Thomas the Pooh Meets Peter Ash


Thomas as Winnie the Pooh

Percy as Piglet

James as Rabbit

Edward as Eeyore

Donald/Douglas as Tigger

Boy as Christopher Robin

Ash as Peter Pan

May as Wendy Darling

Brock as John

Max as Michael

Pikachu as Tinkerbell

Bowser (from Mario) as Captain Hook

Bowser Jr. as Mr. Smee

Professor Oak as Mr. Darling

Delia Ketchum as Mrs. Darling

Robot-Pirates (from Rayman 2) as The Pirates

Jano (from Rayman 2) as Tick-Tock

Polokus (from Rayman 2) as the Indian Chief

Cavemen (from Super Mario World) as the Indians

Digimon animals as Slighty, Nibs, The Twins, Cubby, and Tootle

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