Thomas and Friends: Playtimes with Fans Ideas is a fan-fiction thing to do based on mini-stories with young fans playing their favourite Thomas characters. It will air on Nick Jr. and Nick Jr. 2 in the United Kingdom and Michael Angelis will narrate the stories.

Thomas' Special Discovery

Salty tells Thomas a story about a man who used to live on Sodor, but never came back after he took part in a swimming contest. Thomas tried to make a discovery and soon found out that the man has been eaten by a shark. The Fat Controller explained that he saw him being eaten a long time ago. Thomas soon understood where the man was and so did Salty.

Ferdinand's Musical Flatbeds

Ferdinand was shunting Jobi log flatbeds. As they biffed into each other, they made a big noise. Bash and Dash think that they're musical. Ferdinand soon liked the tune and decided to make more noise. He biffed the musical flatbeds until the couplings became rusty. Then, Ferdinand realised that it's the end of the musical flatbeds.

Percy Has a Goal

Percy and Rosie were taking some fans to a football match. Percy tried to stop, but his brakes didn't work. He crashed into the field and soon knocked the ball into the goal. Dowager Hatt was surprised and told Percy that she'd never seen an engine scored a goal. Percy might have had an accident, but everyone was delighted he scored a goal. Even Rosie!

Diesels Rule!

Thomas got back from the yards and saw Diesel, Diesel 10 and some other Diesels. They told Thomas that they're going to rule this land. Thomas became cross and thought about what to do. Soon, he started to push the Diesels over a broken bridge and they all fell on a barge. Thomas was happy that steam engines could rule this land.

Dizzy Duck!

Duck had been Really Useful and was going to turn round on the turntable. When he got on the turntable, he felt himself going round and round in circles. Harold saw this and went to find someone to stop the turntable. He then found the Fat Controller and he stopped the turntable on time. Duck was very dizzy.

Hide and Seek Charlie

Charlie was playing a game of Hide and Seek with Emily and Thomas. They all went to hide. Charlie went to find them, but when he got paint all over him, he got teased by the workmen. Charlie, being very silly, went off to hide while Thomas and Emily were wondering where he is. They looked all over and soon found him hiding in the Hollow Tree Tunnel on Misty Island. Charlie soon noticed that he didn't find the engines, but the engines found him.

Edward, Santa's Little Helper

It was Christmas and Edward was taking a Christmas tree to a party. Harold flew in and told him that he can see something in the snow. Edward was puzzled. He went to have a look and there, he saw some reindeer and a man in a sleigh. It was Santa Claus. He told Edward that his sleigh had broken down. Edward decided to put the sleigh in a flatbed and the reindeer in the cattle trucks. Santa rode in the cab. When they arrived at the party, Edward was told that he saved Christmas and became Santa's little helper.

Winston in the Pond

Winston was on his way to pick up the Fat Controller and take him to Bluff's Cove. But he was going too fast and he landed in the duck pond. That made Winston worried. Percy saw what had happened and he went to fetch Rocky. Rocky soon lifted Winston out of the pond. Winston said thank you and continued on his way to pick up the Fat Controller.

Peter Sam's Present

Today was Peter Sam's birthday. Duncan and Skarloey went to get a present for him at the Wharf. When they arrived, they wondered what it could be. As they travelled along, they went through a tunnel. At the other side, there was a big puddle. The engines didn't know it was there until too late. The present jumped of the flatbed and landed in the mud. Duncan was worried that Peter Sam will be cross, but soon after it got cleaned, they took it to Peter Sam's birthday party. The present was a new whistle. Peter Sam tried it out and the other engines joined in.

Trevor's Wishing Star

Trevor had just finished working at the farm and was on his way home. Then, he saw a big shining star in the sky. Hiro told him that you make a wish on that star. So, Trevor wished for something strange to happen the next day. The next day, Trevor saw something strange. Gordon was pulling trucks instead of the express. Trevor was pleased his dream came true until the Fat Controller told him that Gordon is pulling trucks full of slate to take to Maithwaite. Trevor learned that he had to be careful what he wished for.

A Song for Thomas

Thomas was feeling ill. He can't come out to work on his branch line. Percy and Edward were worried about their friend, so they decided to sing a song. They thought about what song they should sing when Percy had a plan. They went to the sheds and sang Thomas, You're the Leader. That made Thomas happy and better. He thanked Edward and Percy for a song medicine.

Charlie's Prank

Charlie was playing pranks. He told Thomas that the Fat Controller has lost weight and telling Stanley he has spots on his face. Thomas and Stanley enjoyed those cheeky pranks and decided to do their own. So, they made a truck hold a whoopie cushion. When Charlie returned, Thomas and Stanley told him to back up to the truck. Charlie backed up and the whoopie cushion made a rude noise. Charlie blushed and Thomas and Stanley laughed. They were proud of their prank.

The Nursery Rhyme Game

James, Thomas and Luke were bored. So they decided to play a game. James decided to play a Nursery Rhyme guessing game. So, James told Thomas and Luke that he was an egg that keeps falling off walls. Thomas said it was Humpty Dumpty. Then, Thomas told James and Luke that Hey Diddle Diddle, with the play of the fiddle, he's an animal that jumps over the moon. Luke said the cow and said to Thomas and James that he is a king who is a merry old soul. Thomas and James both shouted out Old King Cole. The engines enjoyed themselves until they were told to work.

Lady's Heavy Train

Lady had arrived on Sodor and the Fat Controller asked her to pull a heavy train to the Docks. Lady went there, but was surprised to see so many trucks. She tried pulling them, but they didn't move. She then tried to push them, but still they didn't move. Lady was wondering what to do. Then, Thomas chuffed by and Lady asked him to help. He did and soon the heavy train was moving. The Fat Controller was proud of the two engines.