Thomas and the Pack (2006) is a Thomas/Jack and the Pack parody using Thomas the Tank Engine, The Little Engine That Could, Casey Junior and Friends, TUGS, Melody Time, Theodore Tugboat, Disney, Sonic, Phineas and Ferb, and VeggieTales using photos and clips.


  • Thomas as Jack (Thomas and Jack are both leaders, because Thomas does his work, like Jack)
  • Little Toot as Alfie (Little Toot and Alfie are both best friends to Thomas and Jack)
  • Ten Cents as Byron (Ten Cents and Byron both tell Thomas and Jack about their work)
  • Dr. Robotnik and Shadow as Max and Monty (Dr. Robotnik, Shadow, Max, and Monty are both evil)
  • Casey Jr. as Kelly (Casey Jr. and Kelly are both blue)
  • Tillie as Isobella (Tillie and Isobella are both girls, because Tillie and Isobella are both female)
  • Mickey Mouse as Ned (Mickey and Ned are both old)
  • Theodore as Oliver (Theodore and Oliver are both wise and kind)
  • Sunshine as Buster (Sunshine and Buster both work hard)
  • Guysborough as Patrick (Guysborough and Patrick are both vain)
  • Sonic as Nelson (Sonic and Nelson are both wise)
  • Candace Flynn as Miss Jenny (Candace and Miss Jenny are both humans)
  • Jeremy Johnson as The Foreman (Jeremy and The Foreman are both crush on Candace and Miss Jenny)
  • Bob the Tomato as Thomas
  • Junior Asparagus as Percy


  • Narrator: This DVD is all about Thomas and the Pack, released in 2006. The DVD is flimed in 2002, but it was created in 2006. That will help anyone make the whole DVD is about working hard, and dig dirt for rails, because Thomas and Jack are both vehicles.
  • Thomas: Yay, we're here.
  • Dr. Robotnik: (throws dirt)
  • Thomas: Wait a minute. Who are the evil twins who throw dirt on the ground?
  • Ten Cents: What I told you, their names are Dr. Robotnik and Shadow.
  • Thomas: What can I do when they blocked the track?
  • Narrator: Thomas and the Pack calls everywhere for help, but they really missed that, because they found Bob the Tomato waiting at the yards. They talked to him every time.
  • Candace: My friends! Please change me!
  • Dr. Robotnik: (throws dirt)
  • Thomas: Oh, my work!
  • Bob: We need our work?
  • Thomas: No way!
  • Narrator: With work hard for every day, (Candace bucket talks slowly like she was very happy and the Pack began their job for Candace) will Thomas be able to get ready for their own jobs, and travel to the dirt areas with his friends there? Or will Candace be in her bucket self and get changed back to her normal self? I think it is.
  • Candace: My friends, come and do our jobs without me, and good luck! (Thomas blows his whistle) It's already time!
  • Narrator: (Thomas enters the Pack along with his friends) Then find out what happens to Thomas in the episodes of Thomas and the Pack, coming soon to Netflix, made by BrittalCroftFan. (Thomas blows his whistle before work)


  • Thomas Jumps In
  • A Friend in Need
  • A Visit from Bob
  • Thomas Owns Up
  • On Site with Bob
  • Junior's Scary Tale
  • Casey Jr's Windy Day
  • A Happy Day for Junior
  • A Tale from Bob
  • Bob and the Moles
  • Junior Helps Out
  • The Tortoise and the Hare
  • Bob's Trusty Friends
  • Little Toot Has Kittens
  • Mud, Glorious, Mud
  • Junior and the Bandstand


  • Bob and the Great Discovery
  • King of the Cartoons (Thomas Returns)

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