Alfie & the Storm

A raging storm arrives on the Island of Sodor. Jack and the Pack are stuck in the shed. Alfie is scared of the storm so Isobella tries to calm him down and tell him a story. She tells him about the little truck that got lost in the storm. At first, the story scared Alfie. But, when Isobella gets to the part about the little truck being rescued from breaking down, Alfie realizes storms aren't all that scary.

Annie's Important Passenger

Annie is taking the King of Sodor to a concert at the Town Hall. Alicia Botti was to perform there and the King and Queen would have a special banquet held especially for them- hosted by Sir Topham Hatt. Thomas tells Annie there is nothing to worry about, but forgets to take Annie and Clarabel to be inspected before picking up the King and Queen. Gordon thinks he should take them, but Thomas insists on bringing the important passengers in Annie and Clarabel. On the journey, Annie's wheel comes off because she wasn't inspected and repaired. Gordon then must take the King and Queen to the Town Hall. Thomas gets the coaches inspected and Annie repaired- just in time to see the performance.

Arthur Narrows It Down

Arthur is sent to help the Narrow Gauge Engines at Blue Mountain Quarry. He doesn't know that he can't fit his wide wheels on their narrow rails. and Owen brings Arthur and the Quarry trucks up to the upper terrace. Arthur is very heavy and Own is tired out after straining to bring loaded trucks AND Arthur up to the terrace. Arthur sets off but is too wide and slides off, twerking sideways and damaging the rails. Rusty brings a crane to lift Arthur over to Owen's platform and Owen carefully brings Arthur down and Rocky must put Arthur onto Standard Gauge tracks. Rusty and Mr. Hughes repair the damaged piece of track and Arthur helps Thomas shunt Standard Gauge trucks until the long day's work is over.

Ben to the Rescue

Bill and Ben, the tank engine twins, help out in the Harbor. Edward tries to tell them what to do, but Bill doesn't listen. Ben is careful and makes sure no trucks fall into the Harbor water. Bill, on the other hard, is careless and biffs trucks about with no desire to be cautious. BoCo even has to tell Bill to be careful a few times before Bill shunts a bunch of trucks into the water. Water splashes onto the rails and Bill's wheels slip, making Bill unable to stop from splashing into the sea. Ben quickly races to the rescue. He slowly edges onto the wet line and pulls Bill free from the water. Duck arrives with Sir Topham Hatt onboard and decides to send Bill back to Ffarquhar Quarry and Ben continues his work at the Harbor.

Charlie and Mr. Jolly's Factory

Charlie works at Mr. Jolly's Chocolate Factory. Sir Topham Hatt arrives on Toby and tells Charlie to take the truck of chocolate to the bakery so the bakers can bake a chocolate cake for Lady Hatt for her birthday. Charlie is careless and doesn't pay attention to bumpy tracks and gets chocolate all over the place. Toby and the workmen arrive to clean up the mess- with Sir Topham Hatt onboard. He tells Toby to take the chocolate instead and has some stern words for Charlie at the end of the day...

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