Thomas the Hero

Episode 23

Thomas wants to be a space ranger hero when he hears of Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story who thought he was a real space ranger. Harold says he'll need wings and his wings won't take his weight. Thomas gets offended but sees an explosion later for Stepney and Rosie, he rescues them and becomes not a space ranger but a hero.

Hello Wilbert!

Episode 24

Emily has only just met Wilbert and Thomas introduces her to him since she doesn't know who he is. Thomas tells Emily when Wilbert accidentally drank some milk. Wilbert tells Emily about Sixteen who was given a second chance when he was naughty.

Diesel 10 and Lady

Episode 25

Diesel 10 wants to catch Lady finally and has hired Splatter and Dodge to catch her. Splatter and Dodge find it very hard to catch her and Diesel 10 fires them so he can catch her himself. With Lady's magic Diesel 10's nasty plan doesn't work. Thomas tells Diesel 10 he has no magic.

Percy Gets Mixed Up

Episode 26

The Fat Controller is ill again and his wife has given Percy his jobs for the engines. Gordon must pull the express as fast as he can, Diesel must shunt trucks in the Quarry and Edward must be as busy as a bee but Percy gets mixed up again. He says Gordon must be as busy as a bee, Diesel must pull the express as fast as he can and Edward must shunt trucks in the Quarry but Thomas helps him.

Thomas the Really Useful Engine

Episode 27

There is chaos on Sodor for the engines. Overnight a wind has blown a tree down that has hit the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre and The Fat Controller wants his engines to help out. Thomas is really reliable and gets James out the mud, Percy from cement that Patrick accidentally dripped and the Troublesome Trucks being naughty from the Docks and is the really useful engine.

Careful Culdee

Episode 28

Duncan is angry to have to shunt trucks all the time and wants a new job but Mr Percival says no. Culdee, Godred, Lord Harry, Wilfred and Ivo Hugh have come to work for Mr Percival and have heard about Duncan. Ivo Hugh and Culdee have met him. Culdee has to shunt trucks with Duncan but tries to be careful in the tunnel but the naughty trucks make him crash and chocolate in one truck goes all over Culdee. Thomas helps him out.

Thomas Goes to School

Episode 29

Thomas wants to go to school but he can't but his wish comes true one day when the trucks push him down a field into a school where children are working. Thomas can't stop and crashes into the school but the teacher uses him as a playground engine for just one day.

Victor Finds A Job

Episode 30

The Fat Controller has found Victor who is in a playground with nothing to do. He decides to put Victor on the lines to be a really useful engine again. Gordon teases Victor as he is rusty and old and can't be really useful. Victor's driver starts him up but his parts pop off including his wheels, funnel and whistle. Gordon and James laugh but Thomas gets some extra parts from Victor the Steamworks Engine at the Sodor Steamworks and takes them to Victor who starts working again.

Thomas, Duke and the Picnic

Episode 31

Thomas meets his friend Duke and Thomas teases Gordon on the lines saying "Speed up!" Duke tells Thomas he could slip on icy rails. Duke tells Thomas about another picnic on Saturday but when Duke's wheels don't work, Thomas decides to borrow Peter Sam to pull the train again. Thomas, Duke and Peter Sam are the really useful engines.

D199 and D261

Episode 32

The two naughty diesels: D199 and D261 have struck again on Sodor. The steamies are very annoyed and the two diesels are up to mischief. D199 finds Thomas's train of trucks on a bridge and they push it down where the points are and Thomas can't get through then D261 finds more mischief for Gordon when he finds Gordon's Express Coaches at a junction and couples up with D199 and takes them away. Gordon catches the two diesels taking his coaches and the diesels are sent home.

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