Human characters

  • The Mayor of Sodor: The Mayor is in charge of the whole Island, and is good friends with Sir Topham Hatt.
  • Sir Bertram Topham Hatt: Known by the engines as "The Fat Controller", the Yorkshire-accented Sir Topham Hatt is in charge of all the engines of the North Western Railway on Sodor. He had started life as a humble railway engineer when he was a young man. And when his father, the original Railway Director, had retired, Sir Topham had taken his step into his shoes and as today is still running the Railway from all those years (her majesty, the Queen, had even awarded him a Knighthood for his services). He is kind but firm when dealing with any troublemakers and makes sure that his engines always run right on time. He wears a black coat, white waistcoat, black tie, grey trousers and black top hat.
  • Lady Jane Hatt (nee Brown): Lady Hatt is Sir Topham Hatt's wife, who is reputed to be very fussy and finicky, particularly when things don't go her way, such as when she criticized Annie & Clarabel for looking like "Beach Huts on Wheels", and almost refused to travel in a hot air balloon to reach the Grand Opening of a new station. But despite all of this, she's a very kind lady and Sir Topham Hatt will do anything to please her - particularly by laying on lavish birthday parties. She has long brown hair and wears a blue blouse and yellow hat.
  • Stephen Topham and Bridget Amanda Hatt: Sir Topham and Lady Hatt's grandchildren, who visit them whenever they can. They are siblings; Stephen being the older and Bridget the younger by two years (and pink being her favorite color). They love the railway and enjoy going on trips to the mountains with their grandparents along the old lines, and enjoy seeing Thomas and the other engines.
  • Dowager Hatt: Sir Topham Hatt's mother, Lady Hatt's mother-in-law and Stephen and Bridget's great-grandmother. Any time she's visited the Island, there's always been some kind of trouble to be had. First visit was hindered with Gordon, and the following time, when she came for her birthday picnic, Thomas and Sir Topham Hatt struggled to find a suitable place for her to have one. Dowager Hatt lives on the Mainland with her dalmation dog, which she aptly renamed "Gremlin" following her first visit.
  • Sir Lowham Hatt: Lowham Hatt is the Fat Controller’s fun loving younger brother, and his complete opposite. On his most notable trip to Sodor, Lowham confused poor Thomas by letting him think that he was Sir Topham Hatt, leaving him bewildered at the sudden erratic behaviour of such a respected railwayman and the Controller of the Sodor Railway network – who had also mysteriously grown a moustache over night. All came clear later on when Thomas asked Lowham who he was, and found they had left the Fat Controller and Lady Hatt behind at Maithwaite.
  • Mr. Peregrine Percival: Known by his engines as "The Thin Controller", Mr. Percival is the manager of the Skarloey Railway. He is often seen with his trusty old bicycle around the Transfer Yards, bases of operations where the narrow guage engines meet up with the standard guage engines to exchange goods and passenger traffic.
  • Mrs. Polly Percival: Mr. Percival's wife.
  • Percival Twins: Red-headed fraternal twin (one is male and the other is female) children of Mr. and Mrs. Percival.
  • Miss Jenny Packard: Known as "Miss Jenny" to her machines, she is the friendly Irish woman who owns the Sodor Construction Company and takes responsibility for a number of building projects around the Island. She likes all of her machines to follow the ruels and make sure that they are kept in order. When she is pleased with someone doing a great job, she compliments him/her saying "ye'd make a mother proud".
  • Captain Star: A veteran sailor who owns the Star Tug and Marine Company, he takes great pride in his Tug fleet but he knows that it is important to be hard on them in order to succeed. He is usually very strict if something doesn't go as shipshape as it's supposed to.
  • Captain Zero: Speaking with a Orcadian accent, Captain Zero is Captain Star's business rival and the devious and scheming owner of the Zero Marine Company. He is known to have criminal connections. He is quite bad tempered.
  • Rev. Charles Laxley: The Vicar of Wellsworth, the Reverend is a kind old soul, with love and respect for all of God's creatures. He was the one who saved Trevor from his scrapyard fate, and has given him a new him in his Vicarage Orchard. The Vicar is responsible for holding the Yearly Vicarage Fete, which all the children, not forgetting Edward and Trevor, love the most.
  • Jem Cole: The technical expert on Sodor, he is Trevor's driver and helped restore him to his former glory when the Vicar was coming to see him at the scrapyard. Jem is also responsible for the restoration of various old rolling stock and vehicles - including Elizabeth and an old coach which went on to become the Skarloey Railway's Refreshment coach.
  • Refreshment Lady: There's no guessing what makes the Refreshment Lady so popular with visitors and staff - she travels along the narrow gauge engines' line to the Lakeside Station where she set up a smallshop selling refreshments such as cakes, sweets and drinks. Once in pure impatience, Peter Sam almost left her behind. However, thanks to Peter Sam, she later gained herself a travelling Tea Shop so she can sell her treats from any location on the narrow gauge line.
  • Farmer McColl: A burly mustachioed, hard working farmer, who provides the livestock and farmyard supplies needed around Sodor. He was first met when his baby lambs were stuck on the other side of the mountain during a bad snowstorm and Toby had to help get the vet to the other side and make sure they were all right. He is a good friend of the North Western Railway and calls upon them very often when he needs a favour.
  • Farmer Trotter: A farmer who runs a pig farm and a beehive farm, he's good friends with Thomas and Farmer McColl.
  • Alicia Botti: The World famous Italian Opera singer (a colorutera), who likes to visit Sodor for special occasions. But she wasn't entirely pleased with her first visit when she discovered a mouse in Thomas' coaches and her load scream smashed every window in town. However, she did appear to have an appreciation of steam engines when she saw a very dirty and grubby Percy pull into the docks, remarking he looked like a "proper steam engine".
  • Sodor Brass Band: Whenever the Island of Sodor is celebrating, there is a need for the Brass Band to come along and play their wonderful music. However, their trips to Sodor haven't always run smoothy. At one of their Summer Concerts, Bertie became stuck in mud when taking them to a concert - and they had to be saved by their old pal Edward; Thomas left the Tuba player behind when they were due to play at Lady Hatt's birthday party, and Rusty ran out of diesel fuel while taking them on a tour of the Skarloey Railway before a concert. However, despite these mishaps, they still love coming to Sodor and playing some beautiful tunes to brighten the spirits of any occasion.
  • Duke and Duchess of Boxford: The boastful Spencer's owners, the Duke and Duchess of Boxford use him as their private engine to escort them all across the railway network. They appear to have an affection for the Island, following their first visit they later bought a summer house and became regular visitors, becoming good friends with Sir Topham and Lady Hatt.
  • Rev. Wilbert Awdry: Known as "The Thin Clergyman", Rev. W. Awdry was a thin clergyman, railway enthusiast and children's author.
  • Rev. Edwin "Teddy" Boston: Known as "The Fat Clergyman", Rev. Teddy Boston was the former Rector of the Parish of Cadeby in Leicestershire.
  • Christopher Awdry: The son of the Rev. W. Awdry the Thin Clergyman and original author of the Railway Series.
  • Jeramiah Jobling: When James made a hole in the coaches’ brakepipe, the Driver, Fireman and Guard decided to make a contingency measure by wrapping a pad of newspaper around the hole, tied up firmly with some leather bootlaces. The first person that the Guard noticed had a set of leather bootlaces was Jeramiah Jobling, who was reluctant to hand his laces over, which meant the train was stuck where it stood. Eventually, after pressure from the other passengers, he handed his laces over and the crew were able to secure the brake pipe... and we are unsure to this day if he ever got his laces back...
  • The Policman: While working on the Quarry tramway, Thomas had the misfortune of encountering a particularly overzealous Policeman who took objection to him being there without sideplates and cowcatchers attached. He branded Thomas a ‘regular law breaker’, but it gave the Fat Controller a convenient excuse to buy up Toby to run the Quarry line instead – and give the Policeman a fright when he rang his bell at him. He was soon sent packing when he stupidly put parking tickets on people’s cars during a church service, including that of his own sergeant, who was sick of him quoting laws that were long forgotten in the rule book.
  • Mrs. Kyndley: Mrs Kyndley lives in a lonely cottage near a tunnel on Thomas’s Branch Line. She's a firm friend among the engines who always give her a cheerful whistle as they pass her home, and once saved Thomas from a nasty accident when a landslide blocked his line, by waving a red dressing gown out of her window to warn him. The following Christmas, Thomas and the other engines showed their gratitude to her properly by giving her a special Christmas Party, and braved the elements and odds to make sure she got to celebrate with them!
  • Nancy the Guard's Daughter: Nancy is the daughter of a Guard on the Skarloey Railway, who often helped out on the line doing odd jobs on the railway throughout her youth, such as helping the Refreshment Lady and polishing the engines. Nancy is plucky and cheerful, and knows exactly what to say to stimulate stubborn old engines like Skarloey into wanting to be polished, like good news!
  • Tom Tipper the Postman: Tom Tipper is a postman on the Island of Sodor, who assists Thomas and Percy with delivering the post in his Post Van. Tom has always been great friends with the engines, but has been more so since Percy accidentally ran over the bicycle he was supposed to be using for his post run when his van was taken away. As a result, Tom got a brand new van and a more enjoyable means of delivering the post around Sodor!
  • Old Bailey the Fogman: Old Bailey used to be Station Master of the station by the Lake; but when it closed down years ago, he had taken the job as Fogman so as he can be near the beautiful lake, where it wouldn’t be damaged by people dumping their rubbish near the condemned station building. However, he gave Henry a few spooky scares over the course of two nights, with the best of intentions to keep him and his crew safe. And after saving him from a nasty accident, his old station was reopened and was reappointed back to Station Master once again.
  • Cyril the Fogman: Cyril the Fogman lives at Misty Valley. When fog is about during winter, he puts detonators on the tracks to warn approaching engines for unseen dangers lurking in the mists ahead of them. The Fat Controller thought he knew better by retiring Cyril and replacing him with a modern Railway Foghorn to warn the engines when there was fog ahead. However, the foghorn was more trouble than it was worth, and Cyril's old fashioned warning methods saved the day, and won him back his job as the Fogman!
  • Lord Callan: Lord Callan is Owner of the Callan's Castle overlooking Castle Loch, and also a good friend of Sir Topham Hatt. We first met this gentleman when Donald and Douglas were bringing goods up to his Castle to prepare for his Grand Re-opening. The Scottish Castle has become a popular entertainment venue on the Island since it's reopening with Lord Callan hosting numerous parties and concerts there.
  • Mr. Fergus Duncan: Mr Fergus Duncan is the Small Controller, nicknamed so as he is in charge of the Small Railway at Arlesdale. He was appointed by both the Fat and Thin Controllers to run the line so they could get the supplies of ballast that reside in the hills on his line. And despite his nickname, he is actually taller than the other two Controllers on the Island!
  • Mr. Peter Sam: Mr. Peter Sam is the original Thin Controller who spent all of his working life with the railway before retiring in 1980, allowing his son Roger to step in and innovate the railway by introducing the first new-build steam engine since the original two in the 1860s.
  • Sir Handel Brown: Sir Handel Brown is the owner of the Skarloey Railway. The first Sir Handel Brown kept the Skarloey Railway running with steely determination throughout his ownership, despite the difficulties he was faced with concerning the parlous state of the slate quarries and the railway itself. Similar to the Fat Controller, he was created a Baronet for his ‘Outstanding Public Service’ as the MP for Sodor East in 1937. Sir Handel Brown kept his promise to keep the railway running throughout his lifetime, and his son succeeded him in 1950 to build on the successes that would see the Skarloey Railway thrive once again.

