Episodes [edit] Thomas & The Storyteller Season 11 is 2007-2008-2010 for US/UK

Thomas must take a storyteller on a trip to see what to write about. Unfortunately, when he goes a place that thinks of, he meets his friends James, who's pistont robs snapped while taking the express, Emily, who's whistle had broken while bringing flour, and Percy, who's fire got on out while going throught a riverbank. After helping his friends, it was time to go to the celebration. Thomas is sad that he didn't have time to go any places. However, the storyteller thought of a story that she though of... Thomas himself, and all of his friends, who he help.

   * Featuring Thomas, James, Percy, Emily and The Fat Controller.
   * Cameos by Edward, Henry, Gordon and Toby.

[edit] Emily's Rubbish (Emily & The Garbage - US)

When Emily is given the job of working with Whiff, a friendly garbage collection engine, the other engines tease her about her smelly new friend. Emily is embarrassed and tries to keep her distance from Whiff. But every time she gets away, Whiff catches up with her. Emily meets Spencer who's way is blocked by lots of garbage trucks - the ones that Emily was supposed to move with Whiff. Emily feels bad. She tries to move the trucks but finds they are too heavy. She asks Gordon and James to help, but both refuse to move the smelly trucks. Only Whiff is willing to help move the trucks. Emily is please to call Whiff her friend.

   * Introducing Whiff
   * Featuring Thomas, Henry, Gordon, James, Emily, Spencer and Elizabeth.
   * Cameos by Murdoch, Molly and Neville.

[edit] Dream On

The Duke and Duchess of Boxford are visiting the island with Spencer. When Spencer boasts about being faster, shiner and stronger than Thomas, Thomas vows to prove him wrong. Thomas tries to go faster than Spencer, but takes a bend too fast and has to break hard. He tries to be shinier than Spencer, but his work soon makes him dustier than ever. Finally he tries to be stronger and pulls too many trucks up Gordon's Hill. He slides all the way to the bottom and feels very silly. The next day, an emergency calls the Duke back to the mainland. Spencer's boiler is cold, but Thomas is raring to take the Duke. This time its Spencer's turn to feel silly!

   * Featuring Thomas, Percy, Toby, Mavis, Emily, Spencer, Jeremy, and The Fat Controller.
   * Cameos by Henry, Gordon, James, Bill and Ben, and Rocky.
   * The title was named after an Aerosmith song.

[edit] Dirty Work

James is delighted to be taking the Mayor of Sodor to the Festival of Lights at the Scottish Castle. Thomas, Emily and Percy are allowed to go to the Festival too, but have lots of jobs to do first. They ask James to help them, but he refuses, heading off to get clean at the wash-down. Thomas, Emily and Percy each puff past in turn. Unless James helps them with their jobs, they may miss the Festival. But James is determined to stay clean for his grand entrance. But on his way to collect the Mayor, Sir Topham Hatt tells James that Thomas, Emily and Percy will miss the opening of the Festival, including his grand entrance. James' entrance won't be grand, with none of his friends there to see it. So James helps his friends with each of their jobs, even though he gets covered with coal dust, sand and smelly fish. And he has no time to wash before collecting the Mayor. But Sir Topham Hatt is delighted with James, all that mess and grime proves what a thoughtful and hard-working engine he is.

   * Featuring Thomas, James, Percy, Emily and The Fat Controller.
   * Cameo by Henry and Arry/Bert

[edit] Hector the Horrid

Thomas must fill coal trucks in time for James and Edward to collect them. At the coaling plant, he encounters a big grumpy truck called 'Hector the Horrid'. Thomas tries to approach Hector but Hector roars at him to leave him alone. Thomas puffs quickly away. There's a lot to do and Rosie arrives to help. Rose tries to approach Hector the Horrid but again Hector roars and scares Rosie away. Thomas decides that he's had enough. He biffs Hector so hard and sends him flying off the track, but soon felt very bad, never meanting to knock the big truck over. Hector reveals that he only roars because he's scared. He's never been filled with coal before. Thomas helps Hector and shows him that being filled with coal can be fun! Thomas and Hector (the not-so-Horrid) shunt the coal trucks in time for James and Edward to collect them. As they leave, Thomas whistles good luck to his new truck friend.

