magic story collection

1.gordon and the gremlin can't win 3.donald and douglas 4.heroes 5.mavis 6.a scarf for percy 7.happy ever after 8.olivers find 9.granpuff 10.thomas and berties great race UK

special stories 1.old iron 2.daisy 3.special attention 5.percy runs away 6.thomas gets bumped 7.double trouble [season 2] 8.james in a mess

best stories in sodor

disc 1 1.come out henry UK 2.henry to the rescue UK 3.a big day for thomas UK 4.daisy 5.percy runs away 6.trouble for thomas 7.thomas and berties great race UK 8.mavis 9.four little engines 10.granpuff 11.a scarf for percy 12.the diesael 13.cranky bugs

disc 2 14.olivers find 15.oliver owns up 16.escape 17.put opon percy 18.all at sea 19.thomas gets bumped 20.bulldog

made by camden

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