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Toy Story Series

  • Thomas as Woody
  • Percy as Buzz Lightyear
  • James as Mr. Potato Head
  • Gordon as Hamm
  • Henry as Rex
  • Emily as Bo Peep
  • Edward as Slinky Dog
  • Rusty as Andy
  • Belle as Andy's Mom
  • Diesel as Sid
  • Annie/Clarabel as Hannah
  • Scruffey as Scud
  • Oliver (Pack) as Lenny
  • Bertie as RC
  • Alfie as Etch
  • Terence as Mr. Spell
  • China Clay Truck as Combat Carl
  • Smudger, Max, Monty, Bertram, Spiteful Brakevan, Hector, Bulgy and Smudger as Mutant Toys
  • Mavis as Janie
  • Flynn as Dinosaur
  • Madge as Sally Doll
  • Rosie as Jessie
  • Murdoch as Bullseye
  • Spencer as Stinky Pete
  • Diesel 10 as Zurg
  • Gremlin as Buster
  • Neville as Wheezy
  • Arry/Bert as Al
  • Duke as Guy who fixes Woody
  • Isobella as Tour Guide Barbie
  • Toby as Lotso
  • Trevor as Chunk
  • Flora as Barbie
  • Stanley as Ken
  • Caroline as Stretch
  • Bill/Ben as Sparks
  • Arthur as Twitch
  • Lady as Bonnie
  • Henrietta as Bonnie's Mom
  • Toad as Chuckles
  • Jeremy as Mr. Pricklepants
  • Rheneas, Skarloey and Sir Handel as Peas in a Pod
  • Kevin as Buttercup
  • Old Slow Coach as Dolly
  • Daisy as Trixie
  • Billy as Big Baby
  • Duck as Jack-in-the-Box
  • Butch as Sneezing Elephant
  • and other characters from TTTE and TUGS as Toys

A Bug's Life

  • Thomas as Flik
  • Emily as Atta
  • Rosie as Dot
  • Diesel as Hopper
  • James as Francis
  • Gordon as Dim
  • Percy as Heimlich
  • Toby as Slim
  • Oliver as Manny

Engines Inc.

  • Henry as Sulley
  • James as Mike
  • Gordon as Mr. Waternoose
  • Diesel as Randall
  • Lady as Boo
  • Mavis as Roz
  • Emily as Celia

Finding Skarloey

  • Skarloey as Nemo
  • Thomas as Marlin
  • Rosie as Dory
  • Emily as Coral
  • Diesel as Bruce

The Incredible-Engines

  • Thomas as Bob Parr
  • Emily as Helen Parr
  • Percy as Dash Parr
  • Rosie as Violet Parr
  • Peter Sam as Jack-Jack Parr


  • Thomas as WALL-E
  • Emily as EVE
  • Percy as M-O
  • Edward as The Captain
  • Diesel as AUTO
  • Gordon as John
  • Mavis as Mary

Toby Goes Up

  • Toby as Carl Fredricksen
  • Percy as Russel
  • Terence as Dug
  • Caroline as Kevin
  • Diesel 10 as Charles Muntz

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