Thomas and Friends Christmas Adventures is a Fan Fiction US Thomas Video/DVD Release. It features 3 first season episodes, 2 second season episodes, 2 third season episodes, 1 fourth season episode, 1 fifth season episode, 3 sixth season episodes, 2 seventh season episodes, 5 eighth season episodes, 2 ninth season episodes, 3 tenth season episodes, 1 eleventh season episode, 2 twelth season episodes, 1 thirteenth season episode, 4 fourteenth season episodes, 4 fifteenth season episodes, 4 sixteenth season episodes, and 4 seventeenth episodes narrated by George Carlin, Alec Baldwin, Michael Brandon, and Mark Moraghan and 40 songs.


  1. Thomas' Christmas Party (George Carlin)
  2. Terence the Tractor (George Carlin)
  3. The Flying Kipper (George Carlin)
  4. Thomas and The Missing Christmas Tree (George Carlin)
  5. Thomas and Percy's Christmas Adventure (George Carlin)
  6. A Scarf for Percy (George Carlin)
  7. Special Funnel (George Carlin)
  8. Snow (Alec Baldwin)
  9. It's Only Snow (Alec Baldwin)
  10. Jack Frost (Alec Baldwin)
  11. Toby Had A Little Lamb (Alec Baldwin)
  12. Oliver the Snow Engine (Michael Brandon)
  13. Thomas and the Avalanche (Michael Brandon)
  14. Don't Tell Thomas (Michael Brandon)
  15. Percy's New Whistle (Michael Brandon)
  16. Gordon Takes Charge (Michael Brandon)
  17. Thomas, Emily, and The Snowplough (Michael Brandon)
  18. James Goes Too Far (Michael Brandon)
  19. Skarloey the Brave (Michael Brandon)
  20. Keeping Up With James (Michael Brandon)
  21. Thomas' Tricky Tree (Michael Brandon)
  22. Thomas' Frosty Friend (Michael Brandon)
  23. Duncan's Bluff (Michael Brandon)
  24. Henry's Lucky Day (Michael Brandon)
  25. The Party Surprise (Michael Brandon)
  26. James Works It Out (Michael Brandon)
  27. Snow Tracks (Michael Brandon)
  28. Thomas and The Snowman Party (Michael Brandon)
  29. Henry's Magic Box (Michael Brandon)
  30. Merry Misty Island (Michael Brandon)
  31. Merry Winter Wish (Michael Brandon)
  32. Let It Snow (Michael Brandon)
  33. Surprise Surprise (Michael Brandon)
  34. Tree Trouble (Michael Brandon)
  35. Percy the Snowman (Michael Brandon)
  36. Salty's Surprise (Michael Brandon)
  37. Ho Ho Snowman (Michael Brandon)
  38. Emily's Winter Party Special (Michael Brandon)
  39. The Christmas Tree Express (Michael Brandon)
  40. No Snow for Thomas (Mark Moraghan)
  41. The Frozen Turntable (Mark Moraghan)
  42. The Missing Christmas Decorations (Mark Moraghan)
  43. Santa's Little Engine (Mark Moraghan)
  44. The Deputation (George Carlin)

Bonus Features

Set Up Docks

Languages English, Spanish, French

Subtitles English, Off, Spanish, French

Sing Along Songs Station

  1. The Snow Song
  2. Winter Wonderland
  3. Every Day's A Special Day On Sodor
  4. Go Go Thomas
  5. Hear the Engines Coming
  6. Thomas and Percy
  7. The Sounds Song
  8. There's No One Quite Like Emily
  9. Surprises
  10. A World Around You
  11. Determination
  12. Patience is A Virtue
  13. Ode to Gordon
  14. Sir Topham Hatt
  15. Come for The Ride
  16. Harold the Helicopter
  17. H is for Harold (short version)
  18. Percy's Seaside Trip
  19. Thomas' Anthem
  20. Let's Have A Race
  21. Gone Fishing
  22. Toby
  23. Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover
  24. The Island Song
  25. Really Useful Engine
  26. It's Great to Be An Engine
  27. Every Cloud has A Silver Lining
  28. Rules and Regulations
  29. That's What Friends Are For
  30. There's Always Something New
  31. Favourite Place (extended version)
  32. Accidents Will Happen
  33. Thomas You're The Leader
  34. Day and Night
  35. Buffer Up and Share
  36. Whatever We Do
  37. Doing It Right
  38. One Friendly Family
  39. Togetherness
  40. Engine Roll Call

Fun and Games Shed

  1. Gordon's Memory Game
  2. Sodor Memories
  3. Thomas and Friends Christmas Adventures Trivia
  4. Which Engine Am I
  5. Paint my Color
  6. Connect the Dots
  7. Thomas' A - maze - ing Adventure

Read Along Depot

  1. Thomas Comes to Breakfast
  2. Thomas and The Missing Christmas Tree
  3. A Better View for Gordon and Other Stories

Character Gallery

  • Thomas
  • Edward
  • Henry
  • Gordon
  • James
  • Percy
  • Toby
  • Duck
  • Donald
  • Douglas
  • Harold
  • Terence
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Emily
  • Bertie
  • Skarloey
  • Rheneas
  • Sir Handel
  • Peter Sam
  • Rusty
  • Duncan
  • Fearless Freddie
  • Mighty Mac
  • Colin

Sneak Peeks Quarry

Thomas and Friends

  • Thomas' Sodor Celebration
  • It's Great to be an Engine
  • Track Stars
  • Songs from The Station
  • Come Ride the Rails
  • Day Out with Thomas

Barney and Friends

  • Ready Set Play
  • Everyone is Special
  • Now I Know My ABCs
  • Let's Pretend with Barney
  • Barney's Colorful World Live
  • Movin and Groovin
  • Happy Mad Silly Sad
  • Barney Let's Go Series

Bob the Builder

  • Help is On the Way
  • Yes We Can
  • Bob's Big Plan
  • Hold On To Your Hard Hats
  • When Bob Became A Builder
  • Build It and They Will Come
  • Bob The Builder The Live Show

The Wiggles

  • Cold Spaghetti Western
  • Whoo Hoo Wiggly Gremlins
  • Live Hot Potatoes
  • Lights Camera Action


  • Finbar The Mighty Movie Star
  • High Noon In The Bathroom
  • Tubb's Pirate Treasure

Angelina Ballerina

  • The Magic of Dance/The Silver Locket/The Big Performance
  • Lights Camera Action
  • All Dancers On Deck


  • Narrated by George Carlin, Alec Baldwin, Michael Brandon, and Mark Moraghan.
  • The Season 17 intro, cartoon sequence (2013 - present), and the Season 17 outro are used together

Front Cover

  • Thomas in CGI wearing a Santa Claus hat and antlers and a red nose as Thomas the Santa Claus Red nosed engine

Back Cover

  • Terence rescuing Thomas from Terence the Tractor
  • Thomas with the Mr. Snowman balloon from Thomas' Frosty Friend
  • Henry pulling The Flying Kipper from The Flying Kipper

Opening Credits

  • Thomas and Friends Making Tracks to Great Destinations
  • The Rev W. Awdry's Letter
  • Thomas and Friends
  • Based on the Railway Series by The Rev W. Awdry
  • Created by Britt Allcroft
  • Storytellers George Carlin, Alec Baldwin, Michael Brandon, and Mark Moraghan
  • Directed by David Mitton, Steve Asquith, Greg Tirenan, and David Baas
  • Thomas and Friends Christmas Adventures

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