Sir Topham Hatt give Thomas to work on the Branch line.When Thomas go to Branch line he saw Bear the new engine.Bear very useful and wants to help Thomas.But Thomas doesn't need his help,He think Bear is same of the Diesels not steam engine.Bear go to the Farm and saw Edward.He helps Edward to send the pigs and Edward very likes him.Bear go to the Percival pound and saw Charlie.Charlie can't think the joke for tell children.Bear tell a new joke for him and Charlie very pround in Bear.Thomas go to the Tidmouth shed and ask Henry about Bear.Henry laugh and answer it.Thomas pull the tar wagon to send to the quarry and next he must takes Annie and Clarabel to Knafford .Thomas must takes Annie and Clarabel now and Bear was coming.Thomas need his help and Thomas puff to takes Annie and Clarabel.When Bear was back.Sir Topham Hatt very pround in him.

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