Animal characters

  • The Goat: In a moment of happy abandon, the Fat Controller leaned out of his carriage window to cheer Edward and Henry on as they rescued the Express and brought it home for Gordon. However, in that moment, his hat blew off from his head and landed in a field – where a goat ate it for tea. Needless to say, he wasn’t happy...
  • Bluebell the Cow: The first time we met Bluebell the cow, she had wandered onto the railway line and into Gordon’s path, forcing him to stop halfway along a bridge. She was left feeling upset and lonely when her calf was taken to market to be sold, and would not move from the bridge no matter what Gordon or Henry did to try and shift her. Henry ‘didn’t want to hurt her’ and so backed his train to the station he had come from. Thankfully, the Station Master knew all about it and arranged for Percy to take Bluebell’s calf to her to try and pacify the situation. Quite happy, Bluebell and her calf were led away by the Porter, leaving Gordon and Henry feeling quite silly, having teased Edward previously for not being able to handle cows...!
  • Thomas' Toad: When Thomas was pushed off the rails by some troublesome trucks and into a muddy pond, a little toad sat by the edge of the water and watched him sink on his little pier. However, he seemed keen to keep Thomas company and rode on his buffer beam all the way back to the yard.
  • Dilly the Duck: Dilly the Duck was initially intended to be a retaliation joke for Donald after he teased Duck for ‘quack, quack, quacking’ all night in the shed. However, an emotional attachment grew between the crew, Donald and Dilly herself, who rode in the cab with them and eventually hopped off at the middle station on Duck’s Branch Line where she remained. She is kept very content by the pond nearby to swim in, and always on hand to greet the engines as she comes in. And although christened ‘Dilly’ by a Station Master, she is better known as ‘Donald’s Duck’.
  • James' Bee: There was a fundamental misunderstanding at Tidmouth Station when a Bee Hive was burst open and left its inhabitants exposed to the elements. With nowhere else to go, they decided to cling to James’s warm boiler for heat... but one of the bees burnt its foot and assumed that James did it on purpose. As retaliation, he flew high into the air and stung James right back, giving him a big bright red nose, which some may say would serve him right for calling BoCo a ‘Buzz Box Diesel’ earlier that day!
  • Champion the Bull: Champion the Bull broke away from the Farmer whilst he was trying to load him into a cattle float for Market. Champion trotted away down the road, slipped down a slope and landed by the side of the railway line, where he proceeded to take lunch between the rails. Despite her best efforts, Daisy found Champion to be difficult, if not impossible to shift. Assuming it would only take a simple ‘toot and look him straight in the eye’, she lost her nerve and had to be rescued by Toby, who guided Champion back up the line to the Farmer who finally loaded him into a cattle float. Needless to say, Daisy was not entirely keen on the subject of ‘Bullseyes’ when propositioned with them later on that day...
  • Henry's Elephant: Following a visit from the Circus, a tunnel had become blocked. Henry was sent to clear the blockade with some workmen, and they all got far more than he bargained for when Henry tried to push through. Much to everyone’s surprise, he was promptly pushed back by a large grey elephant who had escaped from the train and decided to rest in the tunnel instead. After pushing him out, the elephant was given cake and water by the workmen, and ‘hooshed’ Henry with water when startled by him.
  • Gremlin the Dog: The Fat Controller had a VIP coming to visit, and issued the engines with strict instructions that she be treated with the utmost respect and attention. She brought a dog with her, who turned out to be quite a handful when he ran out of the station, completely startled by Gordon’s ‘tribute’ whistle to the Fat Controller’s visitor, and even more startled when he was confronted by a large bull in a field he had ran to aimlessly. Luckily though, he managed to get a ride in Thomas’s cab all the way to the Harbour – where it was revealed that the Fat Controller’s VIP was none other than his mother – who was seriously considering changing the dog’s name to ‘Gremlin’!
  • The Maithwaite Ram: Maithwaite Station was in the running for the ‘Best Dressed Station’ competition. However, its chances were very nearly scuppered by the actions of three very naughty boys who came along and vandalised the efforts of the Station Staff. However, it was thanks to the efforts of a very stern ram that they didn’t get away with it. The ram was initially going to be rewarded with a pumpkin, but seemingly preferred the taste of the Fat Controller’s hat instead!
  • Alicia the Mouse: Alicia Botti, the famous Opera Singer, was coming to the Island of Sodor to play a concert at Maron Castle. However, when Thomas was going to collect her, there was a strange squeaking noise coming from Annie, which no-one could account for. They soon found out what it was when they reached Brendam Docks, where Alicia Botti was confronted by the horrifying sight of a little mouse inside the carriage – and refused to ride in Annie – opting instead for Percy. But Thomas didn’t mind, and he and Percy gave their new friend a home at the back of Tidmouth Sheds and a new name – Alicia!
  • Pegasus the Horse: Pegasus was a horse who lived near to Harold’s airfield, named after a mythical flying horse – which Percy thought was quite a joke. However, when Pegasus became stuck in the mud on the way to the Vicar’s Fete, Harold needed to free him in the best way possible – flying him out of the mud and onto the Fete... suddenly, Percy didn’t think a flying horse was such a ridiculous concept after all!
  • Alfie's Kittens: Alfie came to a demolition site one day feeling like a zero... and left that night feeling like a hero! Ridiculed about his size by Max, Monty and the other machines, Alfie didn’t like being small and felt inferior to the other machines. However, when the workmen discovered that there were some kittens trapped inside the building, there was only one machine suitable for the job – Alfie! Alfie scooped the kittens and mother cat up in his bucket and pulled them to safety – proving there’s nothing wrong with being small!
  • Buster's Mole: Poor Buster the Steamroller had nothing to do when the Pack were renovating a Football Ground ahead of the big game. That all changed when some naughty moles dug their way under the ground and made several big holes all across the pitch, leaving it, as Buster so brightly said “Like a big currant bun... only green!” The Moles looked on as Buster went about his work, and were suitably impressed!
  • The Black Loch Seals: James and Emily were quite convinced that strange shapes moving in the water at Black Loch could only mean one thing – a vicious monster that would terrorise the engines. But when a rockslide blocked her path, and Emily was forced to confront the ‘beast’, she was surprised to find that instead of a large terrifying monster, it was simply a family of seals playfully swimming in Black Loch and coming over to say “Hello” to Emily and her passengers.
  • The Golden Eagles: The air was filled with excitement as Bird Watchers came to see a magnificent Golden Eagle on the Island of Sodor. Thomas and Percy were keen to see it too, and Thomas spent most of the day trying to hunt it down with the help of Bertie the Bus – forgetting that poor Percy was doing all the work whilst he was gallivanting around the Island aimlessly. Eventually, Thomas helped Percy back to Tidmouth sheds when he broke down – and they both saw two magnificent Golden Eagles standing proudly above them on the cliffs.
  • Toby's Feathered Friends: When Thomas took it upon himself to help build Toby a brand new roof to keep him dry, he didn’t know one very important thing... Toby liked the roof riddled with holes as it meant his bird friends could fly in and make their nests in the shed ceiling, and he enjoyed the company; his home was their home too. But Thomas found a great way to make it up to his good friend by having the workmen use the wood from his old shed roof to make a bird house that could sit outside Toby’s shed. Now, Toby is delighted with it – his feathered friends can still visit and he can still keep dry.
  • The Sodor Warbler: The Sodor Warbler is a very rare bird, which has only recently returned to the Island, sparking a frenzy among Bird Watchers keen to see it. The Fat Controller arranged for a nesting pole to be delivered to Bluff’s Cove for the Warbler to make its nest on, but Henry was so busy trying to do ‘good deeds’ that he almost forgot to deliver it. But he did one good deed which brought a smile to everyone’s face – he unwittingly gave the Sodor Warbler a ride on his buffer beam all the way to Bluff’s Cove, where he settled down to sleep in his new nest upon his new nesting pole.

North Western Railway (NWR)

Most of the engines on Island of Sodor are a part of the North Western Railway, which is run by Sir Topham Hatt.

