Thomas the TV Series is based on Thomas/Rayman the TV Series parody with Rayman the TV Series sounds and Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends clips


  • Thomas as Rayman (Thomas and Rayman are both the main stars and the main heroes)
  • Salty as LacMac (Salty and LacMac both have buck teeth)
  • Emily as Betina (Emily and Betina are both kind and beautiful)
  • James as Cookie (James and Cookie are both vain)
  • Lady as Flips (Lady and Flips are both magical)
  • Diesel 10 as The Great Rigatoni (Diesel 10 and The Great Rigatoni are both evil)
  • Devious Diesel as Admiral Razorbeard (Devious Diesel and Admiral Razorbeard are both Main Villains)
  • George as Detective Grub (George and Grub both have the letter 'G' at the beginning of their name)
  • Engines as People (All the engines and the people are both similar to each other)
  • Elizabeth as Grub's Girlfriend (Elizabeth and Grub's Girlfriend are both girlfriends to George and Elizabeth)​
  • The Chinese Dragon as The Car Eating Monster (The Chinese Dragon and The Car Eating Monster are both Big Strong and Scary)
  • Neville as No. 7 Train (Neville and No. 7 Train are both Trains)

Voice Cast:Thomas: Billy West Devious Diesel and James: Carlos Alazraqui Emily: Carolyn Lawrence (Episodes 1 and 2), Lacey Chabert (Episode 3), and Kath Soucie (Episode 4) Additional Voices: Kate Donahue Diesel 10, Salty, and Smudger: Danny Mann Additional Voices: Candi Milo George and Additional Voices: Brian Stepanek

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