Thomas and Hero Friends is a fan-made Thomas episode thought up by Transformersprimefan. 


Thomas and Diesel are working together at the shunting yard when they spot a billboard promoting the new DC Super Friends movie. Thomas wishes they could be superheroes just like the DC Super Friends but Diesel scoffs, saying its impossible. That night, after the engine have settled down to sleep, a pink meteor comes out of the sky from space, splits in two and lands in water towers, coaling plants and fuel tanks. The next morning, Thomas goes to fill up with coal, but then something strange starts to happen. Thomas starts floating off the track but Thomas realizes that he is not floating but flying! He tests out his new power and it works. Sir Topham Hatt and everyone else on the island is amazed by Thomas' ability to fly. Thomas says he feels just like Superman. Thomas arrives at the Dieselworks but something strange has happened to Diesel also, he feels helpful and good. They wonder if the same thing happened to Spencer so they rush to the Summer House where they find Spencer, whose face is half robot. Thomas and Diesel are amazed when Spencer says he feels strong and robotic like Cyborg. The three engines wonder how to use their new powers for good until a sudden gust of wind provides them with the answer: Being a team of superhero engines! They go to the Steamworks and become really useful heroes, calling themselves Bat Diesel, Super Tank and Spencerborg. They soon find someone to rescue: Donald, who is stranded on the line. They help him to his destination and they are photographed and interviewed. Diesel 10 however wants to see them handle a villain and becomes Joker 10. The four engines battle it out and the DC Super Engines are victorious. Thomas, Diesel and Spencer decide to give up their powers shortly after and go back to being normal engines.


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