This is a page where fans of the Thomas and friends series can put their ideas of episodes that Andrew Brenner and his writing team at Hit entertainment should release in the future.

How the Tank Engines Saved Christmas

It's Christmas time on the Island of Sodor, and Sir Topham Hat has an important announcement, so he gathers his engines at Tidmoth Sheds.  He tells them that there will be a huge Christmas party at Knapford Station the night after next and that Gordon, James, and Edward will be given very special tasks to prepare for this party; Edward is to take the cake and puddings, Gordon is to take the children and VIP's, and James is to take the party supplies.  Thomas, Percy, and Duck are not happy at this news because they want special jobs, too.  Gordon and James are quick to jump on them, saying that tank engines are too weak and little to be given such special jobs.  As the meeting adjourns, Edward tries to humble them, but to no avail.

As the day wears on, Thomas, Percy, and Duck do their regular jobs, all the while wishing they had special jobs like the tender engines.  Through the day, they see Gordon and James bragging about their special jobs to Whiff, Scruff, Rosie, Stanley, Stafford, and Bill and Ben.  All the while, Edward apologizes for the big engines' behaviors, but it does nothing to help Thomas, Percy, and Duck's dampened spirits.

When the time comes for the engines to gather at Knapford Station, the intrepid trio are waiting at Kellesthorpe Station for Gordon to pass by with the express.  As they wait, they see James and Edward pull up with their respective trains.  James cannot wait to get to the party early, but Edward warns him to travel with care given the weather, as it had started to snow.  Unsurprisingly, James ignores his advice and races down the line to Knapford Station, with Edward puffing slowly in tow, leaving Thomas, Percy, and Duck to wallow in their sorrows again.

As the time for the party drew nearer, Gordon has yet to pass through Kellesthorpe, and news from down the line reports that Edward and James have not arrived at Knapford Station with the party supplies.  Thomas decides they must go out in the storm to search for them, but Percy and Duck are more than willing to let the three big engines get lost in the storm.  Eventually, however, both Thomas and Sir Topham Hat convince them to aid in the search party.

Thomas, Percy, and Duck, with help from Harold, search the rails for their lost friends.  They find Gordon first, who is stuck at the bottom of his hill as the tracks are very slippery and his sandboxes are empty.  With the help of the three tank engines, the train manages to climb the hill and make it past Kellesthorpe Station, where the tank engines leave Gordon to pick up the rest of the passengers.  Thomas exclaims they still have work to do and head back out into the storm.  Next they find Edward, who has broken down and become buried by a large pile of snow.  The three engines push and pull until Edward finally comes free.  Percy pulls Edward to Knapford Station while Thomas and Duck continue searching for James.

They find him stranded off the tracks lying on his side in the snow.  James, who had been grubling to himself since his driver and fireman left for help, brightens up when he sees Thomas and Duck puffing towards him.  He explains what happened, how when puffing down a steep hill, he hit a rough patch of ice and skidded off the rails at a bend.  Duck still has his doubts about rescuing James, but Thomas convinces him that he shouldn't hold a grudge on Christmas.  They call for Rocky and Harvey who soon pull James back onto the rails.  Thomas and Duck bring James safely to Knapford Station where the party is almost ready to begin.  The station workers quickly hang the decorations just in time for Gordon to arrive with the Express.  Everyone congratulates the tank engines and the tender engines for pulling off the greatest Christmas party ever and Sir Topham Hat especially congratulates Thomas, Percy, and Duck for saving Christmas.  As the stars twinkle above, everyone sings Christmas carols until the wee hours of the morning.

Blue Mountain Rescue

It is a sunny day at the Blue Mountain Quarry, and all the narrow gauge engines are hard at work pulling and pushing, lifting and loading.  Rusty is helping a singing Owen with loading standard gauge cars with slate.  As time passes, however, Owen notices that Rusty has a depressed look on his face; he asks if his singing is annoying Rusty.  Rusty responds by saying that he simply wants a change of pace from his usual routine of pusing hoppers onto the incline.  As he backs away from the incline, not paying attention, he almost collides with Peter Sam, who was coming down from the upper terace; Peter Sam tells him to be more careful in the future as he speeds away.  Rusty remarks that he also wishes the other engines would stop telling him what to do, as if he cannot handle himself in the quarry. Owen laughs and says that things should get better with time, but Rusty is not so sure.

Later that night, al the narrow gauge engines head back to their sheds together, but Rusty stays a little behind the pack, lost in his thoughts.  Skarloey notices this and, when they arrive at the depot, asks Rusty if anything is wrong. Rusty claims that he's tired of doing the same thing at the quarry, day in and day out, with little to no excitement or change; most of the other engines can sympathize, but Sir Handel is the first to speak out against Rusty's claim.  He says that operations at the Blue Mountain Quarry are like a well-oiled machine; every engine has to play its part for the machine to work properly, and if one of those elements disappears, then the machine cannot work at all.  Rusty understands, but is insistent that he wouldn't mind a change of pace; especially with the other engines to stop telling him what to do on a constant basis.

Suddenly, Duncan speaks out against Rusty, exclaiming that he's talking out of his exhaust pipe; that if he does something out of line, it is the other's responsibility to correct his mistakes.

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