Thomas and the Evil Plankton
Thomas and the evil plankton dvd.png
Directed by MrDankEngine
Produced by MrDankEngine
Written by MrDankEngine
Starring MrDankEngine
Music by Mike O'Donnell
Junior Campbell
Robert Hartshorne
Peter Hartshorne
Chris Renshaw
Hummie Mann
Kevin Macleod
Julian Nott
Michael Brown
Randy Newman
David Snell
Jack Shaindlin
Shinji Miyazaki
Henry Jackman (uncredited)
Distributed by HiT Entertainment
Language English
If I take over the whole Island of Sodor, the Krabby Patty formula will be mine!!!


Thomas and the Evil Plankton is a TWR feature-length special.


Recently, after Thomas went to sleep at Tidmouth Sheds, Plankton came to Sodor and thought he should take over the whole island and steal the Krabby Patty Formula.

The Next Morning, Thomas and his friends woke up by the time Duck came to Tidmouth Sheds with the Fat Controller. He told his engines that next week, he will get a reward for being the controller of the railway which made the engines excited. They congratulated their controller for taking care of them for years. Duck even agreed.

Later, Thomas went to the shunting yards where he saw two new engines on Sodor. Their names were Josh and Woody but Thomas asked the Fat Controller why Josh and Woody came to Sodor and he explained to them.

So Thomas helped Josh and Woody shunt trucks for the rest of the day but sometimes, they caused accidents and Harvey and Rocky had to clear the mess and at the end of the day, the three engines were exhausted.

When Thomas chuffed back to Tidmouth Sheds, he squashed into someone tiny, so his driver looked at his wheel and he didn't believe Thomas but as they puffed forwards and backwards, he heard the noise again and when he looked closer, it was someone tiny and was a green cockroach with one eye that's red and his name was Plankton but before he could say anything, Thomas chuffs into the sheds and squashes Plankton but he didn't notice.

Thomas told his friends that he squashed into Plankton but they didn't know who Plankton is, then James came and he thinks Thomas is telling a joke but Thomas said to James that he actually ran over Plankton, then Thomas told Percy to tell the other engines about Plankton the next day.

The next morning, Thomas was shunting with Josh and Woody once again. Then Thomas saw Gordon with the Fat Controller, who was taking Gordon to work at the Dirt Site. Thomas was also going to the dirt site after he helps Josh and Woody shunting.

Meanwhile, Percy chuffed around the island, he saw Neville, Flora, Molly, Hank and Murdoch resting at Vicarstown Sheds. He tells them about how Thomas runs over Plankton.

Later that day, Thomas took some trucks to the Dirt Site where he saw Gordon who was not happy and then Grant bumped into Gordon. But he was still not happy when he has to take a goods train.

While Thomas was working at the Dirt Site, Diesel arrived. Thomas told him how he squashed into Plankton and Diesel suggested that he would destroy all the engines on Sodor. Then Dennis was helping Thomas load his trucks but when they saw Diesel racing around the corner, he bumped into Thomas and dirt when all over him. He then raced away, into a hideout at the Dirt Site. Thomas was sad that he was covered in dirt but before he could say anything, Dennis cheers him up.

Thomas had to stay at the Dirt Site later that night, and was dreaming how Plankton destroys everyone on Sodor but the next morning, Salty brought fuel for Dennis and coal for the rest of the steamies that work at the Dirt Site and was surprised that Thomas was all dirty. So he went to the washdown leaving a trail of dirt Billy spotted. By the time he was gone, Plankton was at the Dirt Site pushing a large wooden object onto the track crossing and when he saw Salty reversing, he quickly escapes.

On his way to the washdowm, Thomas met a low loader truck named Terry, who had no time to chat to Thomas, and when Thomas saw where Terry was going, he was shocked that there was an accident at the Dirt Site.

After he returned from the washdown, he was shocked that Terry was right. At the Dirt Site, there was a very big train wreck but Thomas doesn't know how it happened. Salty explained how it happened, then Billy and then Charlie. Thomas has to find out who caused the accident but it took a very long time to clear the train wreck. After the accident was clear, Henry and James are on their way again. But when Plankton saw that the wreck was clear, he was angry but he didn't realize that Thomas ran over him.

Later that day, Thomas went to Tidmouth Station and told the Fat Controller about the train wreck and he remembered that Plankton was the one that caused it. The Fat Controller told Thomas to go around the island looking for Plankton but he couldn't because he had to work on his branchline and told Percy to look for Plankton instead. By the time Percy left, Toby arrived and Thomas asked him to take his train to the docks while he works on his branch line.

As Percy was looking for Plankton, he saw Terry at a level crossing and asked him if he saw Plankton but he doesn't know who Plankton is and instead, he told Percy to look at Tidmouth Sheds where he saw Henry, Gordon and James as they were on strike again and they explained to Percy. When Percy asked them if they saw Plankton, they don't know where he is but Henry suggested to Percy to look at the shunting yards where he saw Josh and Woody shunting. He asked them if they saw Plankton, but they don't know who he is and Josh asked Percy to look at the Dirt Site where he saw Charlie and Billy. They said to Percy that he's so tiny that nobody could find him anywhere which made him upset and when everytime he sees someone, he asks them where Plankton is but they didn't know where he is but everyone on Sodor doesn't know where Plankton is.

But Plankton was on the Mainland at some old engine sheds where he saw Spamcan and Diesel 10 and they told Plankton what they did recently the last time they were on Sodor and when the next time they see Lady, Diesel 10 was sure to destroy her and they team up with Plankton to do it.

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