Victor - the manager of the Sodor Steamworks. He is always busy finding parts, supervising, and fixing. He is Hispanic. He calls engines "My friend". He is red with yellow wheels. He is based on B.L.W. #1173 0-4-0ST.

Hiro - an old Japanese engine who is "Master of the Railway". He is very famous, and is the very first engine to arrive on Sodor. Thanks for Thomas, he rescued him! He is #51. He is based on JNR D51 Class.

Kevin - a very clumsy yellow 3-wheeled crane, whom Victor always has to tell him. He is based on Davsome & Rapier crane.

Charlie - a purple fun-loving tank engine. He always wants to race with Thomas, and makes Thomas very late. He is #14. He is based on Manning Wardle 0-6-0ST.

Bash and Dash - mischievious twins, who always likes finishing each others' sentences. They are bronze-orange, and gray. They are based on BHLC #1.

Captain - a lifeboat character, who always has rescued anybody, incase of emergancy, and he has a story shed to tell tales and stories.

Ferdinand - an old, giant, slow geared-steam engine who is able to make tweeting sounds with his whistles. He is based on Climax Locomotive Works Class C.

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