Season 12 will be narrated by Pierce Brosnan,although Michael Angelis narrated this Season for the UK, when Pierce Brosnan was touted to narrate both UK and US Versions of the series. The Steam Team will appear and this Season features the returns of Duck,Oliver,Toad and Stepney all last seen in Season 7. The new engines in season 12 are:

Hank (a Big Dark Blue American engine who appeared in Heave Ho Thomas!),

Flora (a yellow steam tram who appeared in Tram Trouble),

Colin (a wharfside crane who appeared in The Party Surprise)

One new Human Character was introduced:

Miss Marvel (a storyteller)


Thomas and the Billboard

Steady Eddie

Rosie's FunFair Special

mountain marvel

heave hoe thomas

tobys special suprise

exelent emily

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