Team Thomas

  • Thomas as Ash
  • Mavis as Misty
  • Gordon as Brock
  • Toby as Tracy
  • Sir Topham Hatt as Professor Oak
  • Daisy as Jessie
  • Diesel as James
  • Diesel 10 as Giovanni
  • Emily as May
  • Percy as Max
  • Rosie as Dawn
  • James as Gary Oak
  • Bertie as Ritchie
  • Ben as Sparky
  • Donald as Kenny
  • Douglas as Barry
  • Harold as Oliver
  • Duck as Drew
  • Henry as Harley
  • Oliver as Paul
  • Molly as Nurse Joy
  • Elizabeth as Officer Jenny
  • Edward as Wallace
  • Lady as Iris
  • Arthur as Cilan
  • Spencer as Tobias
  • D261 as Goneff
  • Murdoch as Norman
  • Pokemon as themselves

Team Anpanman

  • Anpanman as Kirby
  • Creampanda as Tuff
  • Rollpanna as Tiff
  • Dokichan as Sirica
  • Melonpanna as Ribbon
  • Uncle Jam as Sir Ebrum
  • Butterko as Lady Like
  • Currypanman as Meta Knight
  • Baikinman as King Dedede
  • Horrorman as Escargoon

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