Hiro's Japan Photo

Episode 19

Hiro has come to visit his friends on Sodor and his driver has a photo from Japan. A picture of Hiro and the snow. Thomas likes it but Gordon dislikes it. Gordon starts being rude to Hiro but learns his lesson when Hiro helps him and the express when Gordon breaks down.

The Diesel

Episode 20

The Diesel has returned to Sodor to help the steamies. No one likes him as he was rude to them. He causes havoc for the steamies. He bumps Thomas's load and scratches the trucks, he is rude to James and he damages Duck's buffers. The engines get revenge by giving him too many trucks to pull and The Diesel goes back to the Other Railway.

Faulte Crossing

Episode 21

As Arthur and Butch discover, the crossing is faulte and doesn't work properly. If it is clear for Arthur to cross then the gate slides into Butch's face and gets confusing and if it is clear for Butch the gate slides towards him. The Fat Controller wants some new crossings. The nearest new crossings are on Misty Island. The Fat Controller tells Thomas and Stanley to get some more and they go through the tunnel of Misty Island at the Search and Rescue Centre. Stanley finds it spooky but Thomas says it is not scary but misty but today the island is not misty or foggy. Stanley is surprised at Old Wheezy and Hee-Haw and meets the logging locos. Thomas asks for some level crossings. Bash says "You'll find them at our track crossing" Dash says "They're perfect for you" Ferdinand says his catch phrase and Thomas and Stanley go to collect the level crossings. They head back to Sodor and The Fat Controller has new crossings.

A Cooked Pizza

Episode 22

Thomas finds out about pizzas that The Fat Controller buys. Thomas decides that he can cook a pizza to Bill and Ben who tease him about being yellow with spots. Thomas remembers when he got fried eggs on him when the twins did tease him. He sees a box of pizzas on a flatbed that Boco is taking. But Thomas is going too fast and hits the flatbed and the pizzas go on him and they get cooked and stuck. Bill and Ben do tease Thomas.

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