Thomas Makes A Wish

Episode 7

Thomas wants to make a wish. James, Gordon and Spencer laugh and tell him he'll never make one. But one day Thomas comes upon a wishing well and wishes everytime he made a wish it would come true. When Thomas wishes for Spencer to stop teasing him Spencer stops and says nothing. Then he wishes that he could be much stronger than Murdoch. He can pull 70 trucks of bricks and Murdoch can pull just 65 trucks of bricks. Finally Thomas wishes he could see all his friends more often and all his friends appear in front of him straight away.

Thomas On Youtube

Episode 8

Thomas finds out about Youtube which is what The Fat Controller likes to watch. Thomas wishes he could be on Youtube as an actor and get comments about the video and likes. But someone who is doing a video wants a train that can rehearse. Thomas smiles and offers. The person checks Thomas to see if he looks good enough. He is perfect, but they only have two weeks until the filming and Thomas has six lines. Thomas learns them quickly. The filming is perfect, the people who made it put it on a computer to put on Youtube. Thomas appears on Youtube for all users to watch.

Thomas and the Slippery Tracks

Episode 9

Thomas finds out about slippery tracks because of squashed lemons. He tells The Fat Controller who shuts the line. But Diesel has to take trucks up that track. The Fat Controller tells him to take the second shortest track. Diesel ignores him and takes the trucks up the slippery track. Diesel slips on a cliff. He is stuck on a slippery cliff. Thomas hears about the accident and bravely goes to rescue Diesel. He pulls hard and saves Diesel and the trucks. He pushes them back to the station. The Fat Controller scolds Diesel and thanks Thomas.

The Fat Controller's Ebay Items

Episode 10

The Fat Controller wants to buy The World's Biggest Cookbook off Ebay. He finds one 2nd hand on Buy It Now or Make Offer. Worth £3.00. He makes an offer at £2.00 and that is excepted. Postage is £2.00. The Fat Controller finds the World's Biggest Yummiest Doughnut. You need at least 500g of chocolate, 600g of dough, hundreds and thousands, 100g icing & a knife. Instructions 1. Make the dough into a doughnut, using the knife, make a large hole in the middle. You could eat the cut out hole too. 2. Melt your chocolate and spread onto your donuts then add the icing you have chosen. 3. Put the hundreds and thousands on then eat. Thomas is very surprised.

Did You See The Alien?

Episode 11

Thomas and the Narrow Gauge Engines are looking up at the sky and they see an Alien spaceship. Duncan says it was a flying saucer. Thomas, Skarloey, Rheneas, Sir Handel, Peter Sam, Rusty and Duke disagree with him. Next Duncan really does see a flying saucer which he does say is an Alien spaceship. Duncan has to take trucks to Mr Percival's house. Duncan then sees a ghost in the air athough he thinks and flickering lights that look like Diesel 10. Duncan gets scared and doesn't puff. Thomas laughs and tells him they're just lights at night.


Episode 12

Boco has to take cream to the chocolate factory. He hopes he won't get covered in chocolate again. But Mr Jolly's Chocolate Factory is even busier today and Bash and Dash from Misty Island have to work with him. Bash and Dash bash the trucks spreading chocolate everywhere all over Boco, Bash, Dash, Mr Jolly and the Chocolate Factory. Their drivers want to give them a wash. Boco tells them not to, when he gets back he licks chocolate off his face and tells the others it's chocolate. Thomas and Percy call him Choc-O-Boco again but don't say anything to Bash and Dash who wouldn't have a chocolate name.

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