Thomas VI
King of Greece and Ireland
Reign September 9, 1868 - November 24, 1909
Coronation March 20, 1869
Full name Thomas Alexander Frederick
Titles Duke of Dublin (1842-1868), Emperor of Spain (1897-1909)
Born March 3, 1842
Died November 4, 1929 (Age 87)
King Jack's Corner, Ireland
Predecessor Edward III
Successor Thomas VII

Thomas VI, King of Greece and Ireland (Thomas Alexander Frederick, March 3, 1842 - November 4, 1929) was known as the 12th king of Greece and Ireland from 1868 to 1909. He helped separate Greece and Ireland and planned for their colonies to be independent in 1897. He was known also for inventing the first film with sound, which was released in 1894, called The King's Speech. A sequel was released in 1898. A second sequel came in 1900. He was the brother of his predecessor, King Edward III, and was formerly known as Thomas, Duke of Dublin from 1842 to 1868.

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