  • Thomas - No.1: One of the first engines who helped to build the railway, Thomas began as a cheeky, fussy engine who began life shunting at Vicarstown. He eventually grew bored being stuck in the yard and wanted to see the world, resulting in a few follies like leaving behind his first passenger train and almost having an accident with deliverying some trucks to Wellsworth. Sir Topham Hatt ended up feeling sorry for him, and knew that he was a special little engine. Thomas eventually proved his worth after rescuing James after an accident. As a reward, Sir Topham Hatt gave Thomas his own branchline, which starts from Knapford and ends at Ffarquhar. He enjoys running it as efficiently as he can, with his two coaches Annie & Clarabel, and his friends Percy, Toby, Emily, Rosie, Stanley, Daisy and Mavis. Thomas is based on LB&SCR E2 Billington Tank Engine. He is painted NWR blue with red-and-yellow lining and the number "1" painted on his tank sides in yellow with a red border. He was originally painted LB&SCR brown with yellow lining.
  • Gordon - No.4: Gordon was the original, experimental prototype for Sir Nigel Gresley's LNER A3 Pacifics, and his strength and speed have kept him as the railway's main Express engine since his arrival many years ago. Very proud of his appearance, the big engine can be very boastful at times, which can often land him in all sorts of trouble and awkward situations, such as the time he stalled on a hill not long after his arrival on Sodor. Thankfully, Edward was there to help push, but from that day onward, the hill would be known in legend as "Gordon's Hill". Over the years, Gordon has settled down to be a true asset to Sir Topham Hatt and a good friend to the other engines, always willing to lend a hand when needed and to put his great strength and ability to good use to help others. Based on a rebuilt LNER Gresley Class A3 4-6-2 with LMS Stanier components and Fowler tender, originally LNER Class A0. Gordon is painted NWR blue with red-and-yellow lining and the number "4" painted on his tender sides in yellow. He was originally painted LNER apple green with the number 1469 on his cab.
  • Edward - No.2: Edward is a kind, patient and experienced engine with a heart of gold. Starting out at the Furness Railway, Edward has been with the North Western Railway since the early days, but was sometimes found to be surplus to requirements. All this changed when Edward was given a chance to prove how useful he could be again, and he has been an invaluable member of the Steam Team ever since. However, some engines still believe that because of his age, Edward is not as useful as the others...time and again, he has been delighted to prove them wrong! Edward now runs his own branchline from Wellsworth to Brendam, working alongside BoCo and keeping a watchful eye on Bill & Ben! Based on rebuilt Furness Railway K2/Sharp Stewart "Large Seagull" with Fowler tender. Edward is painted NWR blue with red-and-yellow lining and the number "2" painted on his tender sides in boright yellow with a red border. He was originally painted FR indian red with gold and black lining and the number 34.
  • Henry - No.3: When Henry first arrived on Sodor, he was a cross between Gordon and a nightmare. Underpowered and unreliable, Henry was often ill and caused Sir Topham Hatt a great deal of trouble. The problem was solved in the short-term by giving him special Welsh coal, but when Henry has his accident with the Flying Kipper, it provided Sir Topham Hatt with an opportunity to have Henry rebuilt completely. Henry was sent to Crewe, and rebuilt into an LMS Black 5 with a new shape and a larger firebox. He returned to Sodor a much better and stronger engine, and Sir Topham Hatt was proud of him. Henry still has lapses of illness occasionally, but continues to be a really useful engine and a reliable secondary Express engine for Gordon. Based on LMS Stanier Black 5 4-6-0 with Fowler tender, originally LNER Class Stanier B10 4-6-0. Henry is painted NWR green with red-and-yellow lining and the number "3" painted on his tender sides in yellow. He was originally painted LNER apple green with red lining, and then blue.
  • James - No.5: James is a mixed-traffic engine with a brass dome. When he first came to Sodor, he was painted black and had a dreadful accident with trucks due to useless wooden brake blocks. After being mended, he was given a new red coat which he shows off with pride, and settled down to be Really Useful. He is a very conceited engine, who likes nothing more than to show off his paintwork whilst pulling passengers - but being mixed-traffic he also has his fair share of the goods work and does his best not to let the dirty trucks spoil his coat! Based on L&YR Aspinall Class 27/ Hughes Class 28 2-6-0 hybrid with Fowler tender, originally a 0-6-0. James is painted NWR red with blue-and-yellow lining, black wheels and the number "5" painted in bright yellow with a blue border on his tender sides. He was originally painted black with red lining.
  • Percy - No.6: The often naive junior member of Sir Topham Hatt's engine team, Percy is an Avonside Saddletank Engine who was brought to the North Western Railway when Sir Topham Hatt needed a new shunting engine at Knapford to fetch coaches for the engines. Even from day one Percy was cheeky and proved he was more than a match for the trickery of Gordon, Henry and James. But eventually, the work in the yard became too heavy for him to deal with, and Duck took his place as the station pilot at Knapford. Percy was reassigned to Thomas' branchline to help build Knapford Harbour where Ten Cents and Sunshine sometimes work, and later beame the branchline's main goods engine, shifting trucks from the yards to the junction and harbour. Percy is fun-loving and enjoys playing jokes, which can sometimes get him into trouble. Based on GWR Avonside 0-4-0ST with No.1430 "Trojan" body shape and 1361 Class bunker. Percy is painted NWR green with red-and-yellow lining and a "6" painted on his bunker sides in yellow. He was originally painted bluish-gray with white stripes and black footplate.
  • Duck - No.8: Real name being Montague, Duck was brought in originally to replace Percy as station pilot at Knapford when the workload became too much. Formerling of Paddington, Duck is a GWR Pannier Tank 57xx Class engine who is very proud of being Great Western, and has tried tirelessly to instil this ethos into the minds of his fellow engines - often to their annoyance. But Duck will stand no nonsense from anyone, be it trucks, coaches or engines and throughout his time as the Knapford station pilot, he had the yard running like clockwork. Eventually, his hard work merited him the chance to run his own branchline which runs from Tidmouth to Arlesburgh. He now works this line with the help of Donald, Douglas, and Oliver, a fellow Great Western engine. Based on GWR 57xx Class 0-6-0 pannier tank with added sand boxes. Duck is painted in a GWR green livery with yellow lining, black wheels, splashers and pipes, the letters "GWR" written on his pannier tanks in yellow and red, a gold brass safety valve cover and a yellow "8" painted on each side of his cab upon a black background with a yellow stripe around. He originally carried a brass GWR numberplate on his cab sides (5741)
  • Devious Diesel - No. 13046: Called by what he is, Diesel is a deceiving, scheming character, who was brought "on trial" to work in the yard. However, when Duck tried to show him around, Diesel took no notice of his advice and ended up embarrassing himself when he moved the wrong trucks. This lead to endless teasing from the trucks, and made Diesel angry, thinking that Duck made them laugh at him. He began causing trouble between Duck and the other engines by telling lies, but was eventually found out by the Fat Controller and sent packing. However, in spite of this, he still charters from Sodor to the Mainland acting as a "spare" engine for heavier work, much to the annoyance of the Sudrian Engines! Diesel is based on BR Class 08 shunter. He is painted in a BR black livery used for shunting engines in the 1950s.
  • Donald & Douglas - Nos. 9 & 10: When Sir Topham Hatt order a Caledonian Goods engine from Scotland, he never quite expected to find two arriving on his railway as opposed to one. He has ordered No.57646, however, the twin - 57467, also arrived as well. The two refused to tell which was which and left Sir Topham Hatt with the dilemma of choosing between them. He soon found they both performed equally as good as one another, albiet with both of them running into some kind bother or another! But after their performance in the snow in the midsts of a bad winter, he decided to keep them both (which proved a wise choice), and give them each a new coat of blue paintwork. Donald & Douglas are very strong personalities and are the mainstay of the goods work on the NWR. Based on Caledonian Railway 812 Class 0-6-0. Donald and Douglas are painted NWR blue with red-and-yellow lining and the numbers "9" and "10" painted on their tender sides in bright yellow with red borders, respectively. They were originally painted CR blue, then LMS black and later BR black with red and white lining.
  • Daisy - No.D1: When Thomas had an accident, Daisy was brought in to help Percy and Toby run the branchline. But she proved to be troublesome; stuck-up, lazy and stubborn, and only did whatever work she chose. Sir Topham Hatt threatened to send her packing until Percy had his predicament, leaving Toby and Daisy to run the branchline by themselves. And after Toby put in a good word for her, she was allowed to stay. Being a Metro-Cammell DMU Class 101/102, Daisy helps Thomas with the passengers and sometimes takes the milk or looks after Henrietta for Toby. But to be fair, although still flouncy, she's a really sweet engine and takes a liking for Mavis especially. Based on BR Class 101 unit, but is a one-off, being a single railcar (akin to the Class 121 'bubble cars'), with a driving cab at each end. Although normally considered to be a Class 101, Daisy is always depicted with the distinctive valances around the buffer beams that distinguishes the earlier 'light-weight' prototype units made by Metro-Cammell. Daisy is painted in a BR green livery with yellow lining, similar to the livery of the British Railways DMUs in the 1960s. She wears makeup, including eyelashes, red lipstick, blush and blue eyeshadow.
  • BoCo - No.D2: BoCo first arrived on Sodor as a visitor and had the misfortune to encounter Bill & Ben, who mistook him for a thieving "Diseasel", causing him great confusion. But after having proved to being Really Useful during his stay, Sir Topham Hatt welcomed him as "one of the family". BoCo lives at Wellsworth and helps Edward run his branchline, but he is always welcomed anywhere. He's a kind natured Metrovick Class 28 Type 2 diesel with a sense of humor, which makes handling Bill & Ben much easier over the years! Sadly, BoCo is one of the only members of his class left, the other undergoing a long-term restoration at the East Lancashire Railway. Based on BR Class 28, Metropolitan Vickers Diesel Electric Type 2. BoCo is painted in a BR green livery used in the 1960s with yellow warning panels.
  • Bear - No.D3: Bear is an engine who came from the Mainland along with Diesel 199 for a loan period. He did not approve of his companion's comments toward the steamies they were staying with and duly told him so. During a run with the Express, in which ironically both diesels failed and had to be brought home by Murdoch, Bear struck up a friendship with the big orange engine and won a second chance with Sir Topham Hatt. Bear is now a member of the Sodor Railway and works on the mainline. Based on a British Rail Class 35, Hymek. Painted in the BR's green livery with a narrow band of lime along the bottom of the sides with cream window surrounds and yellow warning panels. When he first arrived on Sodor, he wore the B.R. "Rail Blue" livery with yellow warning panels.
  • Oliver - No.11: Oliver came to Sodor in a way very different to the rest of the engines. His sympathetic crew chose to break away with him and give him the chance of a new life, as opposed to one last gasp with the cutter's torch. After making a daring escape, they were soon stopped dead in their tracks when they ran out of coal and couldn't make more steam. All looked set to be lost until they met Douglas who was doing the late night goods train to the British Railway. He saved Oliver and brought him to the NWR, where he now works on Duck's branchline. He has learnt much from his early days when he was pushed into the turntable well by unruly ballast trucks, and provided to be a useful GWR 14xx Tank engine! Based on GWR 14xx class 0-4-2T. Oliver is painted in a GWR green livery with yellow lining, green lining and the number "11" painted on his cab sides in yellow. He originally carried the a brass GWR numberplate on his cab side. His paint had faded by the time he was rescued, leaving him a rusty-red colour. After his rescue, he was repainted green and has remained so since.
  • Pip & Emma - Nos. D6 & D7: Philippa (or Pip for short) and Emma are an Intercity High Speed train who were brought to stand in for Gordon when he took a special to the Mainland. Although they suffered problems when they tried to help, the other engines took an instand liking to their kindness they recieved from them. Sir Topham Hatt has decided to buy Pip and Emma and use them for work on his railway to allow for a faster service on Express trains. Spencer is dreadfully jealous of them because they go faster than his class - 148 m/ph. Pip and Emma are based on the British Rail Class 43 (HST). They are painted in the original InterCity 125 livery of yellow and blue.
  • Eagle - No.28: Eagle is a wise old red L&YR Class 25 tender engine who works around Normanby Beach with Molly, Neville, Dennis and another engine named Hunter.
  • Wendell - No.D5: Wendell is a Blue BR Class 47 Diesel that works at Crovan’s Gate and occasionally does odd jobs around the Railway. Wendell is friendly and impossible not to like. James originally did not like any Diesel on the island of Sodor (save for BoCo and Bear) but after James broke down due to a failed injector. With his charismatic persona, he wiped out James’ dislike of Diesel’s forever.
  • Emily - No.12: Emily is a beautiful GNR Stirling Single engine, brought to Sodor to help with passenger duties. She is one of several female steam engines residing on Sodor and works well. But sometimes, Emily tends to become a "bossy buffers", as she tries to help her friends by correcting their mistakes and encouraging them to improve. Even so, she is a real "sweetie" and has her own two coaches, which she delights in carrying passengers in them. Based on GNR Stirling Single 4-2-2. Emily is painted in a GNR emerald livery with gold lining and chocolate running-boards. She is later repainted NWR emerald green with red lining.
  • Arthur - No.52: Being an LMS Ivatt 3MT, Arthur is the largest tank engine on Sodor, bought from the LMS to shunt trucks and haul goods. He was famous for his "Spotless Record" for not having been in trouble or made a mess. This made Thomas jealous and forced him to play a disasterous trick resulting in Arthur having an accident and spoiling his record. But he soon left his past behind and continues to work hard in a no-nonsense manner. He is now in charge of the Fishing route by a coastal village, where the glorious smell of fish hangs in the air for him to enjoy! Based on LMS Ivatt Class 2MT 2-6-2T. Arthur is painted LMS burgundy with gold lining and "LMS" on his side in yellow. He was originally painted BR black with red stripes.
  • Murdoch - No.49: Being a BR Standard 9F, Murdoch is one of the largest engines on Sodor, and was brought to Sodor to pull heavy goods trains for long distances. Despite his size, he's actually a gentle giant and much prefers some peace & quiet without the hustle and bustle of the yards - and there is no better place for him than a run through the countryside. However, he has learned from previous experience that being in the company of chatterbox engines can often be far better than the baa-ing of sheep, which he once found to be too much for him to bear! Based on BR Riddles 9F 2-10-0. Murdoch is painted NWR orange with green and red lining, and smoke deflectors, on which he wears red nameplates with gold lettering. He was originally painted BR Brunswick green with orange stripes.
  • Lady: Lady is a special engine who works high up in the hills of Sodor. She was the second engine, after Hiro, to arrive on the island, earning her the nickname "Princess of the Railway". She has been known to help Thomas and his friends when there was no other engines to turn to. Based on LORC "Lively Polly" 0-4-0WT modified. Lady is painted reddish-violet with gold head lamps on the front pootplate, gold buffers, smokebox and funnel top, dome and whistle, side rods, lining, and her name on each side in gold, and black footplate, cab roof, lower funnel section.
  • Molly - No.23: Molly is a yellow Great Eastern Claud Hamilton steam engine who has been brought by Sir Topham Hatt to pull empty trucks to the coaling plant. Some of the other engines teased her about that, she didn't feel her job was important enough, and this made her sad. Thomas tried to cheer her up by making everyone think that she had an important train to pull, but at the last minute everthing went wrong. In the end, Molly realised how important her job really was, and she knows now that pulling empty trucks can be just as important as pulling full ones. Based on LNER Claud Hamilton D15 4-4-0. Molly is painted NWR bright yellow with grey, brown and red lining. Molly was originally painted GER royal blue (from 1903-1923), then LNER apple green (from 1923-1939), War-time black (1939-1945), BR mixed-traffic black (from 1948-1952), and later apple green with red lining and black wheels (from 1953-2005).
  • Neville - No.33010: Poor old Neville fell victim to a series of "Chinese Whispers" which were spread among the engines, resulting in Emily thinking he was going to bump all the steam engines. He looks a lot like a diesel, when he is in fact a Southern Railway Q1 steam engine, and a lot of the other engines didn't like him at first. But once Neville's true personality was allowed to shine through in spite of the rumors, the others knew he was a really useful and kind engine after all! Based on SR Bulleid Q1 0-6-0. Neville is painted in the BR plain unlined black livery with the number 33010.
  • Dennis - No.11001: Dennis is a very lazy Bulleid Diesel who tries to take advantage of others and depend on them to do his work. When he first arrived, he tried to trick Thomas into giving up his afternoon off to help the lazy diesel. Dennis will always create excuses to get out of work, but usually gets caught in his lies, and is always very sorry...until he finds another oppurtunity to get out of work again! Eventually Sir Topham Hatt got fed up with Dennis' laziness, so he demoted him to be the shunter at Knapford much to the delight of the mainline engines. Based on BR 11001. Dennis is painted light grey with dark gray wheels and a red bufferbeam.
  • Rosie - No.45: Rosie is a friendly little Southern Railway USA Class "Dock Tank" engine who idolises Thomas, and wants to be just like him. And although once, he was keen to get away from her, Rosie proved her worth by coming to the rescue and helping him when he ran into a landslide! Rosie is plucky and determined to do work that the bigger engines think she cannot. While trying to help Emily with the Funfair special, she ended up taking half of the train and losing the trucks when she strained the couplings. But, she knows the importance of being really useful and despite being young and inexperienced, she always tries to learn from her mistakes. Rosie is painted lavender with grey tank panels, gold boiler bands and red detailing on her wheels and metalwork.
  • Stanley - No.31: Stanley is a Hudswell Clarke/Kitson hybrid engine who was brought to Sodor to help during the reconstruction of Great Waterton, and soon became very popular among the engines. At first, Thomas was jealous, but he soon found that Stanley is a hard working, friendly, determined and resourceful engine who will do his utmost to help his friends out of jams and tricky situations, and that's what makes him so likable. Stanley is painted silver all over with red wheels and lining. He has a red running plate with a dark grey basecoat, and his name on each side of his saddletank.
  • Hank - No.1361: Hank is a big, bold Pennsylvania Railroad K4 blue engine from the United States of America, and is easily the biggest engine ever to tread wheel on Sodor. Hank means well in his manner and is always willing to help the smaller engines with their duties, as shown when he first arrived and had to help Thomas out when the plucky little tank engine took on more than he could handle. Hank is painted dark blue with red wheels, a red cowcatcher and red lining.
  • Charlie - No.14: Charlie is a Manning Wardle L Class tank engine that is well known on the mainland for being the most fun engine ever, and is the favorite engine of the mainland controller. He came to Sodor to help Sir Topham Hatt, and had heard that Thomas was even more fun than he was. But after his first day on Sodor, Thomas and the other engines taught Charlie that work has to come before play if you want to be a really useful engine. So while Charlie is still a fun loving scamp eager for play, he knows also that working hard is more important than "playing" hard. Often does deliverys for the Melon Produce Company. Charlie is painted purple with gold and light purple trim and red wheels; he has the number fourteen painted in gold on his sides.

