Thomas and BoCo is a Thomas Episodes/Thomas parodies Featuring Thomas and Emily's first episode.


  • Thomas as Himself
  • BoCo as Gordon
  • Duncan as James (Cameo)
  • Hank as Henry (Cameo)


The program opens with Thomas The Tank Engine, a very cheeky little engine, with 6 small wheels, a short, stumpy funnel, and a short, stumpy boiler under a short, stumpy dome. Thomas helps in the big station known as Knapford, pushing coaches around for the big engine to take out on long journeys. Thomas doesn't think that any engine works as hard as he does. He loves playing tricks on them, especially BoCo, the biggest diesel engine of them all, who Thomas likes whistling teasingly at him. Now, this morning, after hauling the big express, BoCo is sleeping on the sidings, when Thomas comes up in his cheeky way, waking BoCo up with "Wake up lazy green diesel!", and off he runs, laughing. BoCo, not bothering to sleep again, starts thinking of how he can pay Thomas back. The next morning however, Thomas isn't feeling quite as clever, as he has no fire, and not enough steam. It is nearly time for the express, but the coaches aren't ready. Thomas eventually gets started, and makes an uncomfortable journey to Knapford station, where BoCo is waiting. BoCo tells him to hurry up, which Thomas replies to him rudely: "Hurry up yourself!". As Thomas pulls the coaches to the platform, BoCo reverses quickly and is coupled to the train. The passengers get in quickly, and BoCo starts before Thomas has had a chance to get uncoupled, and is pulled along at the back of the train for the ride of his life. He goes faster than ever before, and his wheels hurt him, until at last, they stop at Wellsworth station. Thomas, feeling very silly and exhausted, is uncoupled. As he crosses the viaduct, he decides he will never again tease BoCo to feel important, and he puffs slowly home.


BoCo: Well, little Thomas. Now you know what hard work means, don't you?

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