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other movie spoof version of sooty and co


Version One (make by Captainleo)

  • Thomas the tank engine as Sooty
  • Pecry the smaill Engine as Sweep
  • Sawyer Cat (Cats Don't Dance and Cats Don't Diaper) as Soo
  • Sir Handel as Scampy
  • Danny Cat (Cats Don't Dance and Cats Don't Diaper) and Prof. Possible (Kim Possible) as Matthew, Presenteer

Version Two (make by Tomarmstrong14)

  • Thomas the Tank Engine as Sooty
  • Rosie the Pink Engine as Sweep
  • Emily the Emerald Engine as Soo
  • Pecry the Small Engine as Scampy
  • Tom Sawyer (Tom Sawyer 2000) as Matthew, Presenteer

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