Sodor Tramways

  • Toby - No.7: Toby is a GER Wisbech Steam Tram J70 who was brought to Sodor following the closure of his own line back in East Anglia. He had had little work there following the aquisition of most of his work by the lorries and buses, but by lucky coincidence, was by a Stout Gentleman (Sir Topham Hatt) and his family who were on holiday in his part of the world and who eventually bought him to solve a problem on his own Railway. Toby has proved useful for the purpose of running on Thomas' branchline. He is one of only two engines allowed to run to the Quarry at Anophia (the other being Mavis) and often takes workmen's trains down to the harbour at Knapford. Toby is painted NWR chocolate-brown with olive frames, blue sideplates and grey cowcatchers. Toby has a number "7" painted on his sides in bright yellow with a red border.
  • Flora - No.46: Flora is a cheerful and attentive little Moseley Road Tramway Steam Tram who has been brought to help work on the new Great Waterton Tramway, working alongside Toby as Sodor's other steam tram. When Flora first arrived on Sodor, she helped Toby lead the first annual Great Waterton parade with the other engiens, and recieved her very own special green Tram Car to perform her passenger duties. Flora is painted bright yellow with green and white lining, red cowcatchers and sideplates and green boards on her roof reading "Sodor Tramways".

Sodor China Clay Company

  • Bill & Ben - Nos. 1 & 2: Bill & Ben are two Bagnall Saddletank twin engiens. Completely identical, they work at the China Clay pits near Brendam Docks on Edward's branchline, pulling their loads for the main line engines and ships in the harbours. They are a mischievous pair, who love playing jokes and teasing the other engines - especially Gordon. The twins are also frequently used in other quarries across Sodor, often found working with Mavis, and have been used to shunt in the docks when needed. Bill and Ben are painted orange-golden-yellow with red lining. Bill and Ben both have brown nameplates with yellow writing, "SCC" written on both sides in yellow and "Brendam Bay" on the front of their saddle tanks. They have number plates reading 1 and 2 respectively above both the back of their cabs and their faces.
  • Derek - No.D8: Sir Topham Hatt had decided to bring in another diesel to help Bill, Ben and BoCo at the China Clay quarry. However he didn't bargain for Derek! Derek is a kind, jolly sort of chap, but his locomotive type, BR Class 17 Paxman, has a design flaw, causing him to suffer dearly from teething troubles and constant breakdowns, and spends many a day at the Dieselworks. Despite they dislike for most diesels, Bill & Ben eventually felt sorry for him for trying to help out. Derek is painted in the British Railway's green livery with yellow warning panels.

Ffarquhar Quarry Company

  • Mavis - No.1: Mavis was first brought to shunt trucks at Ffarquhar Quarry. Her wheels are hidden by cowcatchers and sideplates like Toby's. But being a young BR Class 04 she was full of her own ideas, and caused Toby many a headache by constantly rearranging his trucks and ignoring his advice. But an unfortunate accident soon provided a chance to help Mavis see sense. Her plans to go further down the line by asking the trucks to bump her also went awry, leaving Toby stranded on a collapsing bridge when they bumped him instead! After a daring rescue, Mavis was given permission by Sir Topham Hatt and the Quarry Manager to go down the line to the yards with trucks, and with help from Toby she settled down and became a more mature engine. Mavis is now a shining example to all of the other engines, and often helps provide guidance when needed. Mavis is painted black with hazard stripes on her front and rear. She has her name and "The Ffarquhar Quarry Co. Ltd." written on both sides in white.

Sodor Shipping Company

  • Big Mickey: Brendam Dock's biggest crane, Big Mickey was once stationed at the Steelworks' wharf for loading and unloading when the Star Tugs and Zed-Stacks were competing for the Sodor Steel Company contract. Later transferred to the Munitions Wharf to load the naval tramper Kraka-Toa before finally being moved to work alongside Cranky.
  • Cranky: Brendam Dock's second biggest crane. Cranky is painted olive with black and brown pulleys amongst his mechanism and two work plates on each side that read "CRANKY".
  • Salty - No.2991: Salty is an old BR Class 07 diesel who has travelled the world and seen many amazing sights. He works hard and seldom complains, and he always entertains the engines with his endless amounts of stories and tales from the places he has visited. He is also known for keeping the trucks in order by singing sea shanties as they work! Salty has a big heart and always comes to the aid of any engine. Salty is painted crimson with pink warning stripes along his body, wasp stripes on his front and rear and yellow buffer beams with signs of rust. At the top of his forehead, he has the rim of a skipper's hat.

Sodor Cement Works

  • Fergus - No.48: Fergus has been working on Sodor for some time but has never really been noticed from having spent many of his years at the Cement Works. He is known to be a strict Aveling & Porter 2-2-0WT engine, knowing every rule and regulation by heart, and is constantly nagging the other engines to "Do it Right!" if they ever did wrong. But he is a kind engine as well, and prefers working with sensible engines who complete their jobs without fuss. Fergus is painted navy with gold boiler bands and red wheels.

Municipal Garbage Corporation

  • Whiff - No.66: Whiff is a kind hearted, but nevertheless naive little engine from the North Eastern Railway who often takes on some of the dirtier jobs on Sodor, which commonly involves taking the refuse to the dump at the Municipal Garbage Corporation. When Whiff first arrived on Sodor, some of the other engines thought his untidy and grubby appearance to be a great joke, but Whiff more than proved to them that looking splendid is no substitute for being a really useful and hard working engine! Nowadays, Whiff can be found shunting trucks at the Municipal Garbage Corporation with his friend Scruff, and often helped out by Warrior and Lord Stinker. Whiff is painted in a dark green livery with black and gold stripes and green wheels. He wears large spectacles on his smokebox.
  • Scruff - No.77: Scruff is a boxy Sentinel 100 HP "BE Type" chain-driven vertical-boiler industrial strength steam engine. He was brought to Sodor to work at Whiff's Waste Dump. He hates being cleaned and, when Thomas once tried to have him cleaned, he ran away and hid in a siding until he was coaxed out with the promise of being allowed to shunt rubbish trucks. He once had to go to the Sodor Steamworks to have his "scruncher" mended, and later that day, he helped Gordon tidy up the waste dump before the Inspector arrived. Scruff is painted lime green with dark green stripes. He has gold name plates on either side of his tanks.

Misty Island Logging Camp

  • Bash & Dash - Nos. 43 & 44: Bash & Dash are the mischievous Logging Loco Twins, who know each other so well that they often finish one another's sentences. They were sent to Misty Island along with Ferdinand for not behaving and being really useful whilst working on the mainland, and because the engines have no rules to abide by on Misty Island, they live for fun and play. Very little work was done until Thomas landed there, and taught the twins that being really useful can be fun too. Now, they all work very hard with Ferdinand to please Sir Topham Hatt. Bash's boiler, wheels, and lining are painted grey, his cab and dome are painted yellow, while Dash's boiler, wheels, and lining are painted yellow, his cab and dome are painted grey. They both have a semi-circular symbol depicting three yellow trees with two brown axes crossing each other on the right sides of their cabs.
  • Ferdinand - No.42: Ferdinand is the biggest and most senior member of the Misty Island Logging Locos. He's a gentle giant Climax C Logging Locomotive with a big heart, who can make special tweeting noises with his whistle. But despite being the oldest and the biggest of the Logging Locos, he will quite often let the younger and more boisterous Bash & Dash take the lead in most situations. A quiet old engine, he doesn't say much, and quite often will be heard saying "That's right!" Ferdinand is painted teal with grey lining. He has a semi-circular symbol depicting three yellow trees with two brown axes crossing each other on both sides of his cab and tender
  • Ol' Wheezy: Ol' Wheezy is the biggest wooden logging crane in the logging camp, but is dangerous and reckless; he tends to throw logs and flatbeds instead of working properly. Bash, Dash, and Ferdinand find it amusing and even fun, but Thomas found Ol' Wheezy too frustrating to work with, making him search for other equipment to use instead.
  • Hee-Haw: Hee-Haw is a steam donkey on Misty Island. When Thomas refuses to work with Ol' Wheezy, he has Hee-Haw put to use to move the Jobi wood. The Logging Locos try to tell Thomas not to use Hee-Haw as he uses a lot of oil, which they need to run.

Sodor Dieselworks

  • Diesel 10 - No.D10: Diesel 10 is a deceiving, scheming character who likes to make trouble for some of the engines on Sodor. He is a large, powerful BR Class 42 Warship diesel with a hydraulic crane arm on his roof with a large heavy metal claw attached. The villain of the piece and a nasty piece of work. Diesel 10's main ambition is to destroy Lady and dominate the Sodor Railway and the steam engines, with the help of his faithful claw - "Pinchy". However, his attempts to take over are constantly outdone when he's threatened with sugar in his tank and loses Mr Conductor and throws him several miles away! Not to mention the self-inflicted injuries with the coal hopper and a roof falling in on him! As well as being outdone finally by Thomas and Lady, and falling several feet into a barge full of sludge in his final attempt - some engines have no luck at all! Diesel 10 is painted rusty brownish-olive green with yellow-tan stripes, covered in oil stains and a brown-grey claw.
  • 'Arry & Bert - Nos. D7 & D8: 'Arry & Bert are as devious and spiteful as Diesel 10 himself. They are BR Class 08 diesel shunters who believe that all steam engines are smelly and useless and should be scrapped. But as they can't get away with that under Sir Topham Hatt's watchful eye, they just have to put up with teasing them instead! 'Arry and Bert are painted green-grey with yellow hazard stripes on their fronts and rears and yellow cabs. They have "Sodor Ironworks" written on their sides in white.
  • Den & Dart - Nos. D12 & D13: Den and Dart are two diesel engines who work at the Sodor Dieselworks. Den is a stately engine who tends to over-think, while Dart is rather clumsy. Dart is painted yellow and red with white lining and the Sodor Dieselworks logo on the sides of his cab.