   * Introducing Hector.
   * Featuring Thomas, Edward, James, Bill and Ben, Rosie and The Fat Controller.
   * Cameo by Rocky.
   * This is the first episode this season that doesn't feature Emily.

[edit] Gordon and the Engineer

Gordon must take an important engineer to repair some points. He picks up the wrong person at the station and steams off to the points refusing to stop for any other engines. When Gordon realizes his mistake he feels very silly, but he can't head back to collect the engineer as the lines are blocked. Gordon has an idea. He asks Donald and Douglas to ferry the engineer up the line, engine-by-engine. Soon the points are repaired and the engines are on their way. Gordon admits that even he needs help sometimes!

   * Featuring Thomas, Gordon, Donald and Douglas and The Fat Controller.
   * Cameos by Henry, James, Percy, Toby, Emily, Arthur and Rocky.
   * This is the Secord Episode that Features the Steam Team but Edward.
   * Donald and Douglas's first appearance since Season 7.
   * Arther's first appearance since Season 8.

[edit] Thomas & The Spaceship

Percy breaks down when delivering the mail at night. While Thomas is pushing him back to the sheds, Percy sees some flashing lights in the sky and is convinced they are a spaceship. Gordon shrungs this off, knowing that there's on such thing as spaceships, so when Thomas is sent to deliver the mail for Percy he becomes determined to prove his friend was right. Thomas spots some lights in the distance but they turn out to be workmen repairing the track. He spots some more lights, but they turn out to be the lighthouse. A third set of lights turns out to be Jeremy! Thomas realizes that Percy must have seen Jeremy landing at the airport! Searching for the spaceship makes Thomas late. Back at the sheds, he explains the truth about the lights to Gordon. And even though Thomas felt silly, he asks Gordon to help deliver the mail on time. Gordon is pleased to help, for likes feeling important, and when the fog cleared, all the engines get to see Jeremy land at the airport, and Percy decides that Jeremy is better than any spaceship any day, and Thomas agrees!

   * Featuring Thomas, Gordon, Percy, Jeremy and The Fat Controller.
   * Cameos by Edward, Henry, James, Cranky, Emily, Molly and Rocky.

[edit] Henry's Lucky Day

A successful day of deliveries in the snow convinces Henry that he has lucky trucks. The next day, without realizing, Edward uses Henry's trucks to take coal to the villages. Henry is given an important special - to collect presents for the children. Henry tries but finds his job difficult without his lucky trucks. Henry searches for Edward and the lucky trucks - but when he finds him Henry accidentally smashes the lucky trucks! Henry remembers the presents for the children he stops thinking about the trucks and puffs on without them. Soon Henry delivers all the presents. The children are delighted and Henry feels like the luckiest engine of all!

   * Featuring Thomas, Edward, Henry, James, Molly, Rocky and The Fat Controller.
   * Cameos by Gordon, Percy and Emily.
   * Molly speaks for the first time since her first episode.

[edit] Thomas and the Light House

Thomas is looking forward to a big fireworks display that night. But first he is given an important special - to take a new light bulb to the Sodor lighthouse. Thomas is warned that the bulb will easily break and it must be delivered safely before dark so the ships can find their way. Thomas is so determined to finish his special that he can't resist speeding up. Thomas goes so fast that, when he comes to a section of track being replaced, he can't stop in time. He crashes through a barrier breaking the bulb! Thomas puffs off to collect a new bulb knowing that he will now be too late for the display. But when he sees the lighthouse beaming, Thomas thinks it looks as wonderful as any fireworks!

   * Featuring Thomas, Edward, Henry, James, Toby, Harvey, Emily and The Fat Controller.
   * Cameos by Gordon, Percy, Molly The Chinese Dragon and Rocky.

[edit] Thomas and the Big Bang

While at the Wharf, Thomas uses his new whistle to make the narrow gauge engines jump. This makes the other engines laugh and soon they are all joining in the fun, making each other jump causing chaos across the Wharf! They have a wonderful time until an extra big noise derails Peter Sam. Mr. Percival arrives and puts the engines in their place. The engines all help clear up the wharf, before playing one last trick on Mr. Percival. Thomas and the engines now know that there's a time and a place for having fun!

