• Thomas/The Flumps Are parodes With The Flumps Sound And Thomas and Friends Clips


  • Thomas as Perkin
  • Percy as Pootle
  • Rosie as Posie
  • Boco as Father Flump
  • Daisy as Mother Flump
  • Toby as Grandfather Flump
  • Murdoch as Uncle William
  • Gordon as Cousin Fillbert
  • Caroline as Aunt Mertle
  • Tigermoth as The Cloud
  • Old Slow Coach as Pootle's Toy
  • Bertie as Car 1(From Get Your Skates On)
  • Elizabeth as Car 2 (From Get Your Skates On)
  • Isobella as Car 3 (From Get Your Skates On)
  • Dereck as The Flumpsicle
  • A Truck as The Carrot


Tugs/The Flumps

Bob The Builder/The Flumps

Pingu/The Flumps

Thomas/The Flumps Featuring James

Dlesel of Sodor/The Flumps

Thomas The Flumps Engine

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