'Thomas and the Magic Railroad '(TTTE VHS and TATMR Version) is a Thomas VHS and Thomas and the Magic Railroad/Thomas and the Magic Railroad Parody Movie.


  • Thomas as Himself
  • Gordon as Henry
  • Mr. Conductor as Gordon
  • Percy as James
  • Diesel 10 as Percy
  • Toby as Himself
  • Bertie as Himself
  • Jemrey as Harold
  • Spencer as Diesel 10
  • Arry as Splatter
  • Bert as Dodge
  • Mavis as Lady
  • Mr. Conductor as Himself
  • and more


Thomas and his friends have to run sodor when Jem Cole is away. But Spencer and his sidekicks Arry and Bert are back to stop Mavis and Mr. Conductor from Shining Time Station (STS VHS and TATMR Version) is losing his sparke. So it's up to Thomas, Mr. Conductor, PT Boomer, Burnett Stone and Didi to defeat Spencer and save sodor.


Quote 1

  • Mr. Conductor: 5 6 7 8
  • Thomas: Pratching your numbers Mr. Conductor that's a Good human
  • Mr. Conductor: I'm counting how many sceonds late your are what does that sign say
  • Thomas: Sodor Railway Really Relabul and Right on time
  • Mr. Conductor: Humph
  • Thomas: Sign Head of the Railway Jem Cole
  • Mr. Conductor: But you wern't on time little Thomas
  • Thomas: and you're being bossy Mr. Conductor now please exurise me I'm meeting Mr. Conductor he's one of us while Jem Cole was much needed Holiday
  • Mr. Conductor: Why we think about it
  • Spencer: GET OUT OUTTA WAY I've have unfinshed bussines here I want to finsh it FIRST
  • Mr. Conductor: The Spencer's back OOOH
  • Thomas: Yes 10 out of 10 for devious deeds and rutoul streight the blast from the past who hates Puffballs
  • Mr. Conductor: Maybe you do need me afterall on time ooh

Quote 2

  • Thomas went back to the island of sodor and seeling others
  • Spencer: Aha there's the blue puffball and look what's he doing Arry come and destroy
  • Arry: No No do it yourself Spencer
  • Bert: We don't like you
  • Arry: Na we mean that
  • Bert: Infact
  • Arry: What's a name
  • Bert: I don't know
  • Arry: Good Word
  • Thomas: Run Mavis quickly and I'm gonna help you
  • Burnett Stone: So AmÍ Mavis I'm not gonna let you down again
  • Spencer: Ha who needs you Arry
  • Buster was landing and lands on Spencer's black roof
  • Buster: This makes 2 of us
  • Mr. Conductor: Watch out for the viaduct it's dangerous
  • Soon Thomas, Mavis and Burnett Stone running away
  • Mr. Conductor and PT Boomer looked at Spencer
  • Spencer: Hahahaha
  • Mr. Conductor: AAAAAH
  • PT Boomer: What's the Matter
  • Mr. Conductor: Mavis that engine's name is Mavis she's part of the clue to the sauce of the
  • Mr. Conductor and PT Boomer: Gold Dust
  • Screaming
  • Burnett Stone: No You won't because the magic you refusece to let in will get the better of you
  • Spencer: You can run but you can't hide right Jack
  • Laughs Evily
  • Spencer: Jack's Hungry
  • He Extends Jack towards Thomas
  • Thomas: OOOH Get Back
  • Catches up with Mavis
  • Burnett Stone: Come on Mavis
  • Mavis speeds up
  • Buster: Coming Sceond Out
  • and more

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