Thomas and the Rise of Diesel 11 is a 2010 Cumputer-animated movie. This film is produced and distubuted by Ian McCormick Animation Studios.


Thomas is a tank engine and narrator. He has six small wheels, a short stumpy funnel, a short stumpy bolier, and a short stumpy dome. And he also has lots of engine friends, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Toby and Duck. The Fat Controller is a head of the railway. But one day, Diesel 10, the diesel lococomotive decides to make another diesel locomotive named Diesel 11, a monsterous and evil diesel engine. Diesel 11 is evil and scary. So Diesel 10 tells Diesel 11 that steam engines and diesel engines are useful bescuse they are working hard at the railway. Diesel 11 decides to scrap each engine. It is Devious Diesel. Diesel 10 tells Diesel 11 about making him. Meanwhile Thomas tells Duck about Diesel 11. Duck explians about Diesel 11. The Fat Controller tells Neil to collect some Troublesome Trucks. Neil collects some trucks and takes them to the station. Neil is a really useful engine. Meanwhile Thomas and Percy go to the smelters. When they arrive they see Diesel 11. Diesel 11 scares Thomas and Percy away. Both engines run away, scared. They tell The Fat Controller about Diesel 11. The Fat Controller says to them that Diesel 11 is very scary and they don't like him. The two engines run to Tidmouth Sheds. Duck explains to Thomas that what happened. Thomas says, "Diesel 11 is scary!" At the smelters, Alex and Winston are Diesel 11's sidekicks. They tell Diesel 11 about Diesel. Diesel 11 says they it's working. Diesel 10 talks to Diesel 11 that Diesel is going to be scrapped.

At the Narrow Gauge Railway, Harmood is grumbling about taking his trcks to the incline railway and taking them to the village. Then it happens. Harmood derails. Skarloey comes to Harmood's rescue, pulls him back on the rails and takes him back to the shed and Mr. Princpal tells Sir Handel to do Harmood's work. Sir Handel is pleased and does Harmood's work. And he takes Harmood's trucks to the incline and takes them to the villiage. Sir Handel goes home, telling Neil that he does Harmood's work.

Meanwhile Duck tells Harvey about Diesel 11. Harvey says, "Diesel 11's a monsterous scary diesel engine.". Duck suggests about Diesel 11. At Tidmouth Sheds, Thomas tells Percy about Diesel 11. Percy says they Diesel 11's scary. The next morning Duck goes to tell Neil. Neil suggests that Diesel 11 is evil. Duck is so pleased. The Fat Controller tells Thomas, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Toby and Duck that they can go to work at the haurbor with Diesel, Mavis, BoCo, Bear, Rugter, Ian, Donald & Douglas, Bill & Ben, Salty, Harvey and Neil. Thomas, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Toby and Duck to the Haurbor. At the Haurbor, Rugter is impactice and reckless. Cranky tells him about is attitude. When the engines arrive at the Haurbor, Rugter was still impatcine and reckless. At the Narrow Gauge Railway, Duncan pushes some trucks into the canel. When the trucks fall into the canel, Duncan is laughing at them. Mr. Princpal is angry with him and punishes him. Duncan is sad. At the smelters, Diesel 10 tells Diesel 11. Diesel 11 is going to scrap Diesel.

At the Haurbor, Diesel starts to cry. Thomas tells Diesel about his problem. Thomas thinks he and Duck will go after the evil Diesel 11. Diesel is still crying Thomas tells the other engines that he and Duck will defeat Diesel 11. At the Narrow Gauge Railway, Sir Handel tells Rheneas about Diesel 11. Rheneas suggests that Thomas and Duck will go after Diesel 11. Sir Handel says that all both of the engines: Harmood and Duncan get into trouble. First is Harmood: Bending the rails while grumbling. Second is Duncan: Pushing some trucks into a canel. Rheneas is happy.