   * Featuring Thomas, Skarloey, Rheneas, Sir Handel, Peter Sam, Rusty and Mr. Percival.
   * Cameos by Henry, Gordon, James and Percy.
   * The only narrow gauge episode in this season not to be part of "Engines and Escapades".
   * The third time James went spinning around in the turtable since season 1's "Tenders and Turntables" and season 3's "James Goes Buzz Buzz".

[edit] Smoke and Mirror

Thomas is to pick up some important items for the finale of a magician's magic show. His reward for a job well done will be a role in the show! Thomas can't stop thinking about being in the magic show and collects all the wrong items. When he returns and realizes what he has done he feels very silly. Thomas puffs off to collect the correct items even though he'll miss the show. He arrives back with the correct items just in time for the grand finale. Thomas is delighted when the magician performs some amazing tricks with him!

   * Featuring Thomas, Henry, Percy, Bertie, Elizabeth and The Fat Controller.

[edit] Thomas Sets Sail

Thomas is given the job of taking the mayor's new sailing boat to the docks for a special launch ceremony. Thomas is told to wait for an engineer to lower the mast but Thomas is so proud to be taking the beautiful boat that he doesn't wait. When the mast gets caught in some trees, the sails unfurl themselves and open in the wind. The wind in the sails pushes Thomas along. Thomas can't slow down! He races past the harbor unable to stop. When the wind drops, Thomas realizes that he has been very silly. He waits patiently for the engineer to lower the sails and safely puffs the boat to the harbor. The Mayor and Sir Topham Hatt are very pleased.

   * Featuring Thomas, Gordon, James, Cranky, Elizabeth, Emily, Molly , Rosie and The Fat Controller
   * Cameos by Edward and Percy.

[edit] Don't be Silly Billy

When Billy, a new engine, comes to the island, Thomas is given the job of showing Billy how to do his jobs. Billy doesn't want to listen to Thomas' instructions. He calls Thomas a bossy engine and races away. Thomas follows him across the island trying to tell Billy what to do, but still Billy won't listen. Eventually Thomas gives up. Soon Billy runs out of coal and water, just as Thomas had warned him. Thomas shunts Billy to the water tower and fills him with coal again. Billy is very sorry for not having listened - he realizes that Thomas was only trying to help. Together, they finish the jobs and Billy admits that he did like working with Thomas after all.

   * Introducing Billy
   * Featuring Thomas, Percy, Mavis, Salty and The Fat Controller.
   * Cameos by Gordon, James, Diesel, Emily and Molly.

[edit] Edward and the Mail

All the engines think Edward knows everything. When he's given the job of taking the mail, Edward wants to ask for help, but worries that he'll look silly. He doesn't realize that the trucks are in a specific order and delivers the mail to the wrong places. When he realizes his mistake, he is very upset and knows he'll have to deliver them all over again. Edwards collects the mail and tries to deliver them but is in such a rush that he makes a mistake and the parcels go everywhere. Finally he decides that he must ask for help. He goes to Percy who is happy to help! Edward doesn't feel silly.

   * Featuring Thomas, Edward, Henry, Percy, Emily and The Fat Controller.
   * Cameo by James.

[edit] Hide and Peep

While Thomas and Percy wait for an important cargo ship at the docks Thomas suggests a game of Hide and Peep. Cranky wants to play but Thomas tells him that he'd be no good at hiding. Percy hides and Thomas looks for him everywhere. When he can't find Percy, Thomas announces loudly that Sir Topham Hatt has arrived. Percy comes out from his hiding place but is cross when he realizes that Sir Topham Hatt hasn't arrived - Thomas has cheated. Percy hides again and Thomas searches for him. The Dock Manager says that the cargo ship has arrived. Thomas calls for Percy to tell him the news but Percy doesn't believe him and stays hidden. Thomas asks Cranky to help him find Percy. Cranky quickly spots Percy. Thomas puffs over to him and tells him all about the cargo ship. Thomas tells Percy that he is the best hider and that Cranky is the best finder!

   * Featuring Thomas, Percy and Cranky.
   * Cameos by Henry, Gordon, James, Toby, Salty, Molly and Rocky.
   * Second time Percy went into the loading since season 6's "Middle Engine", but this it was for hide & seek instead of by accident.
   * Thomas was doing the hide and seek game again since "Thomas and the Big Bang".

