Version 1 (made by Tiffy33)

  • Thomas as Big Bird
  • Bertie as Elmo (Both Color Red)
  • Diesel as Oscar the Grouch
  • Edward as Grover (Both Color Blue)
  • Gordon as Cookie Monster (Both Color Blue)
  • Percy as Snuffy
  • Murdoch as Ernie (Both Color Orange)
  • Duncan as Bert (Both Color Yellow)
  • Emily as Zoe
  • Oliver as The Count
  • Toby as Baby Bear (Both Color Brown)
  • James as Telly
  • Mavis as Prairie Dawn
  • Rosie as Rosita
  • Lady as Abby Cadabby (Both Magical)
  • Duke as Hoots the Owl
  • Sir Handel as Herry Monster (Both Color Blue)


  1. Thomas Wooden Railway/Gordon (Sunshine/Warrior Version)