Episode 49: Duck The Really Useful Engine

James and Diesel claim that Duck is no use at all, but will Duck prove otherwise?

Characters: {in order of appearance}

  1. Emily (cameo)
  1. Edward (cameo)
  1. Rosie (cameo)
  1. Oliver (does not speak)
  1. Alice and Mirabel (do not speak)
  1. Isobel and Dulice (do not speak)
  1. Toad (does not speak)
  1. Duck
  1. James
  1. Diesel
  1. Thomas
  1. Gordon
  1. Percy
  1. Stanley (does not speak)
  1. Sir Topham Hatt
  1. Theodore (mentioned)
  1. Neville
  1. Henry
  1. Hank
  1. Frieght Cars
  1. The Yard Manager
  1. Ned Flanders
  1. BJ
  1. Rabbit
  1. Mr. Burns


  • Narrator: The engines on the Island of Sodor like to be really useful. One of them, is called Duck the Great Western Engine. He was working on his Branch Line with his friends Alice & Mirabel, Oliver, Isobel & Dulice and Toad. James was most certainly unimpressed.
    James: Duck is a useless old steam-pot! He should be retired!
    Thomas: You can't say that! He's my friend since the third season!
    James: Well, I can say what I want, and there is no such thing you can do about that!
    Narrator: Diesel agreed with James. Percy, Gordon, and Stanley were very worried about their friend. Stanley told Sir Topham Hatt about what James had said about Duck.
    Sir Topham Hatt: I will soon make arrangements.
    Narrator: He found Duck and Neville taking on water after shunting Theodore's fish train.
    Sir Topham Hatt: Duck, Neville, the yards have been complaining recently, and since Edward has been at the works, more and more trucks have been piling up. Duck, I need you to help Henry and Hank with express runs because Gordon is under repairs at the moment.
    Neville: This could mean more work for me.
    Duck: I see what you mean, Neville. I'll get back as fast as I can.
    Narrator: When he arrived, he was looking forward to seeing Henry and Hank.
    Henry: Morning, Duck, I need you to be my back engine.
    Duck: Okay.
    Narrator: And when Henry was unable to manage on his own, Duck would push him up over the top. Meanwhile, James was taking a goods train to Vicarstown station, when he made a wheezing noise.
    James: Oooohhhh! I feel sick!
    Narrator: The frieght cars found it funny and held him back.
    Frieght Cars: Hold back! Hold back! {laugh}
    Narrator: At last, James stopped.
    James: {coughing} Ohh, what happened to me?! I feel so weak.
    Narrator: Back to Duck - he was pulling his last train into the station, when the yard manager came up.
    The Yard Manager: You need to rescue James. He's broken down.
    Narrator: Duck was looking forward to seeing James, and thought it was a great joke. BJ and Rabbit were talking to him severely.
    BJ: James, you're not trying! You should be able to get up the hill, now you're just embarrassing yourself!
    James: It's not my fault! It's Rabbit, my fireman! He can't shovel coal in me fast enough!
    Rabbit: [talking gibblish]!
    James: See? He can't even speak properly.
    Rabbit: DUST BAG!!
    BJ: James, it's not his fault he has courgettes! He was only employed because of equal opportunities!
    James: This is stupid!
    Duck: {from the back} I've come to help, Mr. Foolish!
    James: No! This is beneath my dignity!
    Narrator: James seethed with fury as Duck pushed him and his train to Knapford Station. When Percy, Hank, and Stanley heard the news, they thought it was a great joke.
    Duck: Well, James, here we are!
    Narrator: James still said nothing. He just seethed with anger.
    Percy: What do you think of James, Hank?
    Hank: Too much puff and not enough steam!
    Narrator: Diesel was to take an important frieght train around the island, but he realized he wasn't moving as he'd intended.
    Diesel: What the? Why am I not moving?
    Narrator: His airtake was jammed. Mr. Burns, the stationmaster, and even one of the passengers tried to fix Diesel's airtake. but the only succeeded in breaking it off!
    Diesel: {screaming}
    Mr. Burns: Aw, crooked cucumbers! A rusty gear's behind this, I'll wager. No matter, Diesel. You can't run today.
    Duck: {laughing} They made fun of me, now the joke's on them!
    Narrator: James and Diesel were seething with fury as Molly pushed them away in a siding. Then Boco took James' goods to the docks and Duck took Diesel's frieght train to Vicarstown. He soon sped up to keep her pace. {Music: "You're the Best" plays in the background as we cut to a montage of Duck pulling the frieght cars. After almost three minutes:} It was tiring work, but at last, he made it to Vicarstown. Thomas, Henry, and Emily were there, and so was Gordon.
    Duck: {catching his breath} Ohh... I did it! {He smiles to no one in particular.}
    Narrator: He rolled onto a siding, and Boco took charge of the train. Later that day, Sir Topham Hatt spoke to Duck.
    Sir Topham Hatt: Duck, I heard what you had done today, and I am very pleased with your work. You will receive a new coat of green paint with red stripes, and have the rest of the week off.
    Duck: {exhausted} Oh, thank you, sir!
    Sir Topham Hatt: {to James and Diesel} James and Diesel, you have said very mean things to Molly for the last month. As punishment, you will be staying in the sheds, for the next two months!
    James: Two months?! You can't be serious!
    Sir Topham Hatt: Oh, yes I am, this is what you get for being mean to a Great Western tank engine Duck has proved himself to be a really useful engine, and you know it!
    Narrator: Duck enjoyed his week off, but was glad to be back to work, and whenever he saw James or Diesel, they would have learned not to be so mean. I guess in some ways they will learn to respect the other engines no matter what they do. But I think they deserved their punishment, don't you?

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