Thomas & Model Friends is a loose adaption to the Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends series. It uses Bachmann and Hornby models and using the Railway Series characters with new characters.

Steam Team


Season 1

  • 1.Sir Handel and the Christmas Train: Sir Handel rescues Duncan.
  • 2.Duck, Rosie and Diesel: Diesel causes trouble, bumping Rosie, bumping trucks and falling off the bridge.
  • 3.Edward and Sir Handel : Edward and Sir Handel are old and wise. Edward tells Zak and Jimmy a story about a ghost train. Zak and Jimmy think about Edward's story. Until the twin narrow gauge diesels see the ghost train. and run away.
  • 3.A Busy Day for Duck: Duck saves Percy.
  • 4.Sir Handel and John: John is careless and smashes into some trees and Sir Handel rushes to the rescue.
  • 5.The Disater: Gordon makes Ian get hit by a Tug and Duck goes for help.
  • 6.Rugter the Troublesome Engine: Rugter arrives at the Island.
  • 7.Rugter Does It Again: Rugter is inpatiant to work at the Incline Railway.
  • 8.Harvey Saves the Day: Harvey must save Dennis from a broken bridge.
  • 9.Rugter's Accident: Rugter falls into a ravine bellow.
  • 10.Duck to the Rescue: Rosie has an accident and Duck rescues her.
  • 11.Rosie's Bad Accident: Rosie falls over the bank.
  • 12.A Bad Day for Harmood: Harmood has derailed.
  • 13.Harmood and the Dangerous Points: Harmood derails on some points.
  • 14.Harmood Falls Into a Canel: Harmood falls off the tracks and into a canel.
  • 15.Lamp Trouble Again: Salty crashes into Henry's train.
  • 16.Billy's Goods: Billy has a accident and is dented.

Season 2

  • 1.Diesel & The Foolish Fish Cars: Diesel tries to prove everyone that diesels are better than steamies by taking all the fish cars to the docks. But, ends up falling in water.
  • 2.Stanley, Billy & Sixteen: Sixteen has an accident at the docks.
  • 3.Bulgy Does It Again: Bulgy tries to cause trouble with the engines by telling lies to Rosie, derailing James's trucks and blocking Duck's way.
  • 4.Pop Goes The Weasel: Percy meets a new diesel engine named Weasel.
  • 5.Weasel's Devious Deed: Weasel tries to get rid of Percy by telling lies about him.
  • 6.A Close Shave for Percy: Percy crashes into a barber shop.
  • 7.Oliver, Stepney & Old Stuck Up: Old Stuck Up returns.
  • 8.Respect For Spencer: Spencer wants the engines to treat him right.
  • 9.Rosie's Ghostly Trick: Rosie hits a cart fulled with flour and then decides to scare Billy.
  • 10.Molly & The Express: Molly has to take Gordon's express.
  • 11.Rheneas & The Pumpkins: Sir Handel and Rheneas are asked to pull a train of pumpkins, but Rheneas wants to pull the train alone.
  • 12.Gordon Does It All: Gordon gets fed up of pulling hay cars and wants to do a different job. But when he dosen't do his new jobs properly, Thomas and Duck get the blame.
  • 13.Dennis Helps Mavis: Dennis rescues Mavis.
  • 14.Mighty Mac & The Sawmill: Mighty Mac has to work at a new sawmill.
  • 15.Oliver, Stepnay & the Missing Coaches: Sir Topham Hatt give Oliver and Stepney their own pair of coaches.
  • 16.Duncan & The Ghost: Duncan thinks he saw a ghost.

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