NWR Rolling Stock

  • Troublesome Trucks: The "Rascals of the Railway", the Troublesome Trucks come in all shapes, sizes and types, and love to cause grief and despair for whichever engine has to take them out. They have been known to cause constant accidentts if their engine is careless and annoy them most by singing rude songs, loud and long! Only the most experienced and strongest of engines can keep them in order and they are quick not to fool with those who do!
  • Annie & Clarabel: Annie & Clarabel are Thomas' faithful coaches, given to him to carry passengers on his branchline. Annie is the oldest of the two. She can only carry passengers and travels nearest to Thomas, while Clarabel carries passengers, luggage and the conductor. Both are quite old, but they and Thomas have a good friendship and often act as voices of reason whenever Thomas gets worried or above himself. Annie and Clarabel are painted maroon with a yellow stripe and their names written in white on their sides.
  • Henrietta: Henrietta is Toby's coach and faithful companion. Toby is attached to her and can tell how she is feeling. Henrietta was very lucky to live on Sodor with Toby when their old line closed, and was glad to miss being made into a henhouse! Henrietta is painted orange with brown cabin and red bufferbeam.
  • Isabel & Toad: Isabel & Toad escaped from scrap along with Oliver. The three of them are very good friends as Isabel carries passengers and uses her bell to talk to Oliver if something is wrong, while Toad helps to keep Oliver's trucks in order. Both are known to be very pleasant and arguably protective over Oliver's best interests, particularly when he finds himself running into trouble! Toad is an elderly brakevan who has much respect for all engines, referring to them as "Mister" or "Miss", as he does so when speaking to "Mr. Oliver". Isabel is painted in the Great Western's chocolate-brown and cream livery, while Toad is painted grey with "GW 56831" and "20 tons" written on the side in white.
  • Dulcie: Dulcie is Oliver's other autocoach who was rescued by Sir Topham Hatt, and given to Oliver, along with Isabel.
  • Alice & Mirabel: Alice and Mirabel are two red/cream Express Coaches pulled by Duck on his branchline. They were rescued from scrap by Sir Topham Hatt and given to Duck to use on the Little Western.
  • Old Slowcoach: Old Slowcoach was a wonderful Luxury Coach in the old days. She would travel on fine Great Western/Victorian lines then, but as time went on she was soon branded as Old Fashioned and spent most of her lonely years in a scrap yard, waiting for her fate. But luckily, Thomas and Percy discovered her and had her restored to her natural beauty, where she is still useful around Sodor - as a special coach which Gordon brings for Thomas at 3:30 pm. Old Slow Coach is painted in the Great Western's chocolate and cream livery.
  • Martha and Jennifer: These six-wheeled green-and-cream coaches were given to Emily after she saved Oliver and Toad from being in an accident after stranding on the cross points.
  • Hector: Hector is one of the biggest and most modern trucks on the NWR. When he first arrived, he was one of the most fearsome and terrifying trucks that the engines had ever encountered. Thomas soon found that Hector never meant to scare anyone, but that he was actually scared of being filled with coal for the first time. Now Hector is as useful as can be, and is no longer afraid of trying new things! Hector is painted black with "HECTOR" painted on both sides in white.
  • Victoria: Victoria once worked on the Furness Railway with another coach called Helena, and an engine called Albert. However, when she was taken out of service, she was later made into a garden shed and found her way on to the Island of Sodor. It was there that Thomas found her, and suggested the Fat Controller restore her to help Toby and Henrietta to transport Quarry Workers. Victoria now runs in full Furness Railway colours and is really useful again!
  • Elsie: Elsie is a small luggage van pulled by Toby. After his tramway closed, Elsie was brought with Toby and Henrietta to the North Western Railway. Elsie is usually used by them but she is very useful.
  • S.C.Ruffey: S.C.Ruffey acts as the leader of the trucks. Although looking past his prime, this old wagon still has some tricks up his sleeve, teaching the younger trucks how to be troublesome and irritating! Like the Spiteful Brakevan, he liked to cause trouble for the engines, this time around Oliver, who had landed in the turntable well, which Scruffey enjoyed teasing him about. Toad the brake van had a plan that soon put him in his place, and Oliver (accidentally of course!) hauled him to pieces when trying to move a heavy goods train! He was rebuilt, and has since learnt his lesson.
  • The Spiteful Breakvan: This spiteful Brake Van took pleasure in Douglas's misfortune and launched a vendetta against him to have him sent back to Scotland. He was soon put in his place by Donald, and behaved better for a while, until he had another chance for mischief, this time with James as his victim. It was his ultimate undoing when he forced the trucks to hold back, and causing Douglas, pushing from behind, to smash him to pieces...with no chance of repatriation, thank goodness!
  • The Breakdown Train: We were first made aware of the Breakdown Train when Thomas used it to rescue James from an accident in a field on his first day. It consists of a Workman’s coach, some flat trucks and two large cranes, built to carry engines, coaches and trucks - very useful whenever they are required to rescue a derailed train or engine. Also been seen frequently when maintenance work is needed on the railway.

Skarloey Railway

  • Skarloey & Rheneas - Nos. 1 & 2: Skarloey - a Fletcher-Jennings Class C saddletank - and his brother Rheneas - a Fletcher-Jennings Class Bb tank - are the oldest engines on the Skarloey Railway both built in 1865, and approaching 150 years old like their brothers Talyllyn and Dolgoch on the Talyllyn Railway within the next decade! Skarloey maybe old and tires out easily, but he always helps his friends and nevers stands for any nonsense whatsoever. He is a great with Edward, who used to bring passengers to travel on Skarloey and Rheneas' trains years ago. This little old engine has great respect for all railway staff and knows the importance of passengers being their "coal and water" to heep their wheels running. Rheneas is a real "Gallant Little Engine". Many years ago, he helped to keep the railway open by bringing his passengers home on one cylinder. As a reward, he was sent away for repairs and was warmly welcomed back 7 years later. A brave, daring little engine, Rheneas has always brought his train on time and never gives up the fight. Skarloey is painted in the Skarloey Railway's red livery and blue-and-yellow lining with his name painted in gold on his saddletank, while Rheneas is painted vermilion with blue and yellow lining.
  • Sir Handel - No.3: Being a Hughes "Falcon" saddletank and formerly named "Falcon", Sir Handel worked Duke's old line and, like Peter Sam, was kept in his place by Duke. Despite being one of the more elderly engiens on the Skarloey Railway, he is rater "highly sprung", believing only what he thinks is right, and his bad temper normally ends him up in trouble. He was eventually sent to work in the slate quarry out the way where he came back a better engine...but he still shows traits of his previous behavior now and again! Sir Handel is painted blue with red and yellow lining.
  • Peter Sam - No.4: Formerly named "Stuart", Peter Sam is a busy, bustling little Kerr Stuart "Tattoo" engine, who enjoys hard work and hardly grumbles. He was taught by Duke and has great respect for him. Although susceptible at times, he's a kind engine and always proves his worth by being a happy little worker. But life wasn't perfect for Peter Sam - following an accident with slate trucks, his funnel became damaged and wobbly; during winter, it broke off altogether thanks to an icicle in a tunnel. But luckily, he was given a "Special Funnel", which helps him work harder than ever. Peter Sam is painted in a dark green livery with red and yellow lining.
  • Rusty - No.5: Rusty is a little Ruston-Hornsby Diesel engine, who was brought to help when Skarloey was sent for repairs. A friendly worker, he is constantly working up and down the line, repairing all the tracks, bridges and tunnels along the Skarloey Railway, keeping in generally maintained. Although sometimes given hassle by Duncan for being a diesel, Rusty's good nature often shrugs it off. Simply loves adventures and a true friend for life. Rusty is painted orange with yellow lining and white lettering.
  • Duncan - No.6: Duncan was brought as a spare engine after Peter Sam's accident. He keeps busy and means well, but can be bouncy and rude, gruff in his attitude. He enjoys nothing more than doing his Rock 'n' Roll, which sometimes leads to his undoing, and hates not having a polish or being overworked. Overall, Duncan is a kind Andrew Barclay tank engine who is a little misguided and misunderstood. Duncan is painted amber with black and gold lining.
  • Ivo Hugh - No.7: Ivo Hugh was built by the Skarloey Railway to help out with the additional traffic that has come to the line over the years. He was named after the Chief Engineer of the Maintenance Crew, Mr Hugh, who thought it a great honour to have an engine named after him. Not much is known of his personality of the new engine as he only featured on the last page of the last book of the Railway Series thus far to feature the Skarloey Railway.
  • Duke - No.8: Duke is the oldest of the Skayloey engines (older than Skarloey and Rheneas even!), a George England Saddletank-tender engine built at the Boston Lodge works on the Ffestiniog Railway. He used to work on the Mid Sodor Railway with Stuart (Peter Sam) and Falcon (Sir Handel). But when their line closed, Duke was locked away in a shed and remained there long after his shed was hidden from view by trees and bushes. He was restored, however, 25 years later by travellers who rescued him and brought him to his new home. The other engines are fond of Duke and his tales of "His Grace" (the Duke of Sodor) - his insight and knowledge make him very wise indeed, despite sometimes mentioned by his nickname, "Granpuff". And whenever the other engiens do that he thinks is wrong he can be heard to remark, "That would never suit His Grace!" Duke is painted dark brown with red and yellow lining, and he has two red plaques on either side of his saddletank with his name written in gold.
  • Fred - No.9: Fred is a Hunslet Engine Co. 0-4-0 Diesel who arrived on the Skarloey Railway in 1989 from the National Coal Board as a secondary Diesel locomotive. He is a hybrid of the best parts of two machines, with a maximum speed of 9MPH and used exclusively for engineering work on the Railway.
  • Mighty Mac: Mighty Mac are a Ffestiniog Double-Fairlie locomotive on the Skarloey Railway, with two boilers and two personalities! Mighty is the older of the two, while Max is the younger and more insensible end! When they arrived on the railway, neither end were able to agree on which way to go when taking passengers into the mountains, both have since learnt sense and have agreed to work together in future. Mighty Mac is painted royal blue with gold and orange lining.
  • "Fearless" Freddie - No.7: Fearless Freddie is a Hunslet engine who has spent a great deal of time away from Sodor, and was once the fastest engine in the hills. But in his old age, Freddie soon discovers that he's not as fit and fast as he once was. But nonetheless, he's still knowledgable! Freddie is caring and friendly, and will always do his best for his friends, such as the times he looked out for a new bell for Mr. Percival's new bicycle, and when he tried to organise the Christmas Party at the Wharf for Colin. Freddie is painted grey with black and red lining, and a brass dome. He has black nameplates and numberplates with gold writing.

SR Rolling Stock

  • Agnes, Ruth, Lucy, Jemima & Beatrice: Agnes, Ruth, Lucy and Jemima are coaches on the Skarloey Railway, whilst Beatrice is a guard's van. They are all named after Sir Handel Brown's daughters (with exception to Jemima). The coaches like all the engines, Sir Handel least of all for referring to them as "cattle trucks". They also were mistrustful of Skarloey at first for being bouncy. Agnes is a deep-voiced first-class carriage who looks down on the others, who are third-class. Agnes appears to be the leader of the five. All four coaches look down on Beatrice, and claim that she "smells of fish and cheese". Beatrice is, however, very useful. She has a ticket booth and an emergency buzzer, and sometimes even carries passengers when the coaches are full. Agnes, Ruth, Lucy and Jemima are painted blue with cream windows. Beatrice is painted all blue.
  • Cora: Cora is a grey guard's van who came from the Mid Sodor Railway while Skarloey was away. She is used for maintenance and goods trains.
  • Ada, Jane, and Mabel: Ada, Jane, and Mabel are three yellow and green open carriages who where built for the Skarloey Railway while Skarloey was away. Ada, Jane, and Mabel are used for tourist traffic when it is sunny. Sir Handel first considered the coaches trucks because they had no roofs. When a documentary was made about the Skarloey Railway, the three had the honour of carrying the television equipment and cameras. They were later used for the same purpose when a documentary was made about Skarloey and Rheneas' hundredth birthday.
  • Gertrude and Millicent: Gertrude and Millicent are two red coaches which the Skarloey Railway built while Skarloey was being mended. They run on bogies, which led Sir Handel to consider them the only "proper" coaches on the Skarloey Railway.
  • Slate Trucks: Slate trucks are the Skarloey Railway's main type of truck. Besides carrying slate, they have been known to carry broken branches and sheep.


