Plot Summary

Rosie longs for a very clean job, but even delivering sugar leads to trouble when oil is spilt on the railroad tracks, and Rosie crashes through a caramel factory, and the manager acknowledges Rosie's hard work and treats her to a very good washdown and a new coat of lavender paint.

Rosie's Caramel Crunch
Thomas and Friends the Magical Adventures
Release Date November 16, 2011
Format Close family film
Region Paramount Pictures/Warner Bros. Kids
Distributor Strand VCI Entertainment
Disc Count 5 episodes
Episode Count 1. The Runaway 2

2. The Foolish Freight Cars

3. The Devastating Story of Neville

4. Come out, Neville 5. Rosie Goes Fishing

Running Time 7: 38 AM
Retail Price $32.21
Video The lesson is: Cleanliness is next to cheerfulness.
Audio Audio Commentary with Pierce Brosnan and the producers

English Audio Spanish Audio French Audio German Audio Japanese Audio Chinese Audio

Subtitles English subtitles

Spanish subtitles French subtitles German subtitles Japanese subtitles Chinese subtitles

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