Thomas, Toby, Ferdinand, Stepney, The Diesel and the Stationmaster-Ben Small

The Fat Controller, Percy, James, Gordon, Henry, Edward, Skarloey, Rheneas, Captain, Whiff, Scruff, Salty, Bash, Dash, Murdoch, Bill and Ben-Keith Wickham

Emily, Molly, Mavis, Rosie, Lady, Madge and Lady Hatt-Teresa Gallagher

Spencer, Rocky, Cranky, Charlie, Billy, Victor and Kevin-Matt Wilkinson

Diesel, Arry, Bert, George and Bulgy-Kerry Shale

Hiro-Togo Igwa

Harvey, Hank, Sir Handel, Peter Sam, Rusty, Duncan, Freddie, Duke, Mighty Mac, Bertram, Felix and Smudger-Tom Hanks

Mr Percival-Ned Beatty

Duck and Oliver-Rory Connors

Donald and Douglas-Peter Kay

Boco-Mark Grabiec

Thomas's Tall Tree

Episode 1

Thomas is to collect a tall tree from Brendham Docks and take it to the station. Thomas thinks he is special and doesn't tell anyone. He tells Rusty, Duncan and Duke that he is taking the tree. Duke, Rusty and Duncan smile. Thomas goes to the station but when Spencer rushes past the tree goes into the sea. Thomas and Spencer collect Rocky to lift the tree. Spencer apologizes to Thomas about the tree and Thomas apologizes for boasting.

What a Brave Engine

Episode 2

Thomas and Toby have to tackle a dangerous slope on the mountains. The narrow gauge engines are worried for their friends. Freddie tells Thomas what happened when an old engine called Stupid wouldn't try to tackle the slope and he got damaged and then they dismantled him and built a new engine who was coming to help. Thomas wonders who the new narrow gauge engine could be. Thomas and Toby go to tackle the slope when it's time and they're taking Christmas Puddings to give to Madge. Thomas is thinking about the new engine but they topple off the slope but chuff along derailed and get to Madge. Rocky helps Thomas and Toby back and then the new engines arrived-called Felix! Felix says hello to everyone and says he will enjoy his life at the Wharf.

Thomas and the Thieve

Episode 3

Overnight a burgular steals The Fat Controller's donuts. The next night he steals more but then in the morning Thomas catches the burgular taking the donuts in a car. Thomas chases the burgular and catches him. Thomas takes the burgular to the police who puts him in jail and gives The Fat Controller the donuts back. The Fat Controller declares Thomas a really useful engine.

Thomas and the Sodor Races

Episode 4

The engines are having Sports Day together. Spencer thinks he can win everything. First of all The Fat Controller gives the engines the tug of war Thomas, Percy, Diesel and Gordon vs. James, Edward, Emily and Spencer. Spencer's team win and they get golden badges on their sides. Next is the truck race. Same teams. They shunt trucks to each other and the first team to get their original line back is the winning team. Thomas's team win. Score is 1-1. Last is the race. Thomas manages to tackle Spencer who gets surprised. Thomas overtakes Gordon too and wins. The Fat Controller declares Thomas the champion. Spencer doesn't cheer for Thomas, instead he cries and races away. Thomas says "Well you can't win everything".

Accidents Do Happen

Episode 5

It is not a good day on Sodor infact there are loads of crashes. First Rusty ends up knocking Boulder off the mountain again who misses Rusty but rolls onto Thomas's track and knocks Thomas on his side who knocks Edward and his trucks when Edward went by. Boulder meets with Gordon on the viaduct. Gordon knocks Boulder off but is hanging from the bridge then Spencer accidentally pushes him off and pulls himself off. They float away in the sea. Bill and Ben are racing but they see a closed line in need for repairs but they ignore it and crash into Henry, Rocky and Harvey who are repairing the line. The new lines that Rocky was holding hit Stanley on his side. Salty and Wilbert are at Brendham Docks pulling deliveries from Misty Island-Milk! But Diesel who is reversing backs into Wilbert who drops all the milk churns which splatter onto poor Salty who then bumps into Boco and splatters the other milk churns onto Boco. Boco licks all the milk off his face. It has been a very bad day for the engines.

George is Back

Episode 6

George has returned to help the engines but wants to get them into trouble. Thomas is the first engine he sees. George gets in Thomas's way and James who is taking coaches bumps into Thomas and the coaches smash. James is shocked and so is Thomas. George laughs and The Fat Controller scolds Thomas and James instead of George. George is happy when Thomas gets angry with him. George is rude to Duncan on the Narrow Gauge Railway. Duncan rocks and sways and George bumps him so hard he crashes into a wall next to his track. Mr Percival blames poor Duncan and finally George goes to Duck who is taking more trucks. Duck remembers the time when George smashed a truck because he got in Duck's way and Gordon smashed it accidentally. George pushes all Duck's trucks off the track and Duck had stopped at a sandpit and the trucks roll into the sand. The Fat Controller blames Duck. Thomas gets James, Duck and Duncan together to work out their plan for revenge on George. A challenge to see how many trucks he can smash before The Fat Controller gets there. George smashes 18 trucks and Thomas tells The Fat Controller it was his idea. George is punished.

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