Thomas and the Night Before Christmas


It's the 24th December and the engines are very excited. Tidmouth Sheds, the Transfer Yards, the Steamworks, the Dieselworks and the fields have been decorated. Everyone is working hard. One engine has to collect a golden star. Everyone wants the golden star. Thomas does all his work in 2 minutes and gets to Brendham Docks first just before the logging locos. Thomas collects the star and wants to surprise everyone. Bash, Dash and Ferdinand know who got the star and when. Thomas hides everywhere. Spencer is shocked to find the missing star. Everyone is shocked. The engines try to find Thomas then they give up and go to Knapford but then Thomas pulls out and everyone's eyes go wide and Thomas chuffs long into the night and at 2:00 in the morning Thomas gets the star to Tidmouth Sheds. At 7:00 all the engines are amazed to find the star and thank Thomas. Then The Fat Controller gives all the engines their presents. That evening the engine's friends come to sing carols with everyone then Thomas says 'You can get your presents twice a year, your birthday and Merry Christmas'. Later Diesel 10, Splatter and Dodge come along and are mad for not being there in time. They all go to get them then the credits go, as the credits go Thomas and his friends play with the presents but then when Diesel 10 chases them except the diesels they get away.


Ben Small as Thomas

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