• (Note: My T&F&TTA/101 Dalmatians parodies are link to my Thomas/Mickey Mouse parodies)
  • Buster Bunny as Pongo
  • Fifi La Fume as Perdie
  • King Acorn (from Sonic the Hedgehog) as Roger
  • Queen Acorn (from Sonic the Hedgehog) as Antia
  • Dowager Hatt as as Nanny
  • Hamton J. Pig as Patch
  • Plucky Duck as Thunderbolt
  • Knuckles the Echidna (Sonic the Hedgehog) as Colonel
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (from Sonic the Hedgehog) as Captain
  • Bugs Bunny as Sargent Tibbs
  • Splatter as Jasper
  • Dodge as Horace
  • Elizabeth as Cruella De Vill
  • Montana Max as The Evil Man on the TV show, Thunderbolt
  • Vector (from Sonic the Hedgehog) as The Great Danny
  • Beeper as Beamer
  • Rotor (from Sonic the Hedgehog) as Towser
  • The Nurse (from Animaniacs) as Lucy
  • Furball as Rolly
  • Dizzy Devil as Lighten
  • Gogo Dodo as Lucky
  • Hubie (from Looney Tunes) as Collie
  • Bertie (from Looney Tunes) as The Labour
  • Gracie, Gladys and Harriet as The Jersey Cows
  • and more

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