Thomas is on his way to Great Waterton to meet a new engine. Her name is Isobella. But she is acting rude and boasting to Thomas. The engines are so intertain, they what Isobella's doing. But when she's taking the Duke and Duchess of Doxford to the castle when Spencer has broken down, she crashes into some rotten rails and off the tracks. Thomas comes to her rescue. He helps Isobella get to the castle on time. But when he returns to the sheds that. Isobella apoligizes for her rudeness and boastfullnest. And finally the two became friends.

Featured characters





Isobella (new character)

Spencer (does not speak)

Murdoch (cameo)

Nevile (cameo)

Hiro (background cameo)

Kevin (cameo) (look behind Hank see the back of him)


  • First apperence of Isobella and her CGI face.
  • Isobella has the same face as Emily.

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