Episode 65: A Very Bad Look Out


A reckless Misty Island engine named Cedric is rude to the other Logging Locos. Ferdinald warns him not to make frieght cars pay him out, but Cedric doesn't listen and pulls some frieght cars of logs. Suddenly, he sees the out-of-order bridge and falls off it and lands with a crash. So, Ferdinald brings a badly damaged Cedric to the yard, and the Misty Island Controller scolds Cedric for not listening to Ferdinald's advice and sends him to the shed for two months.

Featured Characters

  • Thomas
  • Duck
  • Bash and Dash
  • Ferdinald
  • Martin
  • Eugene
  • Cedric
  • The Misty Island Manager


  • Narrator: One morning, a reckless Misty Island engine named Cedric was filled with anger. He was rude to the other engines.
  • Cedric: I can go faster than any of you. And I am gonna be the best than you.
  • Narrator: Ferdinald had a warning for Cedric.
  • Ferdinald: Be careful,Cedric. Don't make frieght cars pay you out.
  • Cedric: Pah! I can show frieght cars that I can go to the station with no trouble.
  • Narrator: And Cedric puffed away. Cedric was very cross with frieght cars. Thomas arrived. He was taking a frieght train to Misty Island.
  • Thomas: Hello, Cedric.
  • Cedric: Frieght Cars are silly and noisy!
  • Thomas: I better go now.
  • Narrator: And Thomas pulled his train to Bash, Dash and Ferdinald. Cedric was crosser than ever. Soon, the frieght cars were arranged. And Cedric wanted to show Ferdinald that he could go faster. Soon, the conductor blew his whistle. And Cedric pulled away. He came to the Misty Island Tunnel. Soon, he saw Duck taking a oil train to Bash, Dash and Ferdinald.
  • Duck: Hello, Cedric.
  • Cedric: I am taking frieght cars to the Misty Island Station.
  • Duck: Oh. I must go now. Goodbye.
  • Narrator: And Duck pulled his oil train away. Cedric continued on his journey. Suddenly, the frieght cars' chance had come!
  • Frieght Cars: Hurrah! Hurrah!
  • Narrator: They yelled. And they started to push Cedric down the line.
  • Frieght Cars: On! On! On!
  • Cedric: Stop pushing! Stop pushing!
  • Narrator: But the frieght cars didn't listen. Cedric raced past Martin.
  • Martin: Fizzling finders! What was that?!
  • Narrator: And Eugene.
  • Eugene: Rail raider!
  • Narrator: Cedric went faster and faster. But soon, there was worse to come. The out of order bridge was there. Cedric slammed on his brakes, but it was too late. Cedric fell off the bridge! When the dust cleared, it was a huge wreckage. Cedric and the frieght cars fell off the bridge. The frieght cars were in pieces. Luckly Ferdinald arrived with the Misty Island Breakdown Train.
  • Ferdinald: Woah, Cedric. This is worser than Martin's accident multi-plied by 10. Don't worry. I'll get you out of here.
  • Narrator: And the crane lifted Cedric on its flatbed. Cedric was in a bad state. His shape was damaged. His orange paint was completely scratched over, making him a ugly grey. One of his wheels bent. His funnel, dome and whistle had been smashed. His cab was crunched up. And worst of all, his front and back ends were badly bented. Cedric opened his eyes.
  • Cedric: W...what happened? I look so bad.
  • Ferdinald: You do look bad. Come on, let's take you back.
  • Narrator: Cedric was worried that the manager would be cross with him. When they got there, he was.
  • Manager: Cedric! Look at yourself! You're all damaged! And you have to go to the works to be repaired for thirty minutes! After that, for your punishment, I'll shut you up in the shed for the next two months!
  • Cedric: Two months?!?! Sir, no! You can't be serious!
  • Manager: Oh, I am serious!
  • Narrator: Bash and Dash saw him.
  • Bash: Ho ho, Cedric is so silly now!
  • Dash: He is. (they laugh)
  • Narrator: Cedric was very embarrased. He vowed never to be rude again.

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