Season 17 part 2 contains the next half of 52 episodes (26).


  1. Thomas Keeps Up (Thomas & Friends part 2 episode) - The concert is coming, Thomas starts to keep up.
  2. Snake's Alive/Tim and the Snakes - Tim the Mid-Sodor Tram Engine encounters some snakes on the line, which escaped from a cage belonging to the Sodor Wildlife Park.
  3. Ventnor and the Statue- Ventnor the Island Engine helps deliver large pieces of a monumental statue to the new Cregwir Arboretum, but he runs out of water at the mountain pass Halt. Will he manage to deliver the "statue" on time after refilling his tanks?
  4. The Way Back - James the Red Engine is sent to test the new down track along the mountain pass, but forgets to listen to the instructions carefully. He derails halfway along the new line. His driver phones for help and Duck arrives with Rocky the Crane. The Fat Controller, who was in Duck's cab, was cross and scolds James. From then on, James promises to follow instructions more carefully in future.
  5. Emily and the Anthills - Some anthills were discovered to have formed beside the trackbed shortly after the landslip occurred a few weeks ago. Emily is frightened about this and she refused to come out of the sheds for days. Meanwhile, the Fat Controller tells Emily that the anthills were filled in hours ago and tells her jokingly that anthills don't eat engines. Emily comes out of the sheds and is no longer afraid of anthills because they were not next to the track anymore as they have been filled in.
  6. Landslip - Gordon boasts about the fact that his old railway not being damaged by landslides, but was proven wrong when he realised that his old line had been damaged by a landslide not long ago. Gordon soon eats his words when he hits a big bank of earth, and would not be rescued until the landslide is cleared. A few days later, the landslide was cleared and things soon returned to normal. However, the other engines soon tease Gordon about his folly; mainly teasing him with a few landslide jokes, apart from a joke about naming the landslip 'Gordon's Slip'. Gordon was embarrassed and bewildered to have not just one, but TWO places on Sodor named after him!
  7. Brad and the Butterfly - (Partially/Loosely Based From An Old SiF Parody) A new narrow gauge engine, named Brad, arrives to the Thin Controller's Railway. When Brad was pulling a mixed goods train to Rheneas Waterfall, he spots a butterfly, but his driver and fireman wouldn't let him. Brad screeched to a stop outside the station. The Thin Controller arrived on board Rusty and scolded for being lazy. Brad promises, from now on, to be more careful and attentive in future.
  8. James and Ashima - James meets a beautiful Indian engine called Ashima. The Fat Controller told James to have Ashima stay out of trouble by having her to avoid getting dirty. James doesn't listen and negligably destroys Ashima's colourful outline by getting her covered in coal dust, mud, and rubbish. The Fat Controller scolds James for getting Ashima dirty, and James promises to better preserve Ashima's beauty from now on.
  9. Duncan and the Grumpy Passenger - Duncan attempts to deal with a grumpy passenger.
  10. Clink, Clank, Clunk - Diesel's remarks lead Henry to worry that he is falling apart. Henry does his best to prevent himself from breaking down; but he does so when his pistons shudder and his engine splutters. The Fat Controller scolds Henry for causing confusion and delay until Thomas arrives to convince him that Diesel was only teasing in order to make Henry feel bad. The Fat Controller chides Diesel instead, and he sends Henry to the works for his pistons to be mended and his engine replaced.
  11. Ashima's Festival of Light - An Indian festival is to be held at Ulfstead Castle. James and Gordon are fighting over who would be chosen to pull the special train. This went on until Edward informs them that Ashima would be pulling the train and that she is the main attraction for the festival. In the end, the Festival of Light was a great success and Gordon and James are sent to the sheds in disgrace. They are most disappointed when they don't get to see the snake charmer play at the festival.
  12. Whiff and the Fish - When Whiff gets bored when working at the Waste Dump one day, he is arranged to help Arthur run his branch line. Whiff realises that he was only capable of pulling the Inspection Salloon in the old days, and is not powerful enough to pull a truck or two. When he is tasked to push seven trucks of fish to Brendam Docks, he is shocked. He wished that he had to pull only one at a time! When he reaches a hill, he gets pushed until he crashes into some buffers at Maron. The workmen unload the fish, and put them into their lorries, ready to be taken to the Docks. Whiff is glad when he is sent back to the Waste Dump.

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