Diesel's Delay

Episode 13

Diesel wants to cause more delay for the engines on Sodor by playing tricks on them. He meets Thomas who is taking pigs along the Island. Diesel lies to Thomas that he was told to leave some pigs in the next siding he goes too. The Fat Controller scolds Thomas for leaving the pigs. Diesel sniggers then plays a trick on James telling him he needs to take strawberries from Mr Jolly's Chocolate Factory. James waits for the strawberries and The Fat Controller scolds him too. Thomas and James want revenge on Diesel but they need help. They ask Edward and Toby and they agree to help. Edward suggests they send Diesel down the left junction when he comes to a point where he could crash the buffers and go into the sea. Thomas tells Diesel to go really fast. Diesel does, ruins The Fat Controller's sandcastle as he is playing on the beach with his grandchildren and goes into the sea. The Fat Controller scolds Diesel worse than Thomas and James.

Whiff the Binengine

Episode 14

The binmen are having a day off so Whiff is asked to take the bins for them. Whiff's driver can pick up the trash bags and put them in their big lorry. Whiff's driver drives the truck while since Percy is having a day off, Whiff's fireman can borrow his for the day. Thomas is surprised to see Whiff and his driver and not the binman. Whiff explains to Thomas that the binman is having a day off but then Diesel 10 with his big metal arm throws a bomb with the bags. All the rubbish goes everywhere and Diesel 10 has left. Whiff is very happy and even Thomas laughs.

Victor's Busy Day

Episode 15

A lot of engines need repairing today at the Steamworks. Victor will have to work very hard. First Diesel 10 comes in with a broken arm with the front of the claw missing. Victor tells Kevin to look for a claw to replace Diesel 10's. Then Toby comes in with a bell that is far too loud. Then Spencer comes in with a drive wheel missing and a broken whistle. Murdoch comes in with no side-rods as he lost them when trying to pull lots of trucks they popped off. He is very annoyed to find out there are more engines and especially when he hears Toby's too loud bell. Finally Diesel comes in with a broken horn. Thomas comes on the left with a big gold statue of The Fat Controller that isn't shiny and needs polishing to be shiny. Victor and Kevin get very confused. Victor says Diesel 10 needs a shiny siderod and Toby needs a working drive wheel and Spencer needs a working arm and Murdoch needs a working bell and Diesel needs a working statue and Thomas needs a new horn. It becomes a terrible mess. Victor apologizes to The Fat Controller and puts everything right.

Competition Time

Episode 16

One lucky engine will win a golden trophy in a quiz. Will it be Thomas, Diesel, Spencer, James or George? The Fat Controller gives them eight questions. Thomas gets 3 questions right, Diesel gets 1 question right, Spencer gets 2 questions right, James gets 1 question right and George gets 1 question right. Thomas wins the golden trophy. James, Diesel, Spencer and George declare not fair. Percy cheers for Thomas.

Thomas and Harold's Big Adventure

Episode 17

Harold accidentally hooks up with Thomas and takes him through the sky. Thomas sees all the things in the sky, Jeremy and Tiger Moth and at the end of the day Thomas is taken home.

Donald Gets Lost

Episode 18

Donald has to take trucks to Misty Island and Thomas tells him to be careful but Donald ignores his advice and goes to the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre where Rocky tells him to be careful but Donald ignores him too and goes through the Misty Island Tunnel but fog and mist is in his way. On Sodor, Douglas is worried about his brother and Thomas tells him he wouldn't listen to him or Rocky. Donald is stuck in the Misty Island Tunnel. But eventually the mist lifts and Donald meets Old Wheezy and Hee-Haw then he meets the logging locos Bash, Dash and Ferdinand he says hello, works with them then says goodbye and goes back.

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