[edit] Toby's Triumph

Toby is given a special job - to take Alicia Botti the opera singer to a special concert. Toby worries about making a mistake. Toby worries so much that he does just that - he forgets to slow at a corner, spilling Alicia's special tea in Henrietta. Then he worries so much that he takes the wrong track. Finally he worries so much that he speeds through a big puddle covering Henrietta in mud. When Alicia Botti sees Henrietta she insists that Toby gets washed. At the wash down, Toby notices the workmen are cheerful and how nobody else is worrying. Later, Toby doesn't worry anymore. And he does his job perfectly!

   * Featuring Thomas, Percy, Toby, Henrietta, Elizabeth, The Fat Controller and Alicia Botti.
   * Cameos by Edward, Henry, Gordon, James and Emily.

[edit] Thomas and the Runaway Car

Thomas is chosen to deliver Sir Topham Hatt's brand new car to the Sodor Show. When Gordon challenges him to a race, Thomas is so determined to win that he doesn't wait for the workmen to couple up the car's flatbed properly. He pushes the car as fast as he can. He races to the top of Gordon's Hill only for the car to race down the other side without Thomas. Thomas chases as the runaway car hurtles along the track. Other engines have to avoid the speeding car causing chaos! The flatbed hits a bump in the track and the car lands in a big haystack. Thomas feels silly and, even though he loses the race, asks victorious Gordon to help him fetch Rocky to lift the car from the haystack. The two friends make sure Sir Topham Hatt's car makes it to the show on time!

   * Featuring Thomas, Gordon, Percy, Arthur, Rosie, Rocky and The Fat Controller.
   * Cameos by Edward, James, Salty and Molly.

[edit] Thomas in Trouble

Thomas is at the fitters' yard before a special job taking the school choir to a concert. When James teases him, Thomas becomes determined to prove that he hasn't broken down and puffs away to collect the choir before his final inspection. Soon, however, nasty noises start coming from Thomas' engine. Thomas denies that there is anything wrong and puffs on. Eventually he breaks down. Thomas feels very silly. He asks James to help take the choir to the concert on time. Henry shunts Thomas to the fitters' yard to be repaired. And this time he waits patiently for his final inspection.

   * Featuring Thomas, Gordon, James, Percy, Toby, Emily and The Fat Controller.
   * Cameos by Henry and Salty.
   * This is the third episode that features the Steam Team but not Edward.

[edit] Thomas and the Stinky Cheese

When Diesel teases Thomas for being stinky Thomas is determined to prove otherwise. When Thomas is given a special to deliver some stinky cheese to the docks, he goes out of his way to avoid any diesel engines on the way. When Thomas sees 'Arry, he tries to back away, but he crashes into Bert. His cheese delivery flies high into the air and splatters all over them. Thomas feels very silly. He's given some new cheese and puffs quickly to the docks - this time he doesn't mind being stinky. At the docks, Sir Topham Hatt declares Thomas to be really useful and gives Diesel, Arry and Bert the stinky job of shunting the cheese at the docks.

   * Featuring Thomas, James, Diesel, 'Arry & Bert and The Fat Controller.
   * Cameos by Edward, Percy and Rocky

[edit] Percy and the left luggage

Percy has a busy day ahead - but he leaves a very important job till it's almost too late. Percy must work hard to prevent certain disaster.

   * Featuring Edward, Percy, The Fat Controller and Dowager Hatt.
   * Cameos by Thomas and Gordon.

[edit] Duncan Does It All

Duncan becomes fed up with his straw deliveries so he decides to find a more important job. When he does neither of his new jobs properly, Rusty and Skarloey get the blame!

   * Featuring Thomas, Skarloey, Rusty, Duncan and Mr. Percival.
   * The first episode for "Engines and Escapade".
   * First appearance of the large scale Annie and Clarabel.

[edit] Sir Handel In Charge

The Thin Controller asks Sir Handel to ensure that a train full of logs is ready for Thomas to collect by getting the very first engines he sees to help him¿but will Sir Handel listen?

   * Featuring Thomas, Skarloey, Rheneas, Sir Handel, Peter Sam, Mr. Percival, Mighty Mac.

[edit] Cool Truckings

Madge learns that slow and careful is the best way to be, when having fun in the snow turns into a hazardous activity.

   * Introducing Madge.
   * Featuring Thomas, Duncan and Mr. Percival.
   * Cameo by Peter Sam, Skarloey, and Rheneas.

