Thomas and the Magic Railroad (Thomas and Sonic Version) is a Thomas and Sonic/Thomas and the Magic Railroad FL parody with Thomas and the Magic Railroad clips and audio and Sonic the Hedgehog clips.


  • Thomas as Himself
  • Henry as Himself
  • Gordon as Himself
  • James as Himself
  • Percy as Himself
  • Toby as Himself
  • Bertie as Himself
  • Harold as Himself
  • Lady as Himself
  • Diesel 10 as Himself
  • Splatter as Himself
  • Dodge as Himself
  • Sonic as Mr. Conductor
  • Tails as Junior



  • Diesel 10: AHA! It's the blue puffball! And look who's with him! Splodge! Come and Destroy!
  • Splatter: No, no. You do it yourself.
  • Dodge: We don't like you!
  • Splatter: Ya, we mean it.
  • Dodge: Excitley.
  • Splatter: Ya. What's that mean!
  • Dodge: I have no Idea.
  • Splatter: Good word.
  • Thomas: Run, Lady. Quickly. And I'm gonna help you!
  • Uncle Chuck: So am, Lady. I'm not gonna let you down again.
  • Diesel 10: Ah, who needs you, Splodge?
  • Sonic: Watch out for the viaduct. It's dangerous.
  • Uncle Chuck drives Lady and she and Thomas set off.
  • Sonic and Tails watch Diesel 10.
  • Sonic: Ahhhh!
  • Tails: What's the matter?
  • Sonic: Lady! That engine's name is Lady! She's part of the clue to the source of the...
  • Sonic and Tails: dust! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!
  • Diesel 10 chase them.
  • Diesel 10: Now I'll get you, Uncle Chuck!
  • Uncle Chuck: No, you won't! Because the magic you refused to believe in will get the better of you!
  • Diesel 10: You can run, but you can't hide! Right, Pinchy?
  • Laughs Evilly.
  • Diesel 10: Pinchy's hungry.
  • He Extends Pinchy towards Thomas.
  • Thomas: Ooh! Get back!
  • Catches up with Lady.
  • Uncle Chuck: Come on, Lady.
  • Lady speeds up.
  • Diesel 10: Coming, puffball!
  • Laughs Evilly.
  • They go past the windmill and into the tunnel.
  • Diesel 10: Look out! Here I come! Duck, Pinchy
  • Lady and Thomas are away from Diesel 10.
  • Diesel 10: I like my lunch steamed!
  • Gets closer to Thomas and tries to grab him. Growls.
  • They go over the bridge under Percy, who is pulling a goods train.
  • Lady speeds up. Uncle Chuck looks at Diesel 10
  • Diesel 10: Pretty fast for a puffball!
  • Lady and Thomas arrive at the viaduct, which is collasping.
  • Uncle Chuck: Well, Lady. This is your Shining Time, too.
  • Lady: I hope so!
  • Thomas: Come on, Lady. Little engines can do big things!
  • lady goes across the viaduct, which grows wider. Thomas follows her.
  • A stone falls and Lady crosses safely.
  • More stones fall, making a gap. Thomas slowly goes to the gap and jump through.
  • Two pieces of arch fall, making a big one.
  • Uncle Chuck: Well done, Thomas! Well done!
  • Blows Lady's whistle.
  • Thomas blows his whistle in delight.
  • Diesel 10 sees the gap.
  • Diesel 10: What's going on?
  • Goes on the track. Screams. Diesel 10 tips and falls. Diesel 10 grabs onto a sleeper.
  • Diesel 10: Puffball! Teapot!
  • Sleeper breaks. Diesel 10 growls and screams.
  • Diesel 10: Tin Cannon!
  • Diesel 10 lands into a sludge-filled barge.
  • The towboat tows the barge with Diesel 10 away.
  • Diesel 10: Oh, well. Nice time of the year for a cruise.
  • Laughs

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