Thomas and the Evil Snake Monster is a 2012 full lenght-special from Thomas and Model Friends. The special is produced by HIT Entertainment.


Thomas is a tank engine who lives with his friends from the Steam Team, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Toby, Duck, Donald & Douglas, Oliver and Emily.

But there's trouble on the Island of Sodor once again and Diesel 10 makes a snake monster called Sobek. Diesel 11, Diesel 12 and Diesel 13 are happy.

Thomas, Percy and Duck meet Neil the Box Tank Engine working at the docks. Thomas, Percy, Duck and Neil are working.

At the Narrow Gauge Railway, John is biffing trucks and causing trouble. He crashes into the tar wagons. Sir Handel takes him back to the yards.

Meanwhile Harvey is talking to Ian who is repaired. Ian suggests that Sobek is evil.

A new engine called Lord is working but Sobek scares him and Lord crashes into a rock.

Thomas sees James and tells him Sobek is evil and Sobek slithers behind them and teases them. Thomas and James ignore him. Sobek slithers away.

Duck arrives and tells Neil about Sobek. Neil suggests that Sobek is a evil snake.

Sobek arrives and tells his new sidekicks, Jarry and Narry about scrapping engines.

Meanwhile, Lord, at the darkness, tries to find a way back to Sodor.

Thomas, Percy, Duck and Neil meet Silly Billy. Billy tells Thomas about Sobek. Thomas says Sobek is a snake. Billy puffs away to the Magic Buffers Thomas came in.

Billy finds a old coal truck and takes it into Muffie Mountaion. He arrives at Muffie Mountaion. As he sees the portal Thomas came in, a gust of wind blows Billy off the cliff. Billy rolls down Muffie Mountaion like Thomas does. And he goes in the Magic Railroad like Thomas does. Poor Billy!

Meanwhile Sobek talks to his sidekicks. Jarry and Narry are cross. Sobek sets off to scrap the engines.

Sobek sees Emily and teases her as a scrap piece. Emily ignores him and Sobek slithers off to find Thomas, Percy, Duck and Neil.

At the docks, Thomas, Percy, Duck and Neil are still working. Duck says that Sobek is a snake monster. Then, Billy bursts out of the Magic Railroad and into the docks. Thomas checks on Billy he's okay. Billy says yes and sets off.

Billy sees James at Tidmouth Sheds and tells him about Sobek. James says about Sobek's evil plan to scrap engines.

Meanwhile Donald and Douglas are telling Oliver about Sobek. Oliver suggests that Sobek's a snake beast.

At the docks, Thomas tells Percy, Duck and Neil about Sobek. Duck begins speaking about Sobek when Sobek comes into the docks and throws some trucks at the water and chases Thomas, Percy, Duck and Neil, who are running scared.

Meanwhile, Diesel 10 is throwing rocks at Diesel 11, Diesel 12 and Diesel 13. The brothers tell him about Sobek.

Thomas, Percy, Duck, and Neil cross a viaduct. Sobek falls into a viaduct.

Thomas, Percy, Duck and Neil are safe. Then Lord recovered from the rock sees them. Sodor is back to normal.

Fun Facts


  • Movie made with flash, CGI Bachmann, and Hornby models.
  • The snakes, Sobek and his sidekicks, Jerry and Nerry are made with using CGI for much of the movie. The same technique is also used when the engines are talking.


  • In some scenes, some movie-making equipment cam be seen.
  • When Billy falls down Muffie Mountaion, the truck is derailed.



  • Thomas: So any monster reptiles sightings?
  • Neil: None.
  • Duck: Percy and I did a really usefull thing earlier. But the big snake is nowhere to be-
  • Narrator: Suddenly, Sobek bursted into the docks! He threw some trucks into the water!
  • Sobek: Mwhahahahaha! Here they are.
  • Narrator: And he moved on!
  • Thomas, Percy, Duck and Neil: AAAAAHH! Run!

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