At the Haurbor, Thomas tells Neil and Duck that he's a tank engine. Neil says, "Great". Duck says that the evil Diesel 11 is nowhere. Suddenly Diesel 11 appears at the Haurbor, knocking some trucks off the rails. Soon he approches Diesel, who screams. Diesel 11 says, "I'm gonna destroy you, Diesel!" And he laughs. Diesel is still screaming as Diesel 11's claws open wide and wide. Soon Diesel 11 goes back to Diesel 10. Duck helps Diesel. Thomas tells Duck they must stop Diesel 11 before he goes back to Diesel 10 and tell him about Diesel. So Thomas and Duck go and defeat Diesel 11, Alex and Winston. So they arrive and push Alex and Winston off the tracks. Alex and Winston fall and smash into pieces. Soon Thomas and Duck go after Diesel 11. They push Diesel 11 off a viaduct. Diesel 11 falls off the viaduct and smashes into pieces. "We did it!" say Thomas and Duck. Soon the Island is safe and cleaned back to normal. The Fat Controller tell Thomas and Duck that they are really useful engines. Diesel 11 has a punishment.

From the TV Series

Other Characters

  • Diesel 11 (voiced by Neil Corne) is a monsterous diesel engine. He tried to destroy Diesel. But then he is stopped by Thomas and Duck. Diesel 11 falls down a viaduct. Thomas and Duck win. Diesel 11 is based on a Class 55 Deltic.
  • Alex and Winston (voiced by Sean Barret) are Diesel 11's sidekicks. They like Diesel 11. But then Thomas and Duck defeat them. Alex and Winston are gone. And Thomas and Duck win.



  • This movie was the only apperences of Diesel 11, Alex and Winston.


  • Diesel 11 sounds like a cross between a evil medieval war lord and a alsasion.
  • Tom Kenny makes Percy sound like a Lighting McQueen.
  • Roger Bumpass makes James sound like Squidward from Spongebob Squarepants.
  • Thomas & Friends - Season 1-2 Runaway Theme can be heard when Thomas and Duck chase Diesel 11.
  • When Diesel 11 approches Diesel, Diesel screams.
  • Stock Footage from Bye George of Sixteen taking the short passager train is used when Thomas and Duck go after Diesel 11 and his sidekicks.
  • Colm Feore makes Edward sound like Stewie Griffen from Family Guy.
  • Jhonen Vasquez makes Sir Handel sound like a grandpa.


  • Thomas, We Love You- Written and Composed by Mike O'Donnel & Junior Campbell.
  • Little Engines- Written and composed by Micke O'Donnel & Junior Campbell

Deleted Scenes

  • Diesel 11 chases Rugter making him crash into a rock.


  • Thomas: I'm a tank engine. My name is Thomas.
  • Neil: Great.
  • Duck: I said about us. But the evil Diesel 11 is nowhere to be-

(Then suddenly Diesel 11's horn blasts and he arrives, knocking some trucks off the tracks. Soon he approches Diesel, who screams)

  • Duck: Diesel!

(Diesel 11 laughs)

  • Diesel 11: I'm gonna destroy you! (laughs more)

(his claw opens wider and wider. Diesel continues screaming as Diesel 11's claw opens more. Then Diesel 11 runs to go back to Diesel 10)

  • Duck: Diesel, you okay?
  • Diesel: (panting) Yes.
  • Duck: Why did you see the evil Diesel 11 you're afraid, Diesel?
  • Diesel: (panting) Yes.
  • Thomas (as Narrator): I was horrified!
  • Thomas: Duck, we have to stop Diesel 11 before he gets back to Diesel 10!
  • Duck: Sure! Let's go!

End of the Movie

(Thomas and Duck run to find Diesel 11 and Alex and Winston)

  • Alex and Winston: This is fun That's very- (Thomas and Duck push Alex and Winston) Holy cow! We're going to fall! NOOOOOO!!!! (falls off the tracks and smash into pieces) We're gonna get them for this...

(Thomas and Duck go after Diesel 11 and they see him)

  • Diesel 11: I'll get those puffballs!
  • Thomas and Duck: No! It's it's the end of you, Diesel 11!

(Thomas and Duck push Diesel 11)

  • Diesel 11: Grabber and Snatch! Oh, god! NNNNNOOOOOOOO!!! (falls down an viaduct and smashes into pieces) I'm gonna get them for this...
  • Thomas and Duck: We did it!
  • The Fat Controller: Thomas, Duck, You're all really useful engines!
  • Thomas and Duck: Thank you, sir!
  • Thomas (as Narrator): And so, the engines tied up and cleaned the Island back to normal. * Then they continued working happly and safely. As for Diesel 11 (laughing) Well, he got found out, (not laughing) let's say that he wasn't pleased with his punishment. And that's the end of our story. The end.