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Episode 48: James Slips Up


Stan Marsh the Tank Engine and Kyle Broflovski the Great Western Engine arriving at Brendom Docks, most likely for a frieght train, and upon realizing this, James goes into an excited frenzy to get Stan and Kyle's autograph. The two engines run away from him, accidentally leaving Stan's engine belt inside. James finds it, and tries to give it back, but they pull away before he can do so. James decides to play with the belt. He discovers the "Small Ray", and starts shrinking the items. Gordon sees James giving tiny coal to tiny lorries. Upon realizing that James has stolen the belt, he plans revenge and threatens tell on him. In order to stop Gordon, James shrinks him, and promises to find a way to return him to normal.

James goes to Henry for help, and Henry mistakes Gordon for a "Gordon Action Figure" and starts playing with him, even after realizing that it is the real Gordon. Henry then suggests to turn the "S M" upside down, setting the belt to S W for "Super Wumbo". James questions the validity of this, but after Henry responds by stating the many uses of "Super Wumbo", James is convinced, but then accidentally shrinks Henry. Seconds later, engines start coming and greeting to James, making him shrink them so that they can't tell Stan on him. Eventually, James has shrunken everyone on the Island of Sodor, and stuffs them into a jar. He then realizes that he has shrunken Stan and Kyle as well. Gordon once again threatens to tell Stan on James, but Stan tells him that James did it by accident, and tells James that he undertands, which makes James happy again. Eventually, James gets the idea to shrink Sodor itself, which satisfies the engines, who see no discernible difference from their previous lives in living in a miniature Sodor. Finally, James shrinks himself, and the tiny city begins celebrating. The closing scene shows Diesel returning to Sodor from a vacation. He is surprised to see that he is now taller than Sodor.