[edit] Ding-A-Ling

The Thin Controller, has a new bicycle - but it's missing a bell. Freddie becomes determined to find one, trying out a cow bell and some clowns bells until he eventually finds the perfect bell to use

   * Featuring Thomas, James, Peter Sam, Mighty Mac, Mr. Percival and Fearless Freddie

[edit] Skarloey Storms Through

When a storm comes to the hills of Sodor, the narrow gauge engines are called to bring the sheep to safety. But can Skarloey conquer his fears and save the sheep in danger?

   * Featuring Skarloey, Rheneas, Peter Sam and Mr. Percival.

[edit] And Wash Behind Your Buffers

It's the day of the country show and Madge the snub-nose lorry is to pull the brass band. Interfering Madge doesn't get herself clean in good time so the engineers have to start over again

   * Featuring Skarloey, Rheneas, Madge and Mr. Percival.
   * Cameos by Fearless Freddie, Elizabeth, Sir Handel, Peter Sam, Rusty the Diesel, Mighty Mac, and Duncan

[edit] Characters Introduced

   * Whiff
   * Hector
   * Billy
   * Madge
   * The Carpenter (Gordon and the Engineer)
   * The Engineer (Gordon and the Engineer)
   * The Storyteller (Thomas and the Storyteller)
   * The Italian Magician (Smoke and Mirrors)
   * Cuffy the Clown (Ding-A-Ling!)

[edit] Notes

   * This is the final season to have two separate narrators for the English versions (American and British). Pierce Brosnan will narrate the series in all English-speaking regions beginning with The Great Discovery in 2008.[1]
   * Whiff is the first engine to wear eyeglasses in the series. He also is the first steam engine to have a two-tone whistle. He is also the second engine in the series without side rods. (The first was Fergus, introduced in Season 7.)
   * Hector is the third of the few pieces of rolling stock in the series to have moving eyes. The first is Old Slow Coach of Season 5 and Rocky of Season 10.
   * Hector is also the second truck to be named in the series. The first was S. C. Ruffey (introduced in Season 4).
   * This season features the returns of Elizabeth (last seen in Season 8), 'Arry and Bert (last seen in Season 9), Arthur (last seen in Season 8), Donald and Douglas (last seen in Season 7), Murdoch (last seen in Season 8), Neville (last seen in Season 9), and Butch (last seen in Season 9)
   * This season is the first to be filmed in high definition. The title, opening scene and Engine Roll Call have all been re-filmed in the new format.
   * Two titles from previous stories are re-used in this Season, the first being Dirty Work (which was also an episode in Season 2) and Thomas In Trouble which an episode in Season 1. These are the 3rd and 4th titles, respectively, to be re-used (The first was Fish, which was the title of a Season 4 and Season 8 episode. The second was "Thomas Saves The Day" which was the U.S. Title for the Season 1 Episode "Thomas And The Breakdown Train" and it was also the title for a Season 8 episode).
   * Only 20 episodes of this Season were aired freely. The last six, which all focused on the Narrow Gauge Railway, are only on an exclusive DVD. [2]
   * Madge is the third road character to interact with the Narrow Gauge engines, the first being George in Season 4, the other Elizabeth in Season 6.
   * This is the first season since Season 4 to feature all 3 Narrow Gauge coaches.

[edit] Featured Characters

   * Thomas
   * Edward
   * Henry
   * Gordon
   * James
   * Percy
   * Toby
   * Donald and Douglas
   * Annie and Clarabel
   * Emily
   * Rosie
   * Spencer
   * The Fat Controller
   * Diesel
   * Bill and Ben
   * Mavis
   * 'Arry & Bert
   * Salty
   * Harvey
   * Arthur
   * Murdoch
   * Molly
   * Neville
   * Whiff
   * Billy
   * Skarloey
   * Rheneas
   * Sir Handel
   * Peter Sam
   * Rusty
   * Duncan
   * Fearless Freddie
   * Mighty Mac 
   * Henrietta
   * Rocky
   * Hector
   * Bertie
   * Harold (cameo)
   * Cranky
   * Elizabeth
   * Mr. Percival
   * Jeremy
   * Alicia Botti
   * Lady Hatt
   * Dowager Hatt
   * Farmer McColl
   * Lord Callan

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