  • Madge: Madge works in the hills of Sodor for the Skarloey Railway, doing jobs that the railway can't reach. She is of sorts a motherly figure to the narrow gauge engines and always puts the wants and needs of others before her own, which can sometimes lead to trouble for herself - whether it be her getting covered in mud after making sure Skarloey and Rheneas are clean and shiny, or teetering over the edge of a cliff when she goes fast when delivering Duncan to the Transfer Yards! All the same, a loveable and warm character who is a friend to all the narrow gauge engines! Madge is mostly green along her trailer and the bottom half of her cab, whilst the top half of her cab and her headlights are cream.
  • Colin: Colin the Wharf Crane works with the narrow gauge engines unloading barges for them to take into the high hills of Sodor from the canal. Colin is fixed in place, and sometimes as a consequence of this, he feels lonely and left out of important or special events that are taking place away from the busy, bustling Wharf. However, his good friends on the Narrow Gauge Railway always do their best to make sure Colin is included, and one Christmas, Freddie even managed to persuade the Thin Controller to hold the Christmas Party at the Wharf so that Colin could be there. Colin is mostly green with red pullies and cogwheels amongst his mechanism. He has a grey roof with grey boards along the top of his cab above his door.

Culdee Fell Railway

  • Godred - No.1: Godred was a Swiss Locomotive & Machine Works mountain steam engine who worked on the Culdee Fell Railway. He was arrogant from the start, and believed that should he have any trouble his automatic brakes would save him. Of course, barely a month after the railway's opening he had a very unfortunate accident. He was coming back down the line when he came off the rails and went cab over wheels down the mountain. Once herolled down the mountain, he was a complete wreck with only the pistons, motion, frames and wheels still intact. He was beyond repair, so he was scrapped and was sent to the shed in disgrace. According to Culdee, he was subsequently cannibalised for his parts. However, the true nature of Godred's demise is debatable, as it was said the whole tale was made up; then again, all other canonical sources support Culdee's version of events, which only confounds things more.
  • Ernest - No.2: Ernest is a Swiss Locomotive & Machine Works mountain steam engine. He informed Culdee of the changes that happened to the railway in his absence.
  • Wilfred - No.3: Wildred is a kind-hearted, musical Swiss Locomotive & Machine Works mountain steam engine by the other mountain engines because he likes to whistle as he ascends and descends the steep hills. When Culdee returned to the Culdee Fell Railway in 1964 after an overhaul, Wilfred and Ernest informed him of the arrival of Lord Harry, Alaric and Eric. He and his coach were later delayed at Summit after Lord Harry derailed at the points. He was last seen lecturing #6 about the importance of goods work.
  • Culdee - No.4: Culdee is a friendly, cheerful and charasmatic Swiss Locomotive & Machine Works mountain steam engine within the stories, always showing initiative and being careful whilst doing his duties. He was a long stander within the railway, alongside engines such as Ernest (2) and Wilfred (3). Recently their railway had been graced with three new engines, and were sending the older engines away to be mended in Switzerland. Two of these new arrivals, Alaric (7) and Eric (8) had turned out to be quite nice engines and fit in well with the current standing engines. However, the third, Lord Harry (6), was proving to be a bit of a handful. He was rough with the coaches and highly reckless on his journies up the mountain. The Manager soon made him see sense by taking away his name, only for No.6 to redeem himself later by doing a heroic rescue. As a reward, he was given the name Patrick after the man he rescued. Although Patrick was fortunate enough to be given a second chance, Godred the railway's No.1, wasn't quite as lucky. Thinking he knew everything and with misplaced faith in his automatic brakes and Driver's airbrake, he never listened to the advice of others and met with a very sad ending on the Railway's opening day. After losing control on the way down the mountain, he was completely wrecked after de-railing. Much like his counterpart Ladas on the Snowdon Mountain Railway in Wales, Godred was never rebuilt, becoming a source of spares for the other engines.
  • Shane Dooiney - No.5: Shane Dooiney is a Swiss Locomotive & Machine Works mountain steam engine. Due to the rotation of engines being sent to the Works in Switzerland, it was his turn to go prior to when Culdee returned and when Alaric arrived, and so missed out on his opportunity to appear. Shane Dooiney was the last engine to make the long journey across the continent, and since then, the engines have been sent to Crovan's Gate works, which is now fully equipped to deal with all manner of locomotives, as opposed to previously.
  • Lord Harry - No.6: Currently Patrick, Lord Harry is a Swiss Locomotive & Machine Works mountain super-heated steam engine. Lord Harry was troublesome and frightened his coaches by taking risks. After he came off at the Summit, Lord Harry was stripped of his name and sent to the back of the shed. After he heard the tale of Godred he asked for a second chance, and was given one as a lowly shunting engine. However, when a message came warning that some climbers needed help during a gale 6 went to the rescue, and was fittingly renamed "Patrick" in honour of a climber who risked his life to help the others.
  • Alaric - No.7: Currently Ralph, Alaric is a nice and quiet Swiss Locomotive & Machine mountain super-heated steam engine. He and Eric have been retired
  • Eric - No.8: Eric is a nice and quiet Swiss Locomotive & Machine mountain super-heated steam engine. He and Alaric has been retired.

CFR Rolling Stock

  • Gwen: Gwen was a Coach that operated with Godred on the Culdee Fell Railway. Her fate after Godred’s accident is unknown
  • Nora: Nora is a coach who operates with Ernest on the Culdee Fell Railway.
  • Willa: Willa is a coach that operates with Wilfred on the Culdee Fell Railway.
  • Catherine: Catherine is a Coach who operates with Culdee on the Culdee Fell Railway. Over the years she and Culdee have built up a strong working relationship. Because of that Culdee knows immediately if anything is wrong. She is very safe-cautious and was very concerned about Lord Harry’s recklessness while he took her.
  • Sally Dorothy: Sally Dorothy is a coach who operates with Shane Dooiney on the Culdee Fell Railway.
  • Lady Helen: Currently Patricia, Lady Helen is a coach who operates with Lord Harry. She was scared by Lord Harry when he took risks on a steep precipice. After Lord Harry was re-named Patrick, she was fittingly re-named Patricia.
  • Amy: Amy is a Coach who operates with Alaric on the Culdee Fell Mountain Railway. Her fate since Alaric’s retirement is unknown.
  • Ellie: Ellie is a coach that operates with Eric on the Culdee Fell Railway. Her fate since Eric’s retirement is unknown.

Arlesdale Railway

  • Rex - No.1: A Davey Paxman tender engine, Rex is painted green and has a remarkable personality. He’s cheeky and thinks himself as a “know-it-all” which has once or twice landed him in trouble such as when he did the wool runs and ended up on his side. Strangely he and Mike enjoy teasing each other, especially when Rex mentioned that when they were painted red, passengers thought he was Mike!
  • Bert - No.2: Formerly a tank engine named Merlin, Bert is a Sir Arthur Haywood tender engine younger than Mike and Rex, and is often bossed about by both of them. He’s a good worker, but can be rather temperamental if not maintained properly, as shown by his reaction to being splashed by the Fat and Thin Clergymen when they came to visit the Small Railway! Bert has undergone a rebuild to look more like a proper narrow gauge engine, similar to Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway counterpart - River Irt.
  • Mike - No.3: A R&ER tender engine, Mike is red and is a very conceited and haughty little engine indeed! He thinks he’s the best engine to run the line, and doesn’t let the others forget it! However, he considers himself as a goods engine as he enjoys pulling trucks rather than passengers. He finds the coaches and passengers to be awkward, and prefers the peace of pulling a train of ballast trucks instead.
  • Frank - No.4: Frank is a Muir-Hill Fordson Tractor/Perkins P6-based Diesel. He tends to get grumpy if he doesn’t get what he wants and his bad behaviour often lands him in a sticky spot, and felt left out. But he’s actually a kind-hearted engine who knows how important teamwork is on a railway, and is always on-hand to help out and do his duty regardless.
  • Jock - No.5: Jock is the newest engine on the Line, from having been built to help out of Rex, Bert Mike fail or if Frank can’t manage their work alone. He was named “Jock” thanks to an idea by Douglas, who mentioned that the engines he saw ion the Highlands were painted yellow and were called “Jocks”. He’s a much harder worker and can pull heavier trains than the others, but is always willing to lend a buffer in an emergency.
  • Blister I & Blister II - No. 6 & 7: These two engines are four wheeled tractor units and RA Listers Diesel engines which are used for maintenance and shunting duties on the Small Railway, but originally brought in for line construction. Their nickname of "Blisters" was given to them by the staff due to the starting difficulties on cold mornings!
  • Sigrid of Arlesdale - No.8: Sigrid of Arlesdale is a 2-C-2 Heathcotes Diesel / Hydraulic locomotive and was built in 1969 with a Ford 4 cylinder engine, replaced by a 6 cylinder Perkins later on, from plans made by the Small Controller, Ivan Farrier. Sigrid is one of the four Diesel locomotives on the Arlesdale Railway and was named after a Sudrian heroine from the 11th Century who secured the defeat of the Norman Invasion in 1094.

Sodor Construction Company

  • Jack - No.11: Jack is a front loader and the newest addition of the Pack. He’s very active and enjoys hard work. He learned all about the importance of “Safety First” on his first day when he had an accident whilst trying to do the work of a bigger and more capable machine. Despite that, he's a keen and enthusiastic worker and a good friend to Thomas and the other Pack members. Jack also helped to lead The Pack during the construction of Great Waterton, rallying the others to do a good job for Thomas and Stanley. Jack is painted red with the top half of his cab painted cream. He has his number painted in white on his sides.
  • Byron - No.18: Bryon is a mighty bulldozer. He’s one of the oldest machines on the site and likes nothing better than showing the other machines how to do a good job, whether it be moving rock or leveling site foundations for the important building work to begin. But while Byron takes a great deal of pride in his own work, he bears in mind that he's part of a team, and works hard for Miss Jenny alongside the other Pack members. Byron is yellow with a black cab with a number 18 painted on the sides of his cab in yellow.
  • Kelly - No.17: Kelly the crane is large and strong and can lift just about anything. Kelly is the oldest member of the Pack, having been the first machine that Miss Jenny's father ever bought to work on his team, and uses his experience to guide the others and help them when they're all working together on jobs. Kelly is dark blue with a cream crane arm and red lining. His wheels are dark blue with red lining. He has the number 17 painted on his sides in white.
  • Oliver - No.14: Oliver is a brown excavator, and one of the “Elders”. He is an excavator of considerable size, power and precision capability of moving and digging tons of earth in a single day. Despite his size and wieght, he is incredibally graceful and his manners are impecable. Oliver can always be relied apon by Miss Jenny as the team leader when Kelly is not available.
  • Alfie - No.12: Alfie is an excavator and lives to the motto - “More Work means more Dirt! More Dirt means more Fun!” Alfie is the smallest member of The Pack, but despite his diminutive size, he still manages to get the work done without fuss; and in the past has even shown the bigger machines that his smaller size can be a big asset to the group and the work they do. Alfie is particularly good friends with both Jack and Percy, and like them, enjoys being really useful. Alfie is painted green with his number painted on his sides and on the back of his cab in white.
  • Max & Monty - Nos. 15 & 16: Max and Monty are the devious and troublesome Dump Truck twins. They're known to cause trouble for the Pack Members and also the engines; but are sternly scolded by Miss Jenny when found out! Despite being unruly at times with dangerous stunts, they have a good side in them - somewhere! - and still do the work like everyone else. Max and Monty are painted red with grey dumpers. Their numbers are painted in white upon their sides. Max has a thick front bumper, whilst Monty has a "two pipe-type" front bumper.
  • Ned - No.19: Ned is a large, old steam shovel, and one of the biggest machines in Miss Jenny's team. He’s sometimes known to be absent-minded and clumsy, and is always liable to cause accidents around the sites because of these attributes. But the other members of The Pack don’t mind too much about his mishaps, because they know he’s really a kind soul with a heart as big as his bucket. Ned is painting brown and orange with a grey roof, a dark brown bucket, arm and chassis and yellow detailing. He has the his number painted on each side.
  • Buster: Buster is an eager and cheerful little steamroller who is always keen to do a wheel's turn of work for Miss Jenny. Like Alfie and Jack, Buster is one of the younger machines in The Pack and delights in having fun when going about his duties on the construction site. He also has a rather vivid imagination also - winning races against Max and Monty when mending the racing track, and comparing the mole ridden football pitch to "A giant fruit bun...only green!" Buster is dark red-orange with yellow lining.
  • Nelson - No.10: Nelson is an intellegent transporter whose job is to haul heavy machinery to and from the Construction sites. As the bearer of such weighty loads, he often feels overworked, but will never complain. However, Nelson's dreams of being carried himself did come true one day when he had to haul Thomas to the repair yard, and he himself managed to get a lift back to Miss Jenny's yard on Percy's flatbed. Nelson is black with cream lining, red alloy wheels and a front beam. He has his name painted on his front cab above his windows and has his number written on his cab doors in cream.
  • Isabella - No.22: Isabella is a tough little steam lorry, who takes a great deal of pride in her appearance and goes to great lengths to preserve her paintwork's gleam. Isabella is the only female member of The Pack, and is used for transporting materials to and from the sites to be used for construction work, as well as being used for other sorts of removals beyond the work The Pack is involved in.
  • Patrick - No.23: Patrick was found to be quite a boastful soul in his first apperance. He knows all there is to know about cement and thinks it's one of the essential means of keeping the building site running! Patrick is older than a lot of the other machines and has a lot of experience in construction, he means well despite his pride and boastfulness, and likes to help the younger less experienced machines. Patrick is painted maroon on the top half of his front, the section of his mixer closest to the cab and the rear section closest to his cement pipe. He is painted cream on his lower half of his front and upon his cement mixer in the middle.