Featured Characters


  • Narrator: At the docks, everything was going good.
  • Stan: Here we are at the docks!
  • Narrator: And also these guys.
  • Kyle: I told you we need to take a frieght train!
  • Stan: Right, Kyle!
  • Kyle: What a dive.
  • Stan: To the sheds! Away!
  • Gordon: Can I help you?
  • Stan: A frieght train please?
  • Gordon: It's right behind the shed.
  • Kyle: Yeah, Gordon?
  • Gordon: Whatever. Five dollars, please.
  • Stan: You got it, bucky. Will this cover it? (pulls out a nut/bolt)
  • Gordon: No. This is a dockyard, not a lending library.
  • Kyle: Well next time danger threatens, don't expect any help from us!
  • Gordon: I’m shakin’. Heh. Stan and Kyle.
  • Narrator: Suddenly, James appeared.
  • James:(appears) Stan and Kyle? Must...have... autograph! (pushes a flatbed of a pencil and a piece of paper)
  • Stan: If you wanna grow up strong like gotta leave room for seconds. Here comes our waiter!
  • James: Autograph!!!!
  • Kyle: Oh no, it's that red tender engine!
  • Stan: Quick lad, To the frieght train! Away!
  • Kyle: Where'd we pull into?
  • Stan: Uhh...
  • James: Can I have your autograph can I have your autograph can I.. they're gone! (gasps) Stan's belt!
  • Stan: Wait! We'll get to the frieght cars! There it is! [they puff over and buffer up to the frieght train. Kyle bumps into the front frieght car)
  • Kyle: Ow! I told you we shoulda’ got the automatic!
  • James: Hey guys! Wait up! I've got something for you...
  • Kyle: Floor it! (both speed away with their train of coal)
  • James: You forgot your belt! You forgot-- Stan' secret engine belt! The emblem of submersible justice! For 65 years, this belt has been used by Stan. I can't believe I'm actually holding it in my buffers! Well, I guess I should return it. Or not! I could just hang onto it till after work...all alone with Stan's belt. I wonder what this button does! Whoa! The small ray! Hmm...
  • Gordon: Here's your shake, sir. (he starts to hand him the shake, but he is startled by a loud noise from behind the dock shed and James' giggle. The shake lands on the guy's head, the guy punches him and leaves. There are more flashes, noises, and giggles from behind the dock shed) Grr...
  • (hands a small load to a lorry)
  • James: There you go.
  • Gordon: James, what's going on in here?! Huh? (James is seen with tiny things)Why's everything all... tiny?
  • James: I don't know.
  • Gordon: What do you got there?
  • James: Nothing.
  • Gordon: No, really?
  • James: Nothing.
  • Gordon: You've got something alright, let's see it!
  • James: No! No!
  • Gordon: (horrified) Is that Mermaid Man's belt?
  • James: Yes.
  • Gordon: Wow! I can't believe he'd lend it to you!
  • James: Me, uh, either. (nervious laugh)
  • Gordon: He didn't lend it to you, did he?
  • James: Please don't tell!
  • Gordon: (angry) You stole it!
  • James: Please don't tell!
  • Gordon: (still angry) Oh, I'm telling!! When he finds out, he'll kick you out of his fan club for sure! (laughs)
  • James: No, wait!! Please don't tell!!
  • Gordon: Uh-oh! There's the phone
  • James: Don't!
  • Gordon: I'm puffing towards the phone! (puffs towards phone)
  • James: No!
  • Gordon: I'm getting closer to the phone!
  • James: Do-o-on't!
  • Gordon: And now, for the moment we've all been waiting for...
  • James: I'm begging you!
  • Gordon: (picks up the phone) Hello. I'd like to speak to Stan... (James shrinks Gordon) What the...what... (phones hits Gordon's head) Ow!
  • Stan: Hello? Hello?
  • Gordon: What did you do to me?
  • James: I'm sorry Gordon, but you made me do it!
  • Gordon: James, if you don't return me to normal size right now, you are gonna be in really big trouble!
  • James: Uhh....ok...uhh...
  • Gordon: I said now!
  • James: Uhh...uhh... (belt is shown with many buttons to it)
  • Gordon: Do you hear me? (James changes Gordon into a multi-eyed Gordon) Bust my boiler! Get it off me! Get it off me! (takes the eyes off him) Don't you know how to work that thing?
  • James: Uhh, I can do it! (James changes Gordon a lot)
  • Gordon: Sto-o-p! I've got an idea. Let's call Stan and...
  • James: No! I can't let you do that! But there must be someone else who can help! Someone smart and wise, with years of life experience...Henry! Henry! Henry! Henry!
  • Henry: Ehh? Huh? Oh. Hi James.
  • James: Henry, I was at the docks and Stan and Kyle came, and I got this belt, and-.
  • Henry: A Gordon action figure! Let me play with it!
  • James: No, Henry!
  • Henry: Fighter pilot! Dive bomb!
  • James: Henry!
  • Henry: And here comes a giant fist!
  • James: Henry, no! That's not an action figure! That's the real Gordon! I shrunk him by accident.
  • Henry: Oh...and here comes a giant fist!
  • James: Henry, you don't understand! This is serious! I don't know how to unshrink him! He could be stuck like this for the rest of his life.
  • Henry: Oh, don't worry about it. He'll find love one day...
  • James: You think so?
  • Henry: Well, sure. But it'll be with someone his own size. Like this pickle! See? They like each other!
  • Gordon: N-n-n-n-no. (Henry bangs them together like they wanna kiss)
  • James: Oh, if only I knew how to work this thing!
  • Henry: Lemme take a look at it. know what the problem is?
  • James: What?
  • Henry: You got it set to 'S M' for Super Mini when it should be set to 'W' for Super Wumbo. br>
  • James: Henry, I don't think Super Wumbo is a real word.
  • Henry: Oh come on James! You know, I super wumbo, You super wumbo, He she me super wumbo, wumbo, Wumboing, We'll have thee wumbo, Wumborama, Wumbology, The study of wumbo? It's first grade James!
  • Gordon: [while Henry is saying "fair thee wumbo"] I wonder if a fall from this height could be enough to kill me.
  • James: Henry, I'm sorry I doubted you.
  • Henry: Well alright then. Let 'er rip! It worked!
  • James: Oh no!
  • Henry: Look, James’ giant! Can I be giant next?
  • James: Henry, I'm not giant, you shrunk too!
  • Henry: You're kidding! Good thing I still got this pickle! (kisses the pickle. Pan over to Gordon.)
  • Gordon: Hey! Now will you take us to Stan!
  • James: No! He can never find out! But I'll think of something. I promise. Until then, you'll be safe in this jar.
  • Henry: You know what's funny? My pickle started out in a jar, and now it's in one again! Heh. It's like a pun or something. Heheh.
  • James: It's only two people... no big deal, nobody else saw it...
  • Molly: Hi, James!
  • James: Aah! Molly! (shrinks Molly)
  • Molly: What did y...for cryin’ out...What did y'all do to me?
  • James: I'm sorry Molly! Stan came in and..
  • Duck: Hey James! (shrinks Duck)
  • Thomas: Hey, James, I... (shrinks Thomas)
  • Oliver: Hi, James. (shrinks Oliver)
  • Stanley: Hello, James. (shrinks Stanley)
  • Emily: Hey, James! (shrinks Emily, Rosie and Mavis)
  • Harvey: Hey SpongeBob! (shrinks Harvey)
  • Percy: James, hi! (shrinks Percy)
  • Toby: Hey James! (shrinks Toby)
  • Donald: What's up, James? (shrinks Donald)
  • James: Whoo! I'm gonna have to get a bigger jar.
  • Gordon: James, will you just face facts? You've shrunken everybody on Sodor! Once again, I have to tell Stan on you!
  • James: Oh Gordon, he'll be so disappointed...
  • Stan: (to Gordon) Hey, Gordon. You gotta know that James did that by accident. Please don't tell me on him! I'll tell him that I understand. (to James) James, what's the matter?
  • James: Oh, Gordon thinks you will be dissapointed.
  • Stan: Aww, don't worry, James. I will undertand.
  • James: (smiles again) Really, Stan.
  • Gordon: Hey, James. I'm really sorry, I am angry at you, James. And I threatened to tell Stan on you.
  • James: Thanks, Gordon. (takes everyone out of jar)
  • Duck: You are a great friend, James.
  • James: I've got it! (Shrinks the railway) Ta-da! Since I couldn't make you big, I made the railway small! And now, only one more thing to shrink. Cheese! (turns shrink ray towards him like a camera and shrinks himself)
  • Gordon: Well, I guess this is okay.
  • Duck: Yeah, what's the difference?
  • Mavis: Good idea, James. (everyone cheers as Diesel arrives)
  • Diesel: Well, it's great to be back! (notices small Sodor.) Huh?

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