cars of coal to the Wharf. But when James gets stuck, Duncan comes to the rescue.
  • Sir Handel in Charge - James takes Mr. Percival to a meeting with Sir Topham Hatt and Mr. Percival asks Sir Handel to be in charge. But Sir Handel doesn't listen carefully to the others.
  • Ding-a-Ling - Freddie tries to find a bicycle bell for Mr. Percival's bicycle, but he doesn't know how to ask James. Soon, when all the bells made the bicycle fall over, Freddie needs to ask fast.
  • The Christmas Tree Express - Rheneas wants a Christmas tree for the Blue Mountain Quarry, so he tries to find one with Toby on Misty Island.

Calm Down Caitlin and Other Stories

PEEP! PEEP! It's time for fun with your favorite friends. Come and join Thomas, Percy, James, Hiro, Caitlin, Bertie, Rheneas, Edward, Stepney, Sir Topham Hatt and many more. See what happens when Caitlin was to stay on the Island of Sodor while the Vicarstown Bridge gets repaired, watch Edward as he delivers a waterwheel to Great Waterton, get into the Christmas spirit as Thomas saves Sir Topham Hatt and his sleigh from falling down the hill and see the excitement when Stepney comes to the Island of Sodor. It's time to join the engines for fun-filled adventures.

Gone Fishing and Other Stories

PEEP! PEEP! Here come your favorite engines in this collection of fun-filled adventures from the Island of Sodor. When Bill and Ben tease Harvey about his hook, Porter lets him see the positive sides of being both a crane and an engine. All of Miss Jenny's machines break down and Isobella is called to collect more Diesel fuel. Stafford is jealous of all the steamies and wants to sound like them. But after causing sheep to run off, Stafford knows that he is best at being quiet. The engines are preparing for a visit from the Queen of England, but who will pull the Royal Train? It's a great collection of stories from Thomas, Percy, Toby, Harvey, Porter, Bill, Ben, Stafford, Henry, Skarloey, James, Edward, Spencer, Stepney and many more.

Creepy Tales with Thomas

PEEP! PEEP! BOO! Thomas and his friends get ready for Halloween and other spooky surprises in these creepy tales. Join in with Thomas, Percy, James, Henry, Toby, Diesel, Stephen, Max, Monty, Duck, Emily, Donald, Douglas, Duncan and many more. Thomas gets haunted by Diesel. But Diesel gets scared himself when Thomas decides to be covered up in flour and pretend to be a ghost. James scares Percy and Stephen by telling them a story about the Phantom Express. But when Percy and Stephen fell in the moat outside Ulfstead Castle, James starts to believe in his own story. When Thomas, Percy and Duck were asked to work in the Smelter's Yard on Halloween, Thomas calls Percy a scaredy engine. But Thomas ends up being scared when he hears a ghost whistle. It is a frightful collection of stories with all your friends.