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  • Ten Cents as Noddy (Noddy's Voice suits Ten Cents)
  • OJ as Big Ears (Big Ears' Voice suits OJ)
  • Grampus as Bumpy Dog
  • Lillie Lightship as Tessie Bear (Tessie Bear's Voice suits Lillie Lightship)
  • Toby as Mr. Tubby Bear (Mr. Tubby Bear's Voice suits Toby)
  • Mavis as Mrs. Tubby Bear (Mrs. Tubby Bear's Voice suits Mavis)
  • James as Master Tubby Bear (Master Tubby Bear's Voice suits James)
  • Gordon as Mr. Plod (Mr. Plod's Voice suits Gordon)
  • Duck as Mr. Milko (Mr. Milko's Voice suits Duck)
  • Rosie as Sally Skittle (Sally Skittle's Voice suits Rosie)
  • Harvey as Mr. Wobbly Man (Mr. Wobbly Man's Voice suits Top Hat)
  • Warrior as Mr. Jumbo (Mr. Jumbo's Voice suits Warrior)
  • Fergus as Clockwork Mouse (Clockwork Mouse's Voice suits Fergus)
  • Top Hat as Bert Monkey (Bert Monkey's Voice suits Top Hat)
  • Daisy as Martha Monkey (Martha Monkey's Voice suits Daisy)
  • Sally Seaplane as Dinah Doll (Dinah Doll's Voice suits Sally Seaplane)
  • Elizabeth as Miss Pink Cat (Miss Pink Cat's Voice suits Elizabeth)
  • Hercules as Mr. Sparks (Mr. Sparks' Voice suits Hercules)
  • Boomer as Bunkey (Bunkey's Voice suits Boomer)
  • Oliver as Mr. Train Driver (Mr. Train Driver's Voice suits Oliver)
  • Billy Shoepack as Clockwork Clown (Clockwork Clown's Voice suits Billy Shoepack)
  • Sea Rogue as Sammy Sailor (Sammy Sailor's Voice suits Sea Rogue)
  • Edward as Mr. Noah (Mr. Noah's Voice suit Edward)
  • Molly as Mrs. Noah (Mrs. Noah's Voice suits Molly)
  • Thomas as Mr. Straw (Mr. Straw's Voice suits Thomas)
  • Emily as Mrs. Straw (Mrs. Straw's Voice suits Emily)
  • Boco as Father Christmas (Father Christmas' Voice suits Boco)
  • Zip as Sly (Sly The Goblin's Voice suits Zip)
  • Zug as Gobbo (Gobbo The Goblin's Voice suits Zug)
  • Sunshine as Noddy's Car


  • Ten Cents Loses Sixpence
  • Ten Cents and The Z-Stacks
  • Ten Cents and The Naughty Tail
  • Ten Cents and Pouring Rain
  • Ten Cents and The Kite
  • Ten Cents and His Hooter
  • Ten Cents and Daisy
  • Ten Cents' New Friend
  • Ten Cents and The Milkengine
  • Ten Cents Delivers Some Parcels
  • Ten Cents and The Special Key
  • Ten Cents Gets A New Job
  • Ten Cents and The Broken Barge
  • Ten Cents and The Missing Barges
  • Ten Cents and The Useful Rope
  • Ten Cents Loses His Hooter
  • Ten Cents Cheers Up OJ
  • Ten Cents Goes Shopping
  • Ten Cents Borrows An Umbrella
  • Ten Cents Meets Some Troublesome Trucks
  • Ten Cents Lends A Tow
  • Ten Cents Finds A Special Coach
  • Ten Cents Sets A Trap
  • Ten Cents To The Rescue
  • Ten Cents Has A Bad Bay
  • Ten Cents and The Fishing Rod
  • Ten Cents and The Magic Night
  • Ten Cents The Champion
  • Ten Cents and The Warm Scarf
  • Ten Cents and The Golden Tree
  • Ten Cents and His Unhappy Tugboat
  • Ten Cents Has An Afternoon Off
  • Ten Cents The Magician
  • Ten Cents and His Money
  • Ten Cents Borrows Some Barges
  • Ten Cents and His Alarm Clock
  • Ten Cents Buys A Parasol
  • Ten Cents Tastes Some Cakes
  • Ten Cents The Dancer
  • Ten Cents and Boco

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