Thomas and Sir Handel Help Plankton is Pikachufreak's Friturtoons episode.


Thomas and Sir Handel discover that one of the viaducts have creaks and needs repairs. They warn everybody about it. But Plankton doesn't listen to Thomas and Sir Handel's advice. Later, Plankton has to collect a Krabby Patty. The fastest speed to cross the viaduct. Plankton tries to cross it, but he falls down on the ground of it and twistes his ancle, then the viaduct starts to collaspe. Yoshi tells Thomas and Sir Handel that Plankton has crossed the viaduct. Thomas and Sir Handel puff to the rescue and rescue Plankton just in time. Mr. Krabs punishes Plankton for ignoring Thomas and Sir Handel's advice and keeps him in his shed for two months.

Featured characters

  • Thomas
  • Sir Handel
  • Yoshi
  • Plankton
  • Mr. Krabs
  • Duck (cameo)
  • Mario (cameo)
  • Luigi (cameo)

Voice Cast


  • Martin Sherman as Thomas and Sir Handel
  • John Leguizamo as Yoshi
  • Clancy Brown as Mr. Krabs
  • Douglas Lawrence as Plankton


  • Ben Small as Thomas
  • Keith Wickham as Sir Handel
  • John Leguizamo as Yoshi
  • Clancy Brown as Mr. Krabs
  • Douglas Lawrence as Plankton


  • UK Narrated by Michael Angelis
  • US Narrated by Duane Lawrence as Booker T. Frog.


  • Stock Footage from "Steam Roller" is used.


  • When Plankton falls down on the ground of the viaduct, his eyebows are missing.
  • The Viaduct should have been under repair when people knew it would collapse.
  • Plankton's leg is derailed when Plankton say's "l'll Rule the World!'
  • In the opening sequence, Thomas has Edward's whistle sound.

Featured music

  • Thomas' Season 5 Theme
  • Sir Topham Hatt's Season 5-7 Theme
  • Toby's Flood Season 5 Theme


  • Narrator: Thomas and Sir Handel are steam engines who worked on Sodor.

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