Written by Ned Grabiec


Thomas Sangster

Phil Lollar

Rob Rackstraw

Eros Vlahos

Oscar Steer

David Kelly

Jeff Stewart

Frank Kelly

Harry Shearer

Matt Wilkinson

Kelly MacDonald

Colin Firth

A skyscraper is to be built at Brendham Docks and all the engines are going to work to build it. The engines have to take bricks to the docks and Cranky, Harvey, Rocky and Diesel 10 will put the bricks together. Thomas has bought the Pack to help. A new crane Skyscraper has joined the pack and he will help the rest of the pack. In total the engines have collected a total of 1500 bricks and Cranky has loaded the top on and the roof. The Fat Controller puts stands and removes bricks for the door. But disaster strikes when Spencer comes too fast and knocks the bricks into the river. The engines are cross with Spencer for ruining the building and the bricks have damaged the front of Bulstrode. Spencer leaves at once and the engines rebuild the skyscraper and everyone cheers to have the skyscraper rebuilt.


Thomas Sangster as Thomas

Phil Lollar as Edward

Rob Rackstraw as Henry

Eros Vlahos as Gordon

Eros Vlahos as James

Oscar Steer as Percy

David Kelly as Toby

Thomas Sangster as Duck

Edward Grabiec as Donald & Douglas

Thomas Sangster as Oliver

Jeff Stewart as Emily

Frank Kelly as Diesel

Emma Thompson as Mavis

Claire Skinner as Daisy

Tim Allen as Boco

Jasson Isaacs as Harold

Harry Shearer as Diesel 10

James Fox as Spencer

Thomas Sangster as Harvey

Frank Kelly as Salty

Kelsey Grammer as Cranky

Kelsey Grammer as Bulstrode

Thomas Sangster as Stanley

Tracey Moore as Rosie

Togo Igwa as Hiro

Matt Wilkinson as Victor

Kelly MacDonald as Kevin

Colin Firth as The Fat Controller

Non-speaking characters

Bill & Ben







Troublesome Trucks


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