Thomas the Tank Engine's Big Red Treasury
Thomas the Tank Engine's Big Red Treasury is a compilation of three books written by Christopher Awdry and illustrated by Ken Stott.


Thomas and the Dinosaur

Thomas sees a model dinosaur beside the line and thinks it's a fire-breathing dragon. The lorry carrying the dinosaur to a special exhibition has broken down, so Thomas gets to pull the dinosaur instead, and boasts to Percy that he has tamed the dragon.

Henry and the Ghost Train

One of the attractions at a new fairground is a ghost train. Henry's driver explains a ghost train is a train that rides through a tunnel and frightens the riders with spooky things. Henry scoffs at the ideas of spooks, but doesn't want to meet one. Later Henry is taking some workmen to investigate a tunnel with a fallen roof when his tender derails. Henry falls asleep waiting for help, but wakes up to be frightened by a ghost. Henry puffs away, but then encounters a skeleton crew, a Very Thin Controller and a ghostly Gordon! Henry wakes to find he was dreaming, but decides not to tell anyone.

Percy and the Kite

A kite from a nearby kite-flying competition attaches itself to Percy's funnel and Percy's the last to find out.

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