Thomas as Coarl

James (Team Rocket) as Marlin

Dawn as Dory

Meowth as Nemo

Ash as Tad

Cacnea as Sheldon

Percy as Pearl

James as Gill

Gordon as Bloat

Misty as Peach

May as Deb/Flo

BoCo as Gurgle

Brock as Bubbles

Pikachu as Jacques

Oliver as Nigel

Matt (from Cyberchase) as Bruce

Traecy as Mr. Ray

Togepi as Squrit

Terence as Crush

Gazpacho (from Chowder) as Anchor

Mung Daal (from Chowder) as Chum

Moonfish as Himself

Spencer (from Thomas) as Dr. Phillp

Cranky (from Thomas) as The Dentist

Inez (from Cyberchase) as Darla

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