Thomas and Edward and Henry and Gordon and James (aka The Thomas Hour)

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Season 1 (based on Jimmy Neutron)

  • Thomas as Jimmy
  • Scruff as Carl
  • Donald as Sheen
  • Elizabeth as Cindy
  • Emily as Libby
  • Daisy as Mom
  • Harold as Dad
  • Madge as Winifred Fowl
  • Jack as Goddard
  • Terence as Thomas Edison
  • Billy as Brobot
  • Bash as The Robot Salesman
  • Diesel as Lucky Joe
  • Bulgy as Sam
  • Clarabel as Granny
  • Rosie as Baby Granny
  • Trucks as Pants
  • Percy as Nick
  • James as Principal
  • Diesel 10 as Squid
  • George as The Phantom
  • and more

Season 2 (based on The Mr. Men Show)

  • Thomas as Mr. Happy
  • Clarabel as Little Miss Sunshine
  • Percy as Mr. Bump
  • Emily as Little Miss Whoops
  • James as Mr. Tickle
  • Whiff as Mr. Messy
  • Rosie as Little Miss Chatterbox
  • Gordon as Mr. Grumpy
  • Bertie as Mr. Bounce
  • Daisy as Little Miss Naughty
  • Rocky as Mr. Strong
  • Donald as Mr. Scatterbrain
  • Murdoch as Mr. Quiet
  • Hector as Mr. Noisy
  • Annie as Little Miss Daredevil
  • Toby as Mr. Persnickety
  • Belle as Little Miss Calamity
  • Diesel as Mr. Rude
  • Elizabeth as Little Miss Scary
  • Duncan as Mr. Stubborn
  • Molly as Little Miss Helpful
  • Duke as Mr. Nervous
  • Sir Handel as Mr. Small
  • Henry as Mr. Nosey
  • Byron as Mr. Lazy

Season 3 (based on SpongeBob)

  • Thomas as SpongeBob
  • Percy as Patrick
  • James as Squidward
  • Diesel 10 as Plankton
  • Stepney as Mr. Krabs
  • Ben as Gary
  • Madge as Mrs. Puff
  • Elizabeth as Pearl
  • Emily as Sandy
  • Diesel as The Flying Dutchman
  • Donald and Douglas as Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy
  • Edward and Molly as SpongeBob's Parents
  • Gordon as Larry
  • and more

Season 4 (based on Homestar Runner)

  • Thomas as Homestar Runner
  • James as Strong Bad
  • Edward as Strong Sad
  • Henry as Strong Mad
  • Emily as Marzipan
  • Percy as Pom Pom
  • Duncan as The Cheat
  • Gordon as Bubs
  • Oliver as Coach Z
  • Sir Topham Hatt as The King of Town
  • Whiff as The Poopsmith
  • Billy as Homsar
  • and more

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