Sodor Airport

  • Jeremy: Jeremy is a new arrival on the Island of Sodor who lives at the Sodor Airport. When Jeremy first met Thomas, he was very boastful about being able to fly, which made Thomas feel sad and left out. But when they worked together to save the children's picnic from a summer storm, both Jeremy and Thomas realised that no matter how you're able to travel, you can still be really useful! Jeremy is painted white with a navy stripe.

Sodor Steamworks

  • Victor: Victor is a small Hispanic ALCO engine from Cuba, who was brought to Sodor by Sir Topham Hatt to help run the Sodor Steamworks. Victor is kind, friendly and always willing to provide advice, guidance and help to the other engines whenever he feels they require it. He keeps a particularly watchful eye over Kevin, as the young crane tries to find his around, while muddling through his mistakes and mishaps. But although Victor is friendly, he takes work very seriously and stands no nonsense whatsoever from troublemakers, particularly the naughty diesels! Victor is the only narrow gauge engine in Sir Topham Hatt's engine fleet. Victor is dark red with yellow stripes, and black and yellow hazard stripes on his bufferbeams. The side of his cab has the Sodor Steamworks logo.
  • Kevin: Kevin is a young, enthusiastic crane who works at the Sodor Steamworks with Victor. Kevin is often seen rushing around the Steamworks, very keen to give a helping hook to all the engines who pay a visit for repairs. However, his haste and speed can often cause mishaps, and Kevin is well known for dropping things on the floor of the Steamworks by accident. But Kevin means well, and under the watchful eye of kind 'boss' Victor, he is learning to be a really useful crane and become a real credit to the Steamworks. Kevin wears a yellow livery with black warning stripes.

Sodor Search & Rescue Center=

  • Harold: Harold once thought railways were “slow and out of date”, but had to eat his own words when he lost a race against Percy, whom he become a good friend to. He is a brave and loyal rescue helicopter, patrolling the skies of Sodor, looking for anyone in distress, always the first to report any urgent news or arrive on scene to performe a rescue. The Fat Controller finds him a great use to fly the skies to travel long distances quickly. Harold is painted white with red lining.
  • Fire Chief: A Cockney accented level headed fire tug who is seen as an authoritarian figure, often around when chaos is stirring in Brendam Docks. Alert and keen to get to work.
  • Butch: A tow-truck who helps cars and lorries if they have accidents on the road. He's a friendly Breakdown truck, with great strength and a good friend of the railway, who was once responsible for hauling in one of the horrid lorries, and assisting with various demolition and reconstruction work. Despite his size, he always takes pride in his work. Butch is painted yellow with a navy flatbed and "Sodor Heavy Recovery Unit" written on both sides in white.
  • Harvey - No.27: Harvey is a Dubs 0-4-0 Crane Engine who came to Sodor on a rough patch. Before giving a demonstration to earn his place on the NWR, he was hurt by the other engines' unkind comments about his strange boiler crane arm. But when Percy has a derailment, Harvey made quick work in clearing up the wreckage and making a good enough impression to stay on Sodor. He is a kind, tough engine used for smaller jobs that his arm is best suited for and makes short work of any task he is given. With perhaps the most distinctive appearance of any engine, Harvey is painted burgundy with yellow line-work and brown square buffers. His name and the number "27" is written on both his sides in yellow, however the "27" is painted on his crane.
  • Rocky: Rocky is a cheerful big crane who wants to be friends with everyone on Sodor. When he first arrived, some of the engines thought that because Rocky couldn't move on his own, he wouldn't be useful, but he soon proved everyone wrong when he managed to clear a pile of pipes off the line and lift Gordon back onto the track! Now everyone knows Rocky is a really useful crane, used greatly for maintenance and rescue operations around the NWR. Rocky is painted burgundy with yellow hazard stripes.
  • Captain: A courageous lifeboat. Captain is the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre’s resident lifeboat, ready to take to the seas to help people in trouble and bring them back to safety. He is enthusiastic and always raring to go, calling out “Full Steam Ahead!” as he races to the rescue. When Thomas went missing on Misty Island, the Fat Controller used Captain to look for Thomas out at sea, but while they came up with nothing – Captain kept a positive outlook for the Fat Controller’s benefit. Captain is painted yellow, blue, and red with white lining.
  • Flynn: A fire truck capable of going on road and rail. Flynn is painted red with yellow lining and blue wheel arches.
  • Belle: Belle is a big blue British Railways Standard Class 4 tank engine with a brass bell who helps Thomas and Percy put out a fire at the old farm shed. Belle is painted blue with red and brass fittings.

Star Tug and Marine Company

  • O.J. - No.3: Oldest of Captain Star's tugs, the Welsh accented O.J. is also Brendam Docks' only remaining Paddle-driven tug and the Star Fleet's "wise elder" with unbeatable wisdom. He is often described as "versatile, but slow". He is indeed capable of a variety of tasks, but is sometimes restricted by his age and mechanical condition. Often placed in charge of large operations, such as ocean liner docking maneuvers.
  • Warrior & Big Mac - Nos. 5 & 2: Two of Captain Star's harbour tugs. The Glaswegian-accented Big Mac is the second strongest, usually given heavy loads, such as work from the Big Boulder Rock Company. The South London-accented Warrior usually does garbage detail, so he often works with Lord Stinker, Whiff and Scruff. Warrior is often clumsy but tries not to mess up.
  • Top Hat - No.4: Speaking in an Upper Class (Posh English) accent, Top Hat is an uppity and snobbish railway tug with a monocle and top hat. Known to look down on everyone, both his friends and his foes, believing that he is the best tug in the Star Fleet! Mainly used for distributing railway stock with his barges Frank & Eddie.
  • Ten Cents - No.1: Speaking in an East End Cockney accent, Ten Cents is Captain Star's first tug, a switcher who is used for a wide variety of tasks around Brendam Docks. Good friends with Thomas because of the fact that they both have a tendency to be somewhat cheeky at times. Hercules often relies on Ten Cents to look after others such as Lillie or the ocean liners.
  • Hercules - No.6: Speaking in a Politically Correct (P.C.) English accent, Hercules is Captain Star's ocean-going tug and his largest vessel. He is often used for large-scale operations and important contracts. During periods of bad weather he is out at sea answering distress calls, and is often sent out to escort large vessels into Brendam Docks.
  • Sunshine - No.7: Speaking in a Geordie accent, Sunshine is the smallest and youngest of Captain Star's switchers. He usually works with Ten Cents, whether it's towing barges to liner docking operations. Sunshine can be occasionally cheeky at times, but he is very strong willed.
  • Grampus: Speaking in a Central English accent (with a noticeable lisp), Grampus is a midget submarine formerly part of the Navy. He is a very close friend of the Star Fleet and has helped them out in various situations.

Zero Marine Company

  • Zorran - No.1: Speaking in a Neutral English (with lashings of Cockney) accent, Zorran is the cunning leader of the Zed-Stacks and the first tug of the fleet. He is renowned for his deviousness and scheming prowess. Like his companions Zak & Zebedee, he is a harbour tug.
  • Zip & Zug - Nos. 5 & 4: Zorran's two sidekicks, also known as the Zero Switchers. The Eastern European accented Zug can usually be seen working with the Neutral English accented Zip. Compared to Zip, Zug is more intelligent, a scheming sort of tug even though his plans rarely if ever work as planned. Zip is easily scared and sometimes speaks out of turn, often described as being "slow in the head".
  • Zak & Zebedee - Nos. 3 & 2: Brothers that can usually be seen working together. The Liverpudlian-accented Zebedee is the second tug of the Zed-Stacks and is Zorran's right hand tug. The gruff cockney-accented Zak is the third tug of the Zed-Stacks who is usually a flunky to the devious Zorran.


  • Sergeant Alistair the Army Engine: Alistair is a very strict Sergeant-like engine. He is very bossy and caused a lot of mishaps. After being spoken to severly, Alistair soon made up for his behaviour when Gordon broke down pulling the Express, and making him a welcome visitor to the Sodor Railway. Alistair is based on a War Department Austerity 2-8-0 locomotive. Painted in dark green with the sergeant rank painted on his tender sides. Has a small mustache above his lips.
  • Bluenose: Bluenose is a regimented Army English accented navy harbour tug who plays precisely by the rules and acts as a kind of stereotypical army sergeant towards the tugs, whether they be Star Tugs or Zed-Stacks or otherwise. He is annoying, bossy, pompous, self-centered and is notorious for putting orders before common sense. Because of this, he is not very popular with the tugs or engines.

Other non-rail characters

  • Terence: Terence is slow but adaptable, he can go anywhere thanks to his caterpillar treads. Despite being teased about them, he just laughs it off and carries on with his work. When he first met Terence, Thomas was quick to criticise his treads - but soon realised their worth when Terence was able to pull him free of a snowdrift. His services have also proved most helpful in rescuing Mrs. Kyndley, Elizabeth and Bertie from sticky situations too - involving snow and mud respectively. But most often, Terence can be found happily ploughing fields by the side of Thomas's branch line. Terence is painted orange with grey caterpillars and a small black exhaust pipe.
  • Bertie: A small red bus who is a good friend of Thomas after their race years ago. Bertie is a cheerful red bus, always ready and able to help the engines with their passengers, although he does get above himself when he boasts that roads are best sometimes. He first met Thomas when he got stuck in the snow, and afterward got to know him a little better following a race to prove which of them was faster. Bertie is always happy to help Thomas and the other engines when needed, and is a true friend to all. Bertie is painted in the common red livery of buses in the United Kingdom, mostly famously used by London Transport. His license number, "CRD54", refers to the fact his license plate was first seen in Edward the Blue Engine, published in 1954 and illustrated by C. Reginald Dalby.
  • S.S. Kathryn: A trampsteamer used to delivery cargo at Brendam Docks.
  • Trevor: When Edward first met Trevor, he was still in good condition but he was due for scrap because his master thought he was old-fashioned. But with the help of the blue engine and Trevor's old driver Jem Cole, they saved him from scrap when they convinced the Vicar of Wellsworth to buy him. He now lives in the Vicarage Orchard, owned by the Vicar. Slow and versatile, he's a very hard worker, but his favourite time is the Vicarage Fete, where he patrols around the Orchard giving rides to children, who he enjoys most of all. Trevor is painted green with red wheels and lining, a black smokebox and gold boiler bands.
  • Dignity: A barge used to carry stone.
  • Bulgy: Bulgy was a rude double-decker bus. He tried to convince passengers that railways were useless by telling “whoppers” and having a few grudges with Duck and Oliver. However, he ended up in a tight spot when he crashed into a low railway bridge, and had been turned into a henhouse. Just recently, he was taken out of “retirement” to aid the Fat Controller during a busy summer period when Thomas and Emily were unavailable for work. But after a disastrous run with his old friends the hens, he's now living his new, happier life as a vegetable bus! Bulgy is painted green and cream.
  • Mermaid: Another tramsteamer used to deliver cargo in Brendam Docks.
  • Izzy Gomez: Speaking in a Mexican accent, Izzy Gomez is a scheming banana trampsteamer from Mexico who is frenemies with both the Star Tugs and Zed-Stacks. He will often try to convince tugs to tow him into port for free, or at least for a cut-price rate, and is not above trying to sneak in against the law. But he's more of a rogue than a villain.
  • Sally Seaplane: Lives at the Seaplane Hanger which is next to Lucky's Yard. Sally is a good friend of the Star fleet who have the contract to provide her fuel.
  • Duchess: First ocean liner the Star Tugs bring in. According to Captain Star, she is one of the biggest liners around.
  • Lillie Lightship: A special and much-loved lightship placed at Dender Rocks to warn shipping of potential hazard. The Star Tugs have the contract to provide her with the necessary fuel to keep her light shining. Hercules has a "special place in his heart" for Lillie.
  • Scuttlebutt Pete: Speaking in a Northern Irish accent, Scuttlebutt Pete is a dredger who is a notorious gossip - hence his name. A friend of the Star Tugs, he believes in ghosts, and enjoys voicing superstitions and telling old sea stories, particularly when the fog comes around.
  • Billy Shoepack: A Strong West Country accented alligator tug who delivers dynamite to Mittsville and the logging camps who lives upriver. Good friends with Sunshine.
  • Little Ditcher: Good friends with the Star Tugs, Little Ditcher is a small and dirty A-frame crane that can be found in Brendam Docks. He is sometimes used for dredging upriver at Mittsville or for oyster fishing in the estuary, as well as various other jobs. His size makes him unsuitable for rescue operations.
  • Mighty Moe: Brendam Dock's largest floating crane, Mighty Moe is known for his booming voice. He is used for many salvage operations, in which he usually takes charge.
  • Burke & Blair: Two notorious, dark-hearted scrap-dealing tugs, and scavengers. Once tried to convince O.J. he was ready for scrap, but failed to convince the determined O.J.
  • Fultan Ferry: A paddle-driven ferry boat used for bring vehicles and goods across the harbour.
  • Coast Guard: Speaking in a neutral Posh English accent, he is a small vessel who acts as customs officer for Brendam Docks. He often stands at the entrance to the estuary ready to question and check incoming shipping before clearance. On other occasions, he stands by and over-looks large-scale operations, such as demolition and quarry work.
  • Princess Alice: A liner brought into Brendam Docks when she was in need of repairs.
  • Lord Stinker: Warrior's favorite garbage barge, Lord Stinker is very intelligent, and has proved that he is more than just a barge. He is distinctive of wearing a clothespin to escape smellings his own stench! Often works with Warrior, Whiff and Scruff.
  • Frank & Eddie: A Cockney accented pair of twin railway barges who work with Top Hat and are used for the transportation of railway stock across the harbour. They are very quick-witted and are among the few that can deal with Top Hat's superiority.
  • S.S. Roxstar: The most beautiful ocean liner to come to Brendam Docks.
  • Tiger Moth: Tiger Moth is a rude Bi-Plane, who lives at Dryaw airfield alongside Harold. He tends to show off and flies much too low, on one occasion this resulted him to crash land into a haystack. Since he had been grounded, he has become an “easy flier” nowadays! He is painted red and yellow.
  • Sodor Maid: A canal boat once used by the Hatt family.
  • Elizabeth: Elizabeth is an old steam lorry, who was actually the first ever lorry that Sir Topham Hatt drove in his young days. No one knows how but she had been locked in an old shed for years, but was only discovered and restored into her former beauty when he was brought out to help Thomas. She can be very proud and stubborn at times, but can move great loads in nimble timing, which what makes her special. And more importantly, she's a great friend of the engines on the NWR. Elizabeth is painted maroon with gold and black stripes.
  • Sodor Line: The steam boat that Thomas travelled with when he was chosen to find more Jobi wood. Often used to bring visiting engines from the mainland to Sodor.
  • Disney Dream: The latest cruise ship from the Disney Cruise Line, recently put into service. Along with Thomas and his friends, the Chipmunks and Chipettes get to watch the Star Tugs bring her into port.

Visiting Engines

  • Bowler - No.D261: Like most visiting Diesels to Sodor this one proved no exception to the rule of being rude and rather above his station! However, like all of his kind, he got his just deserts when a bowler hat was sucked into his air-intake during an inspection, and prevented him from pulling the Express, which Duck and Stepney had to take for him instead! He left without saying goodbye to anyone and left two things behind - a battered bowler hat and a rather nasty smell!
  • Spamcan - No.D199: This diesel came from the Mainland along with Bear, and managed to cause uproar in the sheds amongst the engines. But during his stay, the arrogant diesel failed, which led to Murdoch having to form a "Super Rescue" by hauling both him and Bear and their trains to Knapford. Diesel 199 was terribly embarrassed, and thus was sent home immediately. Based on a British Rail Class 46. Painted in the BR's "Rail Blue" livery with yellow warning panels, weathered with dirt and face stubble.
  • Old Stuck Up - No.40125: This haughty visitor was very rude about the steam engines, who complained that they were “dirty, slow Smokey things”. The visitor then refused to share a shed with the engines and opted to sleep outside instead. However, when he did have to use the shed's Diesel facilities, he came a cropper and slid on the oily rails and crashed through the back of the wall.
  • Spencer - No.2509: Being an LNER A4 Pacific, Spencer is a cousin of Gordon's. Spoilt and big headed, he is the Duke and Duchess of Boxford's private engine, and he takes them everywhere they go. Gordon felt threatened when he learned that Spencer was the fastest engine in the world - faster than him even! But in spite of his endless bragging, it doesn't take too long before Spencer is put in his place, thanks to his own self-importance and stupidity. However, he has shown that he does have a level of cunning and intelligence when he tried to stop Thomas from getting Hiro repaired. Spencer is painted silver with blue-grey cylinders and wheels and black lining.
  • Hiro - No.51: Hiro is a gentle giant JNR Class D51 Mikado Type 2 engine who came from Japan to work on the NWR when it first opened back in the 1800s. Hiro was the strongest engine in Japan, and earned his name, "Master of the Railway" both there and on Sodor. But Hiro began to break down and he was laid aside to await the arrival of parts from Japan...which sadly never came. Hiro was lost for a very long time, but was eventually rediscovered by Thomas who tried to restore him to his former glory. Hiro became a friend to all of the engines throughout this time, but he eventually wanted to go home to Japan. Now a welcome visitor, Thomas is keen to remind him - Sodor would always be his home too. Hiro is painted black with gold bands and fittings and red wheels. His name is written in black on gold nameplates, on his smoke deflectors. He has the number "51" painted on the sides of his tender in white.

Real Engines

  • City of Truro - No.3440: City of Truro is reckoned to be the first British locomotive to exceed 100 Miles per Hour, acheiving a speed debated to this day as 102.5mph. He and Duck were supposed to get on famously during his stay on Sodor, talking about all things Great Western. However, like Henry and Flying Scotsman, City of Truro sparked jealousy within Gordon and gave the big blue engine ambition to break City of Truro's record. He did this to no avail, and instead lost his dome in the process as it was blown off by a strong gust of wind!

City of Truro, like Flying Scotsman, is part of the National Collection.

  • Stepney - No.55: Stepney is a LB&SCR A1 Terrier engine from the Bluebell Railway in Sussex. He was the first engine on his new Heritage Railway to be "saved" from scrap, and remains a popular fixture on the railway to this day. Stepney is cheerful, enthusiastic and loves to work. During his visits to Sodor, he has run a special train for an important person - which caused Thomas to be shunted on his own branchline; accidentally held up a Cricket match when he took their "one and only ball" for a ride down the line, and helped Duck pull a heavy train when a boastful diesel became indisposed...however, he almost came to a sticky end when he met 'Arry & Bert at the smelters...but luckily, he was saved againg by Sir Topham Hatt! Stepney is painted in "Bluebell Black".
  • Flying Scotsman - No.4472: The last surving locomotive of the A3 class, (with the exception of Gordon), and the first locomotive to go 100 Miles Per Hour came to Sodor in 1968 prior to being shipped to America for a number of years by owner Alan Pegler. Flying Scotsman proved popular with the engines, however, did spark a little jealousy with Henry, who proved envious of his two tenders! He provided Gordon and the others reassurance at a time when steam on the mainland was officially being abolished in favour of modern Diesel traction. Flying Scotsman is now out of private ownership and was bought by the National Railway Museum in York in April 2004.
  • Green Arrow - No.4771: A star performer on the UK Heritage scene and the sole survivor of the V2 class, Green Arrow was featured prominently among the engines from the National Collection in Thomas & The Great Railway Show. He and Thomas double-headed an excursion train to Scarborough, only to discover trouble with the rails on the way back to York. Green Arrow was withdrawn from service following the expiration of its boiler certificate in 2008, and owing to a technical fault with an important historical piece of its mechanics, is unlikely to be steamed again in the near future if at all.
  • Wilbert - No.3806: Wilbert is a Hunslet Austerity engine from the Mainland who came to help on Sodor when Donald and Douglas couldn't manage the goods work alone, when he found his line too short. He's a stronger engine than he seems and is very organised when handling difficult, hard jobs. Wilbert is painted navy with red lining and black wheels. He also has red nameplates with gold writing. His nameplates have the words "Rev. W. Awdry" underneath "Wilbert".
  • Tornado - No.60163: Tornado is a LNER Peppercorn Class A1 tender locomotive who was recently built. Comes to visit the NWR, bringing the Chipmunks and Chipettes with her. Becomes friends with the engines, especially Gordon when he learned Tornado is a cousin of his whose class had to be rebuilt. Tornado is painted in a British Railways Apple Green livery with 'British Railways' on her tender sides.


  1. Thomas' Anthem (Thomas' theme)
  2. Let's Have a Race (Bertie's theme)
  3. Toby (Toby's theme)
  4. Don't Judge a Book by its Cover (Terence's theme)
  5. Really Useful Engine (Thomas' 2nd theme)
  6. Night Train
  7. Every Cloud is Silver Lined (Bill & Ben's theme)
  8. Sir Topham Hatt (Sir Topham Hatt's theme)
  9. Harold the Helicopter (Harold's theme)
  10. Percy's Seaside Trip (Percy's theme)
  11. Pop Goes the Diesel - Sung by the Trucks
  12. James the Really Splendid Engine (James' theme)
  13. Down by the Docks (Star Tugs' theme)
  14. Boo! Boo! Choo-Choo
  15. Never, Never, Never Give Up
  16. Five New Engines in the Shed (Salty, Harvey, Emily, Arthur and Murdoch's theme)
  17. There Once Was an Engine who Ran Away (Fergus' theme)
  18. Troublesome Trucks (Trucks' theme)
  19. There's no one Quite like Emily (Emily's theme)
  20. Surprises
  21. Patience
  22. Work (Pack song)
  23. Ode to Gordon (Gordon's theme)
  24. Narrow Gauge Engines
  25. Engine Rollcall (Steam Team's theme)
  26. Island Song
  27. A World Around You
  28. Accidents will Happen
  29. Brave
  30. Buffer Up and Share
  31. Come for the Ride
  32. Day and Night
  33. Determination
  34. Doing it Right
  35. Donald's Duck
  36. Every Day's a Special Day on Sodor
  37. Favourite Place
  38. Gone Fishing
  39. H is for Harold
  40. I Know How the Moon Must Feel
  41. It's Great to be an Engine
  42. Little Engines
  43. Navigation
  44. Nighty and Day
  45. One Friendly Family
  46. Party Time
  47. Percy's Victory Song
  48. Poor Old Percy
  49. Pride
  50. Responsibility
  51. Rules and Regulations
  52. Shining Time
  53. Some Things Never Leave You
  54. Sounds
  55. Strength
  56. Summer Sunday
  57. That's What Friends Are For
  58. The Locomotion
  59. The Red Balloon
  60. The Snow Song
  61. The Wheels on Thomas
  62. The Whistle Song
  63. There's Always Something
  64. There's a Job for Everyone
  65. Thomas and James are Racing
  66. Together
  67. Togetherness
  68. Trying
  69. Whatever We Do
  70. Where oh, Where is Thomas?
  71. Winter Wonderland
  72. Thomas, You're a Leader
  73. Go, Go Thomas!
  74. Roll Along
  75. All You Need
  76. Misty Island Rescue
  77. Sir Topham Hatt (2010 song)


  • Donald and Douglas are depicted as being painted blue.
  • Ol' Wheezy and Hee-Haw each have